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Obama Will Not Enforce Immigration Law

by: the american conservative union | published: 05 14, 2010

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There it was today.  Stuck in a back corner of the Washington Post this morning.
A story that Obama's own Customs and Border Protection Commissioner didn't follow the proper immigration enforcement procedures for employees in his home.
The very Obama administration official who is responsible for border security didn't follow the immigration law.
While President Obama and liberal special interest groups are out attacking the Governor and Legislative Sponsors and supporters of Arizona's immigration law for going too far and accusing them of racial bias - Obama's own lead official on border security has been forced to admit he himself failed to follow the immigration law.
It is ridiculous.
President Obama needs to know that Americans want our borders enforced.
If the Federal Government actually did the job it was supposed to do there would be no need for Arizona's tough new law.  
Tell President Obama to enforce our nation's immigration laws.  Close and Secure Our Borders NOW.  Sign the Petition Here.
Possibly worse than this latest revelation is what we learned this week in Congressional testimony from Attorney General Eric Holder.
Obama's own Attorney General and America's chief law enforcement official, Eric Holder publicly admitted before Congress that he has never even read Arizona's tough new immigration.
Under questioning from Republican Congressman Lamar Smith, Holder said he had not read it - even though as Smith pointed out it is only 10 pages long.
Holder hasn't read Arizona's law, but he has gone on CNN saying that he was considering a federal lawsuit against it.
He wants to sue against the State of Arizona without even reading the law first.  We should tell America's top law enforcement official, if you are going to threaten a lawsuit... at least read the legislation.    Add that to the message section when you sign the petition.
Tell President Obama to enforce our nation's immigration laws.  Close and Secure Our Borders NOW.  Sign the Petition Here.

Within the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, protects our nation's borders from terrorism, human and drug smuggling, illegal migration... and is the nation's single unified border agency, according to their website.
Alan Bersin is the Commissioner appointed by President Obama to lead this agency.
You may know that Obama has been seeking to skirt Senate approval and put in agency heads who are controversial or might not pass Senate muster.  These are called recess appointments.  He has used them repeatedly to stack the government with liberal appointees who will promote his agenda, unchecked.

Now we have found out that one of these appointees - yes Alan Bersin - who was not confirmed by the Senate has himself violated a part of the very law that he is responsible for enforcing.

The Post reports that, Bernsin has employed 10 household employees and failed to complete an I-9 for all of them.  
This from the same administration and same President who has sought to brush off concerns about immigration law enforcement.
Tell President Obama to enforce our nation's immigration laws.  Close and Secure Our Borders NOW.  Sign the Petition Here.
Even Democrat Senator Max Baucus who chairs the Committee responsible for overseeing Bernsin's agency has said his failing to file the I-9s was "unacceptable."
Prior to his current position Bersin worked with Obama on other immigration matters.  He was one of Obama's so-called Czars, providing what the Post called advice to Homeland Security Secretary  Jane Napolitano on "border security matters."
It is safe to say that the Obama administration might take this moment to explain why current immigration laws do not work, just like they tried to do with their fight against Arizona's new, tough law.

However, if the Obama administration and its own Directors will not follow the current law why would Americans believe that Obama would strictly enforce any replacement.
We should take this opportunity to encourage the President to enforce the existing law now and close our borders.
Tell President Obama to enforce our nation's immigration laws.  Close and Secure Our Borders NOW.  Sign the Petition Here.
ACU for several years now has been one of the leading voices pushing for immigration law and border enforcement.
With your help we will continue those efforts.



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    mark v.

    I believe president Obama and all his cronies should be removed from office because of thier lack of enforcement of our current immigration laws. They should then be put on trial for treason. They have put their own political interests ahead of the american peoples. The illegal aliens are being given more taxpayer money than any taxpayer for sure. Send them all back to mexico.No more excuses.Jobs will open up to americans. Stop giving them free everything,put that money in social security Come down hard on those that hire or help them in any way that includes Mr. Obama .Because even he is breaking the imigration laws already on the books. They all knew they were breaking the law coming here, they are all criminals .and they should be rounded up like cattle and shipped back to mexico And stop the anchor baby loophole now

  • Reply to this comment

    neal g.

    I am 70 years old, served in the military of this great nation for
    4 years, and was never more proud to have done so.

    After being honorably discharged from the United States Air Force, I served for 41 years as an Law Enforcement officer, again, I was very happy and proud to have done that as well.

    Having said all that, I never thought I would see the day that MY country, my UNITED STATES OF AMERICA fall to the level it is today. I could go into this long tirade about all that is wrong in America. Just let me say....
    GOD please have mercy on us and, may we have victory over our enemies.

  • Reply to this comment

    Juan Reynoso


    JUNE28TH, 2010

    Obama and Janet Napolitano refused to enforce our immigration laws; these two idiots fail to understand what their duty is, their arrogance should not be tolerate by the American people. We the people must demand that these incompetent so call representatives of the people be impeach for treason.
    These traitors want to destroy our country, it is our duty as Americans to defend our country from our enemy; we must form a militia and close our border and hold the traitors responsible for any American causality, our lives will be pay by their lives
    We the people demand justice, the traitors are responsible to millions of Americans for the lost of their jobs and poverty caused by the invasion of millions of illegal aliens that are taken Americans jobs, they are responsible for the cost due to education and social service for illegal aliens, they are responsible to the destruction of our communities and our education system.
    From this day forward we the American people will not ask the traitors to do their job, we will defend our country and what is our. The traitors voided our constitution, our sovereignty and our laws. We do not have a government that will stand for us the American people, we are being betray by the people that we trust and elected to represent us The American people.
    Please pass this on and ask the people to stand united to defend our country. Everyone of us count; our enemy is within and we must destroy it before they destroy us. tag=contentMain;contentBody

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