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Learning and succeeding “differently”


published: November 03, 2013


Having a child who struggles in school torments parents – whether it’s because of attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, an inability to comprehend “whole word” approaches in...

Do the Math – Count the cash


published: November 03, 2013


Some years ago, a telegenic televangelist built quite an empire, before publicly falling from grace and adopting a less opulent life style. But back then he liked big homes and Lear jets with Rolls...

Increasing clouds and thunderstorms for climate alarmists


published: October 29, 2013


What a month it’s been. Rejecting claims of looming cataclysm, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) issued Climate Change Reconsidered-II on September 17. This re...

Where’s the concern over private sector furloughs?


published: October 20, 2013


In 2009, President Obama told Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA), “Elections have consequences, and I won.” As with his healthcare law, amid this year’s impasse, he said “the...

Fallacious claims prop up ethanol


published: October 13, 2013


Arguments put forward to support ethanol and other biofuels hold water like sieves – leaking billions of gallons of precious fresh water that are required to produce this expensive, unsustain...

Remembering the 1973 Arab oil embargo


published: October 05, 2013


This fall marks the fortieth anniversary of the Arab oil embargo, a painful episode in American history that had a profound effect on both the economy and psyche of the United States. It began in...

Taking cancer to the mat – 2013 updates in courage


published: September 23, 2013


My daughter had just learned she would have to endure still more chemotherapy for her leukemia. A tear welled up in her eye. But she quickly stopped herself, and her steely resolve returned. &ldquo...;

Real climate science the IPCC doesn’t want you to see


published: September 22, 2013


Once again, it’s the NIPCC versus the IPCC – facts versus gloom-and-doom assertions. Earth’s average atmospheric temperatures haven’t increased in almost 17 years. It&rsquo...;

To bee or not to bee


published: September 15, 2013


Activist groups continue to promote scary stories that honeybees are rapidly disappearing, dying off at “mysteriously high rates,” potentially affecting one-third of our food crops and ...

Stop denying climate science and ACT!


published: September 02, 2013


The full-court press is on. Alarmist scientists, politicians, pressure groups, newspapers, ministers, rabbis and bureaucrats want Americans to “stop stalling” on climate change. They de...

Carbon dioxide: The “gas of life”


published: August 18, 2013


It’s amazing that minuscule bacteria can cause life-threatening diseases and infections – and miraculous that tiny doses of vaccines and antibiotics can safeguard us against these deadl...

Ozone, Mo’Zone and NoZone


published: August 04, 2013


The Environmental Protection Agency’s war on economic growth, jobs, poor families, modern living standards, and people’s health and welfare is about to get a lot more damaging.. The Cl...

Fracking brings employment and economic revival


published: August 04, 2013


Signs of pride and prosperity were evident all over Williamsport and the gorgeous northern Pennsylvania countryside around it. Friendly, happy people greeted us. New cars, trucks, hotels and restau...

Delaware’s “future weather”


published: August 04, 2013


During this hot, wet summer, a “national climate expert” recently told Delawareans that they can expect even hotter summers – with a climate like Savannah, Georgia’s –...

Climate alarmism’s 10,000 commandments


published: June 30, 2013


The United States will “do more,” before it’s “too late” to prevent “dangerous” global warming, President Obama told Berliners last week. If Congress won&r...;

Greedy Africans are starving our cars


published: June 30, 2013


“You’ve heard of Live Aid? Well, this is Drive Aid,” an ardent young man says, as he approaches London pedestrians. “Greedy people in developing nations are eating huge amou...

EPA climatism: Dictating our lives, living standards and life spans


published: June 02, 2013


Numerous articles document how European climate policies have been disastrous for affordable energy, economic growth, entire industries, people’s jobs and welfare, wildlife habitats and human...

Mindless “green” indoctrination of children


published: June 02, 2013


“We’re from the Earth Guardians group, and we’re working on fracking and how it’s going to affect our future and our health. So we wrote this song for all the gas companies ...

A bee in their bonnet


published: May 27, 2013


Chemophobic anti-pesticide groups are at it again. This time they’re attacking a widely used and safe new insecticide, but their assertions and real agendas are nothing new. Radical environm...

Free market energy policies can end economic malaise


published: May 05, 2013


“We can’t have an energy strategy that traps us in the past,” President Obama proclaimed in March 2012. “We need an energy strategy for the future – an all-of-the-abov...

Support drilling, fracking, Keystone … and exports


published: May 05, 2013


The interminable war on drilling, fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline has taken some bizarre turns. Now it’s getting worse, as opponents grow more desperate, and the moon again grows full. ...

EPA’s Tier 3 tyranny


published: April 22, 2013


President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has already promulgated a tsunami of 1,920 regulations, many of which will bring few health or environmental benefits, but will impose high e...

Cut fingers, cancer, bats and birds


published: April 07, 2013


Georgia residents recently learned that a rare bat has stalled state highway improvements. The May 2012 sighting of an endangered Indiana brown bat in a northern Georgia tree has triggered fed...

Eco-imperialism joins vulture environmentalism


published: March 31, 2013


Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s choice to replace Lisa Jackson at the Environmental Protection Agency, has been chastised for having lied to Congress, in claiming that EPA did not use &ldquo...;

Our real manmade climate crisis


published: March 10, 2013


In his first address as Secretary of State, John Kerry said we must safeguard “the most sacred trust” we owe to our children and grandchildren: “an environment not ravaged by risi...

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Paul Driessen

153 articles
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Paul Driessen is senior policy adviser for the Congress of Racial Equality, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power - Black Death, which documents the harm that restrictive environmental policies often have on poor people, especially in developing countries. He writes and speaks frequently on energy, environmental, economic development, malaria eradication, human rights, global warming and corporate social responsibility issues. His website is



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