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ACORN: New Project - Hold Them Accountable

by: the american conservative union | published: 08 05, 2010

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After months of preparation we are announcing today that ACU is launching a new major project.

We are going to track and stop ACORN's new groups and former leaders in their tracks.


Our ACU ACORN ACTION project will:

- hold ACORN leaders and groups accountable for voter fraud or intimidation.

- track the new splinter groups they have created to hide their activities.

- follow ACORN's former leaders - we will further expose their activities

- ensure that no more taxpayer money flows to illegal ACORN actions

- provide information for candidates so they know ACORN group capabilities

This is a large new undertaking for ACU.

ACU was one of the very first groups to expose ACORN, its role in the subprime mortgage crisis, and accusations of taxpayer money used for political purposes and other activities.

Now we are taking this to entirely new level.

We need your help. Here is what we need:

  1. We need you to be on the lookout in your community for ACORN. If you see that a former ACORN office, or former ACORN employees, now representing a "new" group we want to know about it. Please send us photos, news story links from your area, and information you pick up or hear. You will see a list of new groups and the photos of past ACORN leaders on our new website.
  2. We want you to forward this email to as many people as you can so that we have more eyes and ears on the ground, throughout America, tracking these movements.
  3. If you hear that an ACORN style group is seeking or has received government money on the federal, state or local level - we want to know about it.
  4. Finally, we need your support here, today to launch this program to the next level and continue tracking ACORN.

We cannot accomplish this mission without your help.

As you will see on our new website we have a video featuring Anita MonCrief, a former ACORN employee who has come out to tell the truth on FOX News and in other media. She is joining ACU in this project.

In the video Anita shows how ACORN has not died; it has simply morphed itself into other groups to continue its activities.

ACORN is not dead and we must remain active to ensure that they are not allowed to continue business as usual.

We need your support here, today to launch this program to the next level and continue tracking ACORN.

Please provide your support here. Together we can hold ACORN accountable.

Then visit the special ACU ACORN ACTION site launched today You will see a video outlining this project, featuring Anita, as well as actual photos of currently tracked former ACORN leaders.

Visit regularly to see updated news and information on ACORN and to send us your information about ACORN or ACORN related groups. No news is too small or too big. We want to hear from you if you see ACORN, former ACORN leaders or ACORN style groups at work in your area.

Please support this effort here, today and then visit our new site to watch the new video and learn more.



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    Hagar B.

    How are you going to stop them , talk to them?? Why waste your time. They have used the power of intimidation in the past. Talk is just that talk, Ball Bats are convincers. Wake up America. Wake up to some reality.

  • Reply to this comment

    Gunny G

    ACORN, the same people who trained Obama! Stay on em!

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