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Constitutional Courts Are A Threat To Liberalism


published: February 05, 2010


The reverberations from Republican Senator Scott Brown’s Massachusetts election had barely subsided when an even greater shockwave was sent throughout the liberal world. On Thursday January 2...

Preventing 'Moderates' From Hijacking The Massachusetts Election


published: January 28, 2010


Scott Brown’s stunning victory in Massachusetts has predictably generated comparisons of the current political landscape to 1994, when Republicans swept the mid-term elections, propelling the...

Reid Unmasks Realities of Liberal Democrat 'Sensitivity'


published: January 14, 2010


Were Senator Robert Byrd (D.- WV) ever to switch political parties and become a Republican, the liberal media reaction would be to suddenly “discover” his past membership in the Ku Klux...

GOP Cannot Coast Into 2010 Elections


published: January 09, 2010


The 2010 mid-term campaign season is now upon America, and none too soon. With two weeks still to go before his term reaches the one-year mark, the damage Barack Obama has inflicted on this nation ...

That Annoying Issue of “Homeland Security”


published: December 31, 2009


In September of 2005, the liberal political establishment successfully laid the Hurricane Katrina disaster at the feet of then President George W. Bush, in what was perhaps the greatest propaganda ...

Is There No Stopping This Liberal Madness?


published: December 28, 2009


Last week, with comparatively little fanfare, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave away a hundred billion dollars at the bogus “Climate Summit” in Copenhagen. The sum is nearly unfat...

Betting America’s Future On The “Healthcare” Circus


published: December 17, 2009


At this writing, the prospect of America’s descent into the abyss of socialism hinges on an impasse between Senator Joe Lieberman (I.-CT) and Barack Obama’s replacement Senator Roland B...

Rising Leaders In The Republican Party


published: December 10, 2009


With each passing day, the cornerstones of American greatness are being attacked and dismantled by the left, whose goal is clearly their eventual eradication and replacement by a liberal “new...

'Hope and Change' Through Lies


published: December 03, 2009


Outrage over the suppressed data refuting “global warming” at the East Anglia Institute in England, now spans the world. Though as a result of a liberal media “blackout,” ne...

Palin, Conservatism, And The Disconnected GOP


published: November 19, 2009


For nearly two decades now, and particularly in the wake of the 2000 presidential election debacle, Democrats have been pursuing a diabolically simple political strategy. In short, they moved hard-...

Lessons Learned From New York District 23


published: November 12, 2009


Is it possible for Republicans to make significant political headway in the 2010 mid-term elections, and thereby put the brakes on the Obama/Reid/Pelosi program of dismantling the greatness of Amer...

Can Republicans Pander Their Way Into Leadership?


published: October 29, 2009


Never have the stars lined up for Republicans as profoundly as has been the case this year, with the arrogance and ugliness of the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi political juggernaut, and the threat it po...

Liberalism Concocts “Bogeymen” While Ignoring Real Dangers


published: October 22, 2009


It is difficult to determine the most telling harbinger of the collapse of Western Civilization, but the October 19 statement by Gordon Brown, Britain’ s Prime Minister, must surely be among ...

2010: Not The Time For “Faux Conservatism”


published: October 16, 2009


Our nation is coming apart at the seams, and Barack Obama is proving to be absolutely inept, or worse, at dealing with the situation. Instead of honestly assessing things and advancing solutions co...

Europe Prefers A Presidency That Fails America


published: October 08, 2009


Last January, Rush Limbaugh shocked the liberal establishment, and much of the world, when he flatly assessed America’s prospects under the Obama Administration with the words “I hope h...

Revealed: How Liberalism Exploits The Vulnerable


published: October 01, 2009


Of all of the outrages uncovered by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, who in a sting operation exposed one corrupt “ACORN” office after another by requesting information on how to e...

Consequences Of Obama’s 'Jimmy Carter Replay'


published: September 24, 2009


It was perhaps fitting this last week that former President Jimmy Carter again went public with a continuation of the insipid drivel for which he has become so famous. In an interview on NBC, he as...

Van Jones Debacle Highlights “Mainstream Media” Irrelevancy


published: September 10, 2009


It is hard to grasp the extent of the boondoggle that was and is the Van Jones episode, with its mix of nutty comedy and sinister, anti-Americanism. The former so-called “Green Czar” ca...

Obamacare: When Growing Old Becomes A 'Crime'


published: September 03, 2009


Immediately following the passage in the Declaration of Independence avowing the rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is the phrase, “to secure these rights, go...

America’s International Standing Founders Under Obama


published: August 28, 2009


Once again, a dosage of reality is needed to properly assess the real effect that Barack Obama is having on America’s standing among the nations of the world. And as usual, the truth is far l...

The Reagan/Palin Model For Leadership


published: August 20, 2009


The healthcare fight is far from over. Barack Obama has invested the entirety of his political capital into his aggressive strategy for passing some form of medical socialism during his term. Yet i...

Obama Considers Real America “The Enemy”


published: August 13, 2009


The glaring duplicity in media coverage of the current chaotic “healthcare” debate is unparalleled. When a lone gunman shoots an abortionist, the nightly news incessantly recounts the e...

Why Sarah Palin Threatens The 'Establishment'


published: July 30, 2009


The Republican Party continues to amass expertise in losing elections. Its current reticence in getting behind the momentum of Sarah Palin, now the former Governor of Alaska, unequivocally proves t...

Obama Utopia Built On Empty Promises


published: July 23, 2009


As the “healthcare” debate reaches its contrived crescendo, Barack Obama is proving to be the perfect con man. In every instance, he tells adoring crowds and media sycophants what they ...

Apollo 11 And America, Forty Years Later


published: July 16, 2009


For some, the decade of the sixties will be remembered for anti-war protests, flower children, love beads, and Woodstock, along with all of their accompanying societal debauchery. Among other...

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Chris Adamo

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