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Bowe Bergdahl Affair: A Typical Obama Era Circus

by: chris adamo | published: 06 08, 2014

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It is time once again for a reality check, which may be difficult to achieve amid the liberal fanfare over the negotiated release of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who had been held captive by the Taliban since his “capture” in 2009. If all of the joyous proclamations on the nightly news are any indication, the Obama Administration has just achieved a milestone unprecedented in the history of its armed forces. And of course the rest of the country is compelled to join in the festivities or be castigated as anti-Obama (read: racist).

Leading the revelry is Obama himself, who has done everything possible to refocus the nation on the release of Bergdahl in order to take Benghazi and the Veteran’s Administration off of the headlines. And as has always been the case, this narcissist will seize any opportunity to grandstand and tout his stellar opinion of himself and his accomplishments. So the conditions are certainly right for another Obama “love fest.” However, once the underlying circumstances of the Bergdahl situation are considered in conjunction with the selective jubilation of the left, the entire contrived spectacle begins to collapse in upon itself with all of the predictability of a “jobless economic recovery.”

For starters, contrast the frenzy of leftist adulation for Bergdahl and his apparent ordeal against their grim determination to undermine and demoralize the nation when a Republican was in the White House. On May 1 2003, then President George W. Bush landed on the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln as it was returning to port after a highly successful tour in the Middle East. As the Iraq War raged, Bush took the occasion to appear among the sailors and aviators on the Lincoln to applaud their efforts and their successes, dressed in a flight suit that he wore as he was flown aboard the carrier in a Navy fighter jet.

His unmistakable message to the troops was that they were lauded and appreciated by their Commander in Chief, along with their friends and families at home. Indirectly, he was telling those who had attacked America on 9-11, and any who had collaborated with them, that this nation was not about to accept such behavior and would back its military forces, upon whom fell the duty to confront the nation’s enemies.

With the battle lines so clearly defined, unfettered support for those in uniform should have been a “given.” Unfortunately, the American left had determined that its political fortunes required the exploitation of every possible occasion to undermine and discredit America’s effort to wage the War on Terror. So, in one of history’s most disgraceful acts of betrayal, rather than cheering President Bush’s triumphal visit to the Abraham Lincoln, liberals savaged the entire episode on the nightly news and on Capitol Hill, eventually putting the entire Republican Establishment on the defensive. Consequently, the attempt to boost the morale of America’s military completely lost momentum. At the same time, Islamists around the world were buoyed by the prospect that they could eventually prevail as a result of the internal conflict within this nation’s political circles.

The stark difference in the current circumstances, coupled with the mindless trumpeting of Bergdahl’s return as an unsurpassed feat of Obama military prowess, prove that the entire debacle has been politically motivated, from start to finish. And as has invariably been the case since Barack Obama’s inauguration in January of 2009, what redounds to his benefit ultimately costs the nation.

Bowe Bergdahl is hardly the national hero that the White House and the media are portraying him to be. It is becoming glaringly apparent that he willingly put himself in the hands of the enemy in a time of war, and sought to assist in their “cause.” As a direct result of his action, more than a dozen American military people lost their lives in efforts to find and rescue him.

Even before the evidence began to mount which showed that Bergdahl not only had deserted, but had given his allegiance to the Afghani Islamists, the actions of the Obama Administration revealed similar disloyalties, only on a far grander scale. Operating once again outside of the authority of his office, Obama had arranged, with absolutely no congressional oversight or approval, a deal to release five high-level Taliban operatives in exchange for Bergdahl.

The level of elation among his lackeys is only exceeded by the victorious celebrations taking place among the Islamists who remain at war against the United States. Festivities in Qatar, where those five Taliban jihadists were loosed and are now able to return to their agenda of death and mayhem, reflect an enemy that has been reenergized in its quest to attack and ultimately destroy America.

Were Obama’s actions the result of mere incompetence, they would be ghastly enough in their own right. But after six years on national center stage, their consistency and underlying motives are inescapable. The facts surround the treachery by which Bowe Bergdahl was returned to our midst are emerging from the shadows of liberal propaganda. And as with all of his previous chicanery, they prove that Barack Obama is devoted to the “cause” of undermining and weakening America, while abetting its enemies, both at home and abroad. Consequently, this episode will neither breathe life into America’s image nor grant it improved standing on the world stage. And that was just as intended.

So, once again Obama seizes an occasion to show the American people that he has assumed a role of dictator, with no recognized accountability to any other branch of government or to the American people. In the process of securing the release of an American of highly dubious character, Obama manages to further trash the Constitution while strengthening the ranks of foreign terrorists who are committed to the destruction of this nation. Indeed, from his perspective and that of his minions, he can gleefully cheer “Mission Accomplished!”

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