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Obama's Iraq: Anti-War President to Send 1,500 More Troops to Iraq


published: November 16, 2014


President Barack Obama promised his war against ISIS would not include a ground war. He promised the American people there would be no boots on the ground, and that this new war against an Islamic...

Vote Harvest in November


published: November 09, 2014


Democrats and Republicans believe the other side steals votes. Accusations are flying in all directions. The Democrats are desperate. Early signs already point towards a GOP improvement in Cong...

Democrats Target Online Political Speech


published: November 03, 2014


The desire to kill political speech on the internet is nothing new, when it comes to the liberal left progressive Democrats. Their goal is not to win in the arena of ideas, but to eliminate any vo...

As Obama Tackles Ebola, What About Enterovirus D68?


published: October 27, 2014


The president is now paying attention. He has to. Ebola has reached "crisis stage," according to his minions. Ebola is not passed from person to person easily. Two health care workers...

The Greed Factor


published: October 26, 2014


The government, with all of their regulations and pitfalls, makes us loop-hole seekers. Money is not evil. The love of money is. Money is a tool, and the bigger the tool, the more of the tool yo...

Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Celebrity in Chief Who Would Be King


published: October 22, 2014


Hosting a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at her home, Gwyneth Paltrow gushed as she introduced President Obama, "I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest," and when handin...

Extreme Conservatives in Search of Purity


published: October 12, 2014


A listener to my Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs program on KCAA AM1050, and regular reader of Political Pistachio, emails me often to challenge what he considers to be my oath to the Repu...

Barack Obama: War is Peace


published: October 05, 2014


War is hellaciously beneficial to a struggling Presidency. And the hard left progressive political establishment in the United States knows how to wage a good war. Just take a look at their succe...

Adrian Peterson and the Fine Line of Child Abuse


published: October 05, 2014


When I mentioned in my new school about getting a "whoopin'," the kids laughed at me. A whoopin' with a "switch," paddle, or belt was something that only kids from the South go...

Flipping Texas


published: October 05, 2014


Among the reasons the Democrat Party is full throttle behind the illegal alien issue is the State of Texas. Colorado was flipped from red to blue by four billionaires who poured their money into t...

9/11 Not a Tragedy. . . An Act of War


published: September 21, 2014


The attacks against the United States on New York City's Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon located just outside of Washington DC in Arlington County, Virginia on September 11,...

Freedom of Approved Speech


published: September 21, 2014


The politicians are always working on tweaking freedom of speech because political correctness has turned out not to be oppressive enough. They use back doors and side entrances to attack freedom ...

Kids, Guns, and a Shooting Range


published: September 06, 2014


To drive home a point in a conversation with me about guns, someone showed me a video where Penn Jillette of the famous "Penn and Teller Magic Team," in an attempt to show you that violen...

Cry for Argentina


published: September 06, 2014


A year ago conservatives in Argentina claimed the South American country was headed in the same direction as Venezuela. Economic freedom was under assault because of the institution of a failed Bo...

The Golfing President


published: September 06, 2014


I love to golf, but I haven't swung my clubs for quite a while. An injury to my back and neck has kept me away from the links now that I have some time, and a lack of time while I was driving a Sa...

Constitutional Immigration


published: August 03, 2014


Immigration is a concurrent issue, where both the federal government and the States have authorities regarding the issue, depending on the parameters of the part of the issue we are talking about. ...

Knockout Games: Black on White Violence


published: August 03, 2014


The race riots have begun. The Black Panthers have gotten their wish. Racist violence in order to create even more division has begun. . . by design. Barack Obama is at the center of the blame. ...

Statism is the Disease, Fueled by Human Nature


published: August 03, 2014


In 1787 a group of delegates met in Philadelphia to create a new government, one based on limiting principles, individualism, and the concept that as freemen our rights are natural rights given to ...

Putin's Malaysia Airliner Chess Game


published: August 03, 2014


In the heat of war between Russia and Ukraine, a Malaysia Airlines flight on its way to Amsterdam traveled near the border between the warring nations. 298 souls were on board the flight when the p...

Murrieta: City of Hate? Or Home of the New Revolution?


published: July 21, 2014


The illegal immigration protests in Murrieta, for the most part, have come to an end. The federal government backed down, deciding not to send bus loads of diseased migrants into our community any...

Elected Representatives Hide From Murrieta Immigration Showdown


published: July 21, 2014


I was asked why people in Murrieta hates the migrants trying to come to the United States for a better life, and why we are not angry with the federal government instead. I responded that we are n...

Murrieta Immigration Scare Tactics


published: July 21, 2014


As the July 7 protest in Murrieta regarding immigration, and the potential of more busloads of diseased people being shipped to the Border Patrol Station for processing on Madison Avenue, loomed, s...

Dangerous Demonstrators at Murrieta's Blocked Immigration Road


published: July 21, 2014


On Monday, July 7, over 200 protesters manned their posts in the late morning hours, well into the afternoon, to protect Murrieta from receiving another shipment of illegal immigrants infected with...

Obama to Act on His Own on Immigration


published: July 13, 2014


The heartstrings are tugged by an article where a mother in Utah is not being deported, it is being delayed, in the hopes she can stay in the country long enough, after savior Obama swoops in to sa...

The Real Illegal Immigration Agenda in Murrieta


published: July 13, 2014


The real issue is about federal supremacy, and whether or not the federal government should be able to force their will upon people, businesses, cities and States. I almost titled this post "...

Douglas V. Gibbs Articles

Douglas V. Gibbs

125 articles
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Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host on KCAA 1050 AM on Saturdays and Sundays with his Constitution Speaker program, as well as a longtime Internet radio host, conservative political activist, writer and commentator. Doug is the founder of the award winning Political Pistachio website, and a free lance newspaper columnist for the Murrieta Patch, The Central Idaho Post and The Examiner. Doug is a member of the “American Authors Association”, the “Committee of Concerned Journalists” and “The Military Writers Society of America.” He received the Golden Anchor Award for his patriotic commentary in 2008, and was a candidate for his local city council in 2010. An active member of the Tea Party Movement, Doug mans a Constitution Booth at Tea Party events, is a public speaker on the U.S. Constitution, and teaches classes on the U.S. Constitution once a week in Temecula, California. Doug is a family man, married 27 years to his high school sweetheart. He is the father of two and has four grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy veteran.



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