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by: jb williams | published: 05 18, 2014

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The democrat sales pitch goes something like this… People should not have the freedom to earn unlimited wealth while others are struggling just to survive. Government should take from those who earn too much and redistribute to people in need. This is the right and duty of government.

Despite being a Marxist philosophy which flies in the face of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to mention the concepts of freedom and liberty, the pitch is designed to appeal to the hearts and minds of decent people honorably concerned about the welfare of others less fortunate. In America circa 2014, the message seems to be widely accepted despite the obvious assault on freedom and liberty which quite naturally follows.

For decades, democrats have claimed to care about the poor, the black community and the under-achiever. They have been redistributing billions in other people’s earnings, allegedly to these and many other disadvantaged groups, not only in America but all over the world, and they have been handsomely rewarded in every election since.

However, the cold hard facts on what democratic wealth redistribution is really all about are entirely inescapable. The facts do not support the sales pitch and the people who should be most angry about that are those who were the alleged beneficiaries, those who voted for this mess.

· >According to the World Bank the U.S. average per capita income as of 2012 was $53,101, placing 6th in the world for the highest personal income per capita.

· According to I.R.S. data, 97.8% of all Federal Income taxes are collected from the top 50% of income earners in America. The other 50% are obviously democrats.

Keep these numbers in mind as we look at how the federal government is redistributing those earnings via current tax code and welfare systems…

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the top ten welfare states in the nation today, here are estimated the average annual collective welfare benefits packages for each state, per recipient… showing annual benefits per recipient, voting trends and percentage of increase in benefits since 1995. (Data was taken from a recent audited CATO Institute Report)

(Provided by CATO Institute Report)

Now, let’s not only compare these numbers to the U.S. average per capita income stated above, but also the bottom ten welfare states in the country as of today, based on the same criteria.

(Note the anomalies in Illinois and Maine…Why has Illinois and Maine been targeted?)

Depending upon where you live, it may not pay to work anymore. But how you vote certainly can have personal financial benefits for those who wish to not work.

As demonstrated in the above charts, there is indeed a massive redistribution of wealth taking place in America today. Clearly, a massive shift in welfare benefits has been taking place over the past several years, reducing welfare benefits in right-leaning states and paid out in heavily democrat voting states.

Is race really a factor?

Heavily black populated areas like Illinois and the Deep South have all experienced huge cuts in welfare benefits over the last few years. Welfare funds are being taken from black communities and sent only to heavily democratic voting areas of the country, as seen in the charts above. So no, race is not a determining factor in wealth redistribution, or at least not as it is presented by those redistributing the wealth of American taxpayers.

Is unemployment rate a factor?

Of the top ten highest unemployment states in the country, only four are in the top welfare states and four are in the bottom welfare states. So again, the answer is no.

Is poverty the determining factor?

No… of the top twenty states with the highest poverty rates today, six are in the bottom ten welfare states which have seen their welfare benefits taken away over the last several years. Only one of the states in the top ten welfare states is in the top twenty poverty states.

How about labor union influence?

Eight of the ten states at the bottom for wealth redistribution benefits are Right to Work states… the exceptions being Illinois and Maine, both unionized labor states. All of the top ten wealth redistribution states are forced unionization states. So it appears that the influence of labor unions may be a factor.

What is the overwhelming determining factor though?

With a couple isolated cases, ALL states receiving increases in welfare benefits at the top of the wealth redistribution food chain are heavily democrat voting states.

All but two of the bottom ten welfare states are heavily republican voting states.

Quite clearly, states with heavy democrat voting populations are the biggest recipients of wealth redistribution and it has nothing to do with poverty, race or unemployment.

It has everything to do with politics, wealth being taken from right-leaning states, even those with heavy black, poor and/or unemployed populations – and given to left-leaning beneficiaries, all at the expense of the top taxpayers in the country, most of whom vote Republican.

So, which are the wealthiest states in America?

The answer is, the same ten states also receiving the lion’s share of wealth redistribution from Uncle Sam, taken directly from republican states and given directly to democrat states. The numbers are verified and the numbers don’t lie.

Are democrats taking from white people and giving to black people? NO…

Are they taking from the rich and giving to the poor? NO…

Are they collecting from the employed to give to the unemployed? NO…

Are they taking from anti-union states and giving to pro-union states? YES…

But most of all, they are taking earned wealth from republican leaning states and giving it to democrat leaning states.

That’s how democratic socialist wealth redistribution works in the real world. The money is taken from political foes and given to friends. END OF STORY!


[1] Per Capita Income by State

[2] Per Capita Income by Country

[3] Annual Welfare Benefits by State

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