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The Immorality of Liberals


published: June 11, 2012


“I think he did the right thing,” said the man, emphatically, in reference to Bill Clinton’s 1990s infidelity with Monica Lewinsky. The sentiment, expressed during a conversa...

Is this Barack Obama’s Brain on Drugs?


published: May 30, 2012


We all know the difference between normal mistakes and those that hint at a deeper, more frightening problem, such as Alzheimer’s or another brain condition. In light of this, how do you...

Demographic Tipping Point: Whites Now Less than Half of US Births


published: May 24, 2012


Bill Clinton once said that he looked forward to the day when whites were a minority in America. While he won’t live to see such a time, a demographic milestone that should send a tingle up S...

Hokumhontas Warren’s Stupid Horse Moment


published: May 07, 2012


Many critics have called Massachusetts Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren a “racist” for relating a family story about how her grandfather had “high cheekbones like all Indians do....

Birmingham News Drops the Ball on Black-on-white Crime


published: April 15, 2012


This past Tuesday I reported on the stabbing of white truck driver Nick Stokes by members of a black motorcycle gang called the Outcasts of Alabama. It’s not merely a scary story but als...

Obama’s America: Why Black Grievance Will Never End


published: April 15, 2012


When I was 12 years old, I played tennis at a certain public park in the Bronx. One day it got back to me that a black fellow at the courts, whose name I forget, said “Selwyn doesn&rsq...;

Police to White Victim: We “Don’t Mess” with Black Gang


published: April 12, 2012


Most of us have heard about how the media won’t report on black-on-white crime. We also may know that authorities sometimes sweep it under the rug due to political pressure, usually with...

Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Matters, Especially Now


published: March 22, 2012


There was a time when someone could perhaps justify sitting on the fence on the matter of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  There were those on the left who could chalk doubts about its...

Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack Burned by His School’s Racist Teaching?


published: March 07, 2012


The boy raised his hand, eager to answer the question. “What would you know about it?” exclaimed the teacher dismissively. “You’re not our race.” This was n...

She’s No Fluke: Is the Word “Slut” Still Relevant?


published: March 06, 2012


A woman close to me once characterized the sea change in our society well. “Years ago you knew who the bad girls were,” said she. “Now you know who the good girls are.” And...

When Conservatives Wax Liberal: Is Sex a Qualification?


published: February 21, 2012


Is it a conservative position that only women are qualified to comment on abortion?  A writer named Leann Horrocks certainly seems to think so. In an American Thinker piece titled, “Con...

Are Conservatives with Ginsburg or the Founders on the Constitution?


published: February 20, 2012


When Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in Egypt recently that she “would not look to the U.S. Constitution if [she] were drafting a constitution in the year 2012,” it was no surprise.  In...

Samuel L. Jackson Drops the Act: Admits He Only Voted for Obama because of Race


published: February 16, 2012


Hey, Jackson, is it Samuel L. or Jesse? Actually, it’s more likely that the actor was channeling Jeremiah Wright. In a racial-epithet-laced interview with Ebony magazine, the Pulp Ficti...

How to Win the Marriage Debate: The Flaw in the Ninth Circuit’s (and Most Everyone Else’s) Reasoning


published: February 09, 2012


The big news on the culture-war front is a federal court’s striking down of Proposition 8, California’s constitutional amendment protecting marriage.  In a two-to-one ruling, the U...

A Beating and Racial Slurs – but No Hate-crime Charges


published: February 08, 2012


Ah, the left-wing capacity for rationalization knows no bounds.  While we’re told that even substantive criticism of Barack Obama is driven by the hatefulness the left has dubbed “...

In Praise of a Do-nothing Congress


published: January 23, 2012


Here’s a question: how can we expect to have small government if we condemn Congress for not growing it? It’s always a disturbing experience when you’re accosted with a picture...

If Republicans Want to Win, They Must Rebrand “Capitalism”


published: January 23, 2012


One of the simplest rhetorical truths is that the side that defines the vocabulary of a debate wins the debate. Yet, amazingly, we still see experienced conservative politicians with access to...

The Myth of Bad Republican Candidates


published: January 13, 2012


Repeat a big Democrat talking point often enough, and it becomes the truth. There is a certain liberal narrative that has recently filtered down to many independents and even some conservative...

What Conservatives and the GOP Dare Not Say about Immigration


published: January 08, 2012


In a recent election piece, pundit Ann Coulter identified illegal migration as one of the two most important issues of our time. She writes that if we fail at halting it, “the country wi...

Upset about Big Brother’s Ban on Incandescent Bulbs? Buy a Heatball!


published: December 31, 2011


Many of you know that in a few days the federal ban on conventional incandescent light bulbs will go into effect. And while House Republicans included a provision in a recent spending bill that wil...

Will Newt Gingrich Win the Republican Nomination?


published: November 08, 2011


If slow and steady really does win the race, Newt Gingrich could well end up being the Republican nominee for president. Thus far, this campaign season has been defined by flash-in-the-pan fortune...

The Tax Plan that’s Better than Cain’s, Perry’s or Gingrich’s


published: November 01, 2011


Bold tax reform is front and center this campaign season. First Herman Cain made waves and poll headway with his 9-9-9 tax plan, which involves national 9-percent taxes on personal and corporate in...

Clinton’s Cackling at Cain Takes the Cake


published: October 25, 2011


Upon watching footage of Hillary Clinton mocking Herman Cain in Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s presence, one could wonder: would she really want to stack her accomplishments up against Cain&...

Political Persecution in Maricopa County


published: October 16, 2011


When we think of political persecution, places such as Tiananmen Square may come to mind. Increasingly, however, this tool of tyranny is coming to our shores – and it is not made in Chin...

“The Black US Attorney Has Common Cause with the Black Criminal”


published: October 09, 2011


According to Department of Justice whistleblower J. Christian Adams, AG Eric Holder has a certain something in his wallet. It is a quotation – and he has carried it for decades. It ...

Selwyn  Duke Articles

Selwyn Duke

255 articles
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