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Obama’s Latest Outrage Against Arizona And America


published: September 02, 2010


As freedom and individuality are crushed throughout the Middle East under the weight of Sharia law, Barack Obama opts to bow and grovel at the feet of Islamic dictators with whom he seeks to &ldquo...;

David Limbaugh’s 'Crimes Against Liberty'


published: August 26, 2010


It is rare in any age that a single book can so comprehensively document and analyze a historical movement as to be capable of defining it. In the aftermath of World War II, which shattered western...

Preparing For Democrat’s 2010 General Election Antics


published: August 19, 2010


Ever since the advent of the Obama Administration, and its systematic corruption and destruction of the nation’s constitutional framework, Americans have fervently anticipated their opportuni...

Obama Did Shakedown BP And America


published: August 12, 2010


Congressman Joe Barton (R.-TX) is one of the few people from either party in Washington who should have any credibility left with the American public. On June 17, Barton infuriated liberals on Capi...

A Conservative Strategy For 2010 And Beyond


published: August 06, 2010


As November looms, traditional America is conflicted among feelings of anticipation, dread, and despair. The upcoming elections hold the prospect of major conservative gains in the House and Senate...

Real America Did Not Sue Arizona


published: July 29, 2010


Once again, the despicable conduct of the Obama Administration compels us to do a “reality check,” this time in regard to the lawsuit filed by Eric Holder’s Justice Department aga...

America’s Decline Forty-One Years After Apollo 11


published: July 22, 2010


This week marks the forty-first anniversary of one of America’s crowning achievements, the first manned landing on the moon. Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” A...

Obama And Holder Weaponize American “Justice”


published: July 16, 2010


In the past few weeks, America’s legal system has been subjected to an avalanche of outrages from the White House and Department of Justice. But while each individual event, if considered apa...

Spare Us The Kagan Confirmation Charade


published: July 01, 2010


Perhaps it is again time for a history refresher regarding the origins of the United States of America. The Constitution is far more than just a venerated piece of parchment containing soaring word...

Are Establishment Republicans Allergic To Leadership


published: June 24, 2010


On January 2, 1995, after eighteen days of a budget standoff between the new Republican congressional majorities and President Bill Clinton, Senator Majority Leader Bob Dole uttered his infamous &l...;

Bobby Jindal Versus Barack Obama: The Rematch


published: June 10, 2010


On February 24, 2009 Barack Obama delivered his first State of the Union speech to the resounding accolades of the liberal press. Barely a month after his inauguration, he still basked in the glow ...

Obama To America: I Am Not Accountable


published: May 27, 2010


What seemed at first to be a major gaffe by Attorney General Eric Holder has since manifested itself as yet another flagrant pronouncement from the executive branch that it no longer considers itse...

May Primaries And The Coming Electoral Tsunami


published: May 20, 2010


The spin began even before Primary Day. According to ABC News, it was an “anti-incumbent” sentiment. Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Ed Rendell tried to assign blame to the weath...

Conservatism On Defense Will Ultimately Lose


published: May 13, 2010


Seven years ago this month, President George W. Bush made his famed landing on the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln as it returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East. An event that should have ...

Attacks On Arizona Are Attacks On America


published: May 06, 2010


Among the insightful guardrails established in the Constitution for the preservation of the United States, the requirement that the nation’s chief executive be a natural born citizen exhibite...

Democrat Cabal Dangles Bait For Unwitting Republicans


published: April 29, 2010


With more than half a year yet to go before the pivotal 2010 elections, the Democrats are clearly in a panicked election mode. Every news story, every major speech, and every mass mailing makes ref...

William Ayers’ Wyoming Debacle Highlights Leftist Weaknesses


published: April 15, 2010


It is axiomatic that the biggest bullies quickly change into the biggest whiners the moment they lose their advantage. An episode last week in Wyoming, involving Obama crony and self-proclaimed &ld...;

Democrats’ Desperate Plan To Reclaim High Ground


published: April 01, 2010


Once again the American left is exhibiting its total detachment from reality. In the aftermath of the thoroughly corrupt political circus that was the “healthcare” vote, Democrat leader...

Are McCain Republicans Finally “Seeing the Light”?


published: March 25, 2010


On the day following the abominable March 21 congressional vote to subvert the Constitution and subjugate the American people under the dubious auspices of Obamacare, Senator John McCain (R.-AZ) vo...

Washington Chaos Portends Obama’s Vision For America


published: March 19, 2010


As the nationalized “Healthcare” debacle nears its end game, the people of America are increasingly shocked and disgusted by the raw ugliness of the Obama “governing” philos...

Wake Up America! Democrats Hate 'Democracy'


published: March 11, 2010


Among the many absurdities proffered by Barack Obama sycophants in the media and throughout the liberal establishment is the notion that Obama possesses great leadership qualities. Throughout his p...

Pelosi Backwards On 'Tea Parties' and GOP


published: March 04, 2010


Democrats continue to bounce between occasional brief attempts at pandering to grassroots America, and their more innate reversion to unrestrained contempt for the beliefs and sentiments of the hea...

Alan Simpson Continues Where Specter Left Off


published: February 25, 2010


Former Education Secretary William Bennett is chiding those who are advancing the notion of forming a "third party." And he is absolutely right for doing so. Such a rift within the conser...

Can Obama Reinvent His Disastrous Liberal Agenda?


published: February 19, 2010


Barack Obama has initiated yet another response to his declining popularity. Only a year into what was once trumpeted as perhaps history's greatest electoral promise of “hope and change,” the Obama...

Real Conservatism Is About Principles, Not Personalities


published: February 11, 2010


It was an odd week for a staunch conservative to be in agreement with Barack Obama. In the wake of Republican Scott Brown’s dramatic Senate victory in Massachusetts, Democrat leaders were stu...

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Chris Adamo

274 articles
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