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Cut Off Obama's Arizona Immigration Lawsuit Funding

by: the american conservative union | published: 07 21, 2010

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The President has done something I almost cannot believe.
I am sured you heard Barack Obama has sued the state of Arizona over a law the state's own elected lawmakers passed. 
Just think about it... in suing the state of Arizona over their tough immigration law, Obama is in essence using trial lawyers to coerce other elected officials into doing his own bidding. 
It is Chicago style politics at its finest.  If you can't get people to do what you want behind closed doors with arm twisting threaten them with a lawsuit. 
Our borders are porous, illegal aliens are streaming in and yet our federal government will not do what is needed to stop it.  

Instead of focusing their energies on enforcing the existing law the Obama administration is seeking to overturn another which is holding them accountable over the lack of enforcement against illegal immigration.
ACU opposes this lawsuit and we need to work together in order to stop it.
We need to send a message immediately to Congress to withhold funding from the President for this lawsuit.
We are launching a petition here to tell Congress to block all federal funding of this lawsuit against the people of Arizona and their tough immigration law.  Sign it here.
Recently conservative Senators Jim DeMint and David Vitter introduced legislative language to block this lawsuit's funding.
You see the President and his departments cannot spend any funds unless those funds are first approved by Congress.  Senators DeMint and Vitter are seeking to block funding for this lawsuit.
ACU supports the efforts of Senators Jim DeMint and David Vitter to block the Arizona lawsuit funding.
Now we need to urge other members of Congress to join their efforts and to put pressure on Congress to end the lawsuit's funding now.
That is why we are launching a petition here to tell Congress to block all federal funding of this lawsuit against the people of Arizona and their tough immigration law.
It is ridiculous in this time of massive budget deficits and debt that our federal government would be funding a lawsuit against its own people.
The citizens of Arizona chose their State Representatives and Senators who passed this tough immigration bill.  They are citizens of our nation. 
The President should not be suing his fellow citizens.
We need to be cutting federal spending not allowing taxpayer dollars to be spent on a lawsuit against the people of Arizona.
ACU is launching a petition here to tell Congress to block all federal funding of this lawsuit against the people of Arizona and their tough immigration law.  Sign it here.
All the President and his Attorney General Eric Holder are trying to do is intimidate Arizona into repealing this law and other states from passing a similar one.
We need to encourage Congress to push back and withhold funding for this lawsuit.
The only way Congress will listen is if the American people rise up.
Please sign the petition here on ACU's new petition system - which allows you to share the petition on your own Facebook page if you see fit. 

Don't allow Obama to sue Arizona with no consequences. 



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    These immigration issues always seem to blow up in politician's faces. Even the more liberal politicians are struggling here. It would definitely make <a href="">lawsuit funding</a> funding harder every time you say something ridiculous.

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    Shirley W

    You know what is happening in America and so do a lot of others but separated we are weak. Tell me what would make the people wake up and take up arms? I know people will not give up their guns but that is not how to run the devil out. This is a spiritual war with Satan behind it all. If people, Christians, would begin to pray together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday TOGETHER, THIS COUNTRY WOULD OVERTAKE THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD THAT IS ALREADY HERE. We have our borders broken down, our President has all power to do what he wants and he thumbs his nose at our laws. I know what has to be done but without Christians knowing how they can fight we will lose this country to a renegade devil using Obama and his followers. Are you ready for war. We are in it already! Again I know what must be done but I do not know how to collect information and get it out.

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