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It’s Time for a Greed Czar


published: March 26, 2009


With the recent passage of the 'TARP bonus' bill, it’s obvious that our politicians are finally serious about tackling the problem of greed.  It’s about time, too.  We’v...

How to Use Your Children to Annoy a Liberal


published: March 24, 2009


Since liberals place a premium on tolerance, the loving and charitable thing to do is help them develop it.  Note here that, unbeknownst to many, tolerance involves enduring something consider...

We Need Something Stronger than Steele


published: March 19, 2009


Most of us place politicians down at the level of used-car salesmen, personal injury lawyers and Hollywood actors. In fact, they’re much like actors, only, their acting is generally a bit be...

Obama Gunning for the Second Amendment


published: March 18, 2009


This will seem like a strange way to open a piece of commentary, but the gun owners who voted for Barack Obama believing he respected Second Amendment rights remind me of the bumbling Inspector Clo...

Obama: "I Am Not an Animal!"


published: March 13, 2009


Actually, Obama said, in so many words, "I am not a socialist!" in a delayed-reaction response to a question from a New York Times reporter.  That is to say, his initial answer was a...

In Defense of the White Man


published: February 25, 2009


While many believe that prejudice has diminished over time, it’s not really true. Prejudice is much like the wind: Its direction changes, and the sheltered and well-situated may not sense it,...

Giving Obama a Chance


published: February 20, 2009


Being a cerebral sort, when I ponder President Obama’s seduction of America, I think of the story of the snake and the duck. To be brief, the snake wants the duck to take him to the other si...

Defending the Pope


published: February 13, 2009


Pope Benedict XVI has found himself in a maelstrom of controversy over his lifting of the excommunication of Richard Williamson, an illegally-consecrated prelate who has downplayed the magnitude of...

Yes, Rush, I hope Obama Fails, too


published: February 02, 2009


Ever since President Obama (PBUH) dropped Rush Limbaugh's name recently, the talk-show host has figured prominently in the news.  And now he is being attacked by the mainstream press – a...

The Artificial Reality of the Matrix Media


published: January 16, 2009


A common defense of error today is to say, with due indignation, “I have a right to my opinion!” Legally this is true, given that our First Amendment is extant. But as G.K. Chesterton...

Our Bailout Culture and the Beauty of Bankruptcy


published: December 18, 2008


The story of the Prodigal Son teaches a beautiful lesson about repentance and forgiveness. As you may know, it involves a lazy, irresponsible young man who insists upon taking his share of the fam...

What percent of the electorate should actually vote?


published: December 15, 2008


There is often a profound difference between morality and legality, and, if this were a just world, a good percentage of the American left would be tried for treason.  If that seems a radical ...

The Socialist and the Stone


published: December 11, 2008


When I was still within a stones' throw of ladhood, I had an acquaintance who was essentially a socialist. I can't say for sure he proclaimed himself as such – although I believe he did &ndas...;

Race in the Third Millennium


published: November 28, 2008


Although the show was propaganda produced by leftist Norman Lear, no one could accuse “All in the Family” of not being funny.  Its protagonist, blue-collar bigot Archie Bunker, is ...

Fear and the Security Force


published: November 17, 2008


In all my life I have never seen such intense emotion surrounding a leader as that evoked by Barack Obama. Even Ronald Reagan, the Gipper himself, didn’t enjoy the kind of prostration of the...

How Barack Obama Will Ensure His Victory in 2012


published: November 13, 2008


Even before the election, with the realization that a Barack Obama presidency lay on the horizon, many saw a silver lining in the cloud that drifted into Washington, DC, from the left coast.  ...

The French First Lady: Eye Candy and Air


published: November 11, 2008


It's hard to shock a man living in a planetary insane asylum, so it doesn't raise my eyebrows when I watch a people commit suicide. Nevertheless, I had to shake my head when I read about how Barack...

Obama the Justifier


published: November 03, 2008


Election reportage is reaching a fever pitch, and one of the hottest stories concerns a recently revealed interview Barack Obama gave to Chicago Public Radio in 2001.  In it, then Illinois sta...

The Terrorist Attack of 2010


published: October 24, 2008


The date is November 9, 2010, and you turn on the radio to listen to the news over morning coffee. Economic times have been tough, and you’re not expecting much to uplift the soul. Yet, what...

Barack Obama’s Campaign of the Lie


published: October 17, 2008


Absent the ability to read minds and hearts, I can’t really tell you if Barack Obama is uniquely dishonest.  What is for certain, though, is that his campaign is uniquely deceitful. ...;

The Obama Youth


published: October 02, 2008


It really does seem that the more evil a movement is, the more likely it is to enlist children in its cause. (Well, they really do make beautiful little human shields.) Most of us have now heard ab...

Does Pro-life Now Mean Pro-libertinism?


published: September 26, 2008


At , journalist David Frum has a piece in which he discusses what he perceives to be the transformation of the pro-life movement. His thesis is that the widespread acceptance of u...

Political Elections, Cultural Elections, and the Votes that Really Matter


published: September 19, 2008


To be honest, treating politics isn’t my favorite pastime.  Sure, like other commentators I do it, but it’s not something I can truly sink my teeth into.  I’ll explain w...

Is the Presidency above Obama’s Pay Grade?


published: August 27, 2008


It’s interesting to hear the euphemisms bandied about in campaigns. After Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s appearance a week ago at Saddleback Church, for instance, the former&rs...;

Why John Edwards’ Affair Matters


published: August 14, 2008


It has become a stereotypical pattern with men.  A lad with a salad-days libido has a girl in every port, plays fast and loose with feelings and breaks hearts.  Then he gets older, marrie...

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Selwyn Duke

255 articles
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