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Carbon tax hallucinations


published: February 24, 2013


Average planetary temperatures haven’t budged in 16 years. Hurricanes and strong tornadoes are at or near their lowest ebb in decades. Global sea ice is back to normal, Arctic ice is nearly n...

Real sustainability versus activist sustainability


published: February 10, 2013


Companies everywhere extol their sustainable development programs and goals. Sustainability drives UN programs like Agenda 21, EU and US green energy initiatives, and myriad manufacturing, agricult...

Desperately trying to derail Canadian oil sands


published: January 28, 2013


Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman has approved his state’s portion of the Keystone XL pipeline, explaining that its revised route avoids areas that critics had earlier claimed were environmentally ...

Trampling on people, environment, science and ethics


published: January 20, 2013


Policy integrity. Ethical culture. Environmental protection. Environmental defense. Friends of earth. Defenders of wildlife. Ethical investing. Not just their names, but their charter, culture and ...

The political superstorm that devastated New York


published: December 30, 2012


“Superstorm” Sandy killed more than 100 people, destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, and left millions without food, water, electricity, sanitation or shelter for days or even w...

The new robber barons


published: December 23, 2012


An oil and natural gas boom is underway in the United States, born of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” It has created tens of thousands of well-paying jobs d...

Stop subsidizing the slaughter!


published: December 19, 2012


Congress and the White House are struggling to find even one subsidy or entitlement program that they are willing to cut. But the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) insists that the 2.2-cents ...

Obama’s Walt Disney energy policies


published: December 14, 2012


In Walt Disney’s 1940 animated film “Pinocchio,” woodcarver Geppetto dreams that his wooden marionette will turn into a real boy.Geppetto’s hopes are immortalized in the son...

Facing a triple threat: Doha, EPA and Congress


published: December 09, 2012


Climate alarmists are meeting in Doha, Qatar, to hammer out a new international treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol that expires this year. The US Environmental Protection Agency is poised to unle...

Climate change issues for 2012


published: November 18, 2012


1) CO2 is a greenhouse gas and it has been rising steadily. How can you deny global warming? The Earth has warmed – and cooled – over the past 50 years. We’ve al...

Energy and environment issues for 2012


published: November 06, 2012


What policies will best strengthen America’s energy and economic future? America needs to pursue all its energy options. Oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, solar and ...

Climate change issues for 2012


published: November 06, 2012


The Earth has warmed – and cooled – over the past 50 years. We’ve also experienced periods of “unusual” weather and “normal” weather, more frequent and int...

Fractured fairy tales


published: November 04, 2012


Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have boosted shale gas production from zero a few years ago to 10% of all US energy supplies in 2012, observes energy analyst Daniel Yergin. Fracking ha...

Perverse environmentalist oil sands ethics


published: October 28, 2012


The duplicity and hypocrisy of environmental pressure groups seem to be matched only by their consummate skill at manipulating public opinion, amassing political power, securing taxpayer-funded gov...

Winners and losers energy policies


published: October 23, 2012


Governor Mitt Romney strongly supports North American energy independence as the foundation of renewed US employment and prosperity. President Obama is waging war on fossil fuels, job creation, and...

Climate Alarmism: Our sanity and wallets need a break


published: September 23, 2012


Pick up any 40-year-old science textbook – on chemistry, biology, geology, physics, astronomy or medicine – and you’ll find a slew of “facts” and theories that have be...

Government of, by and for the EPA


published: September 16, 2012


Seven score and nine years ago, President Lincoln resolved to take increased devotion to ensuring that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the Earth. Y...

Our SimCity government


published: September 02, 2012


Back in 1983, during the information processing Cretaceous Period, Maxis developed a new genre of educational, yet entertaining computer games. The latest version will be released next year. SimCi...

Real energy for a new American renaissance


published: August 20, 2012


America needs more economic growth, domestic manufacturing, jobs – and secure, affordable energy to make those things happen. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney understands that achieving th...

Beat GSA!


published: August 09, 2012


If America had a “Spend Like a Drunken Sailor Award,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus would win hands-down, for blowing $12 million on biofuel for Navy ships. Even as the armed services face ...

Voting for wildlife extermination


published: August 05, 2012


The latest justification for extending the industrial wind electricity production tax credit (PTC) is that we need an “all of the above” energy policy. The slogan falls flat, even when ...

Western wildfires – horrific, destructive … and unnecessary


published: July 29, 2012


Millions of Americans watched their evening news in horrified fascination. The Colorado Springs wildfire had doubled in size overnight, to 24 square miles – half the size of San Francisco &n...;

Caught in a green crossfire


published: July 15, 2012


President Obama has waged war on fossil fuels for three and a half years – and American consumers and families are caught in the green energy crossfire. They are getting hit with higher ener...

Dodging another UN bullet


published: July 01, 2012


The Future We Want outlined a “common vision” for planetary “sustainable development,” as proclaimed by the “Organizing Partners of the Major Group of NGOs,” to ...

Rio+20 is greatest threat to biodiversity


published: June 24, 2012


The UN Conference on Sustainable Development is underway in Rio de Janeiro. This time, 20 years after the original 1992 Rio “Earth Summit,” thousands of politicians, bureaucrats and env...

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Paul Driessen

153 articles
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Paul Driessen is senior policy adviser for the Congress of Racial Equality, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power - Black Death, which documents the harm that restrictive environmental policies often have on poor people, especially in developing countries. He writes and speaks frequently on energy, environmental, economic development, malaria eradication, human rights, global warming and corporate social responsibility issues. His website is



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