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Marsha West's Past Articles

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Distractions, Diversions and Deception


published: October 31, 2008


It’s no big secret that many in the media are unethical and dishonest smear merchants. Americans have put up with these corrupt, insulting and, frankly, blatantly biased journalists for decad...

Barbaric Obama, God’s Choice?


published: October 20, 2008


I have a sign in my office that asks the question: If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to prove it? “I am a Christian” Barack Obama proclaims....

The Speaker the Candidate and the Windbag


published: September 16, 2008


Serious questions have been raised about when life begins. Some say life begins at the moment of conception. Others question that a new life is created at the very moment of conception, but they ...

We Have Had Enough of False Prophets!


published: August 31, 2008


The Holy Spirit is on the move.  He’s working in the minds and mouths of the false prophets.  BAM!  They’ve fallen and they can’t get up. On June 23rd God moved a ...

Todd Bentley Separates From Wife and Lakeland


published: August 15, 2008


What did Fresh Fire Ministries know and when did they know it? I’m talking about Todd Bentley’s marriage, which is in shambles. According to the statement posted on the Fresh Fire webs...

Televangelists Snicker All The Way To the Bank


published: August 04, 2008


I detest the prosperity gospel. Ever noticed how the “name-it-and-claim-it” preachers are lining their own pockets but those who support their ministries can barely make ends meet? Th...

Marsha  West Articles

Marsha West

56 articles
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Marsha West is a religious/political-based writer and owner of As well, she is the founder and editor of the Email Brigade News Report, a biweekly news resource for people of faith that is chalk-full of critical news and information. Marsha is dedicated to restoring a more common sense approach to our nation’s governance by encouraging people to thoroughly understand the issues that impact American lives, and then to engage the culture. Marsha’s articles have been published widely online and in print. She is a regular contributor to News With Views, Renew America, Worldview Times, Christian Research Network, Conservative Crusader and a guest columnist for American Daily and Mich News. Marsha is currently writing a fiction series for Christian children to equip them to defend their faith and live for Christ. Visit Marsha’s website:



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