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by: jb williams | published: 06 08, 2014

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Once again, the American people have been betrayed by the Obama administration and blatantly lied to by administration officials. The anti-American Islam-friendly Obama regime has unilaterally and in violation of U.S. law, traded five high risk Taliban leaders detained at Club Gitmo for a traitor to the U.S. Military.

Let’s recap events prior to this “prisoner exchange.”

Since taking office in 2009, the Obama administration has used American military and intelligence assets to topple governments in the following sovereign nations – Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and the Sudan. In every case, the Obama regime has worked to fund, arm, train and elevate the Muslim Brotherhood into power all over the Middle East (ME).

In Benghazi, the Obama regime placed known ME terrorists in charge of security at our diplomatic facilities, only to sit back and watch as those terrorists launched a full scale assault on the facility killing four Americans. Susan Rice was sent out to peddle a bold faced lie about an obscure YouTube video that nobody had ever seen before the Clinton State Department uploaded and circulated the clip only hours before the Benghazi attack. – There have been six congressional investigative hearings since, with zero results.

A year before that, members of SEAL TEAM 6, 30 U.S. service members total, were murdered in Afghanistan on a U.S. Chinook helicopter call sign Extortion 17. The team was placed on the wrong aircraft, not split up on separate aircraft as was protocol for the team. Seven Afghans on the flight manifest were pulled off the chopper moments before launch and seven other Afghans were placed on the mission who did not appear on the flight manifest. The story only gets worse from there… - There has only been one congressional investigative hearing to date, in which none of the critical questions were asked or answered and the DOD Special Forces representative committed blatant perjury.

Before that, nineteen Middle Eastern Muslims hijacked American passenger airliners and flew them into the World Trade towers in New York City, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field, killing more than 3000 innocent American civilian men, women and children in the greatest terrorist attack in world history. Muslims have been allowed to celebrate those attacks on American streets every year since and today, a display honoring Islam is erected on the same soil where thousands of innocent citizens died.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime has opened up our boarders allowing God knows who to pour into our country by the millions while fighting for their “citizenship.” In addition, the Obama regime has named convert to Islam Brennen head of the CIA and imported thousands of ME Muslims to the U.S. through an insane “refugee resettlement” program, bringing thousands of Muslims into our country for the purpose of “changing” American society.

The moral to this story is if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

That brings us back to Bergdahl…

The Department of Defense has known about Bergdahl for five years. They even had a “shoot to kill” order out on Bergdahl at one point. He is not an American hero, as portrayed by Obama and his minion Susan Rice. His fellow soldiers have come forward and spoken out against Bergdahl. Bergdahl is a known deserter—Someone who went AWOL from his unit and sought out the Taliban, not to attack them, but rather to join them.

Bergdahl was very outspoken in his disdain for America’s involvement in Afghanistan. He spent five years helping the Taliban at the expense of American lives. The five terrorists released from Guantanamo in exchange for Bergdahl are “the worst of the worst.” They were all high-level Taliban, including two deputy ministers, two Taliban governors and a head of security—four of the five involved in heroin trafficking, drug wars and mass murder.

The Obama regime told the American people that they were released with “conditions and restrictions.” But upon arrival in Qatar, they received a hero’s welcome and were immediately released into the general population without “conditions or restrictions.”

Despite being caught in an act of treason buried in a mountain of lies, Obama still says “No apology for terrorist trade deal…”

It all adds up to “treason…” – An act of aiding and abetting the enemy while in combat.

Bergdahl is a traitor to the United States. But Obama has committed treason by releasing five known high-level terrorists in exchange for one known traitor who has been portrayed by the Obama regime as some new form of American hero.

Back home in the U.S. the planned hero’s welcome for Bergdahl was cancelled by the City Council after receiving word that a mass demonstration against Bergdahl was developing.

In contrast, compare this story to that of California native turned Al Qaeda leader Adam Yahiye Gadahn. Once confirmed as a traitor to the U.S. involved in acts of treason against the U.S., Gadahn was charged with treason by the United States in October of 2006. Gadahn became the video face of Al Qaeda releasing video after video championing Muslim attacks on U.S. targets worldwide.

On August 19, 2013 - Gadahn released a new video praising the death of Libya’s U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and urges wealthy Muslims to offer militants rewards so they can kill others. Gadahn is a traitor who remains at large aiding and abetting known Muslim terrorists against the west.

Gadahn was immediately identified as a traitor and charged with treason. But that was during the Bush administration. Under Obama, being a traitor engaged in treason makes you some sort of hero.

In the last 24 hours, instead of witnessing treason charges against Bergdahl, we are again witness to Susan Rice, the least credible member of the incredible Obama regime, telling Americans that despite all of the known evidence and affirmation by DOD officials and fellow soldiers, America has it wrong and Obama was right to break the law and trade terrorists for a traitor. If you think Rice is acting or speaking on her own, think again… She was handed a script full of known lies! – Just like the script she was handed for Benghazi…

And, last but not least, the Republican response was delivered by Sen. Lindsey Graham, who confirmed only hours later… Obama has broken the law, aided and abetted our enemies, committed treason by illegally releasing five Taliban commanders in exchange for one American traitor become terrorist, and “if he does it again, we will impeach!”

If he does it again?

Obama and his ilk have been aiding and abetting the enemy for five years now, all over the Middle East and in the U.S.

Barack Hussein Obama is a known fraud. He has worked to destroy our constitutional republic while aiding and abetting known enemies all over the globe. He has acted like a dictator with complete immunity from a totally corrupt and impotent congress. And now, he has returned five known terrorists to the battle in exchange for one well-known traitor to the U.S., all of it under the guise of “hope and change.”

Graham says “if he does it again…?” He has done it every day for over five years now.

The Republican controlled House could have initiated impeachment against Barack Obama and his regime a hundred times for a thousand offenses over the past five years, without a single Democrat vote. They have refused to do so despite the desperate condition of our failing Republic.

But that’s not the worst news….

The worst news is that Americans have become so accustomed to watching treason play out on their TV daily that every new revelation of just how evil, corrupt and criminal the Obama regime is, only draws a collective yawn…

Over 70% of Americans oppose everything that Obama has done to America over the past five years, but where are they and what are they doing about it?

At the heart of Americas problems is that problem—Obama can do whatever the American people are willing to tolerate and clearly, even Republicans in congress will tolerate anything they think the people lack the courage to confront.

In any self-governed society, the buck stops with the people. America is on life support in every respect. But it is only as sick as the American people have allowed it to become.

Whatever America becomes tomorrow is in the hands of the people. Bergdahl is a traitor and so is Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Susan Rice and everyone in this sick regime complicit in these acts. If they allow criminals like Obama to destroy it, they will have the country they deserve.

Only when the people summon the courage to confront all of it, will they be able to resolve any of it! 

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