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An Ominous Setup For The 2012 Elections


published: October 08, 2011


It is altogether unfortunate that Herman Cain opted to play the race card in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. In an interview on ABC, Cain derided Texas Governor Rick Perry ove...

The Rick Perry/Mitt Romney Political “Horserace”


published: September 25, 2011


It would be a mistake to believe that the “mainstream” media and press are only interested in boosting ratings as they play up the contest between Texas Governor Rick Perry and former M...

No “Common Ground” With The Left


published: September 15, 2011


Among the most desperate and futile efforts by an extreme leftist to don a mantle of credibility is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s characterization of his venomous writings as &ldquo...;

America’s Economy Is Interwoven With Its Morality


published: September 08, 2011


With this week’s Republican debate having gained a major position in the media spotlight and actually a delay in Barack Obama’s over-hyped “Jobs” (read: Deficit spending and...

Liberals And “Moderates” Unwittingly Campaign For Perry


published: September 03, 2011


All too predictably, the insidious onslaught against Texas Governor Rick Perry is now in full swing. On the heels of the very first rumors last spring that he might consider a run for the presidenc...

Liberals Redefine “Extremism” And The “Political Center”


published: August 27, 2011


Among the major factors inspiring the conservative grassroots across America to take action is the seeming inability of those in office to stand fast against the liberal onslaught. And while this h...

Liberalism’s “New” Strategy: The Same Old Lies


published: August 18, 2011


Perhaps the most profound quality common to liberals is their ability to keep straight faces (or even look gravely serious) while spewing the most hysterical and laughable lies. In this manner we h...

A Litany Of Obama Administration Failures


published: August 14, 2011


By now everybody who regularly receives e-mail “forwards” has seen the one showing Barack Obama ostensibly standing in front of a devastated landscape that clearly is meant to represent...

GOP Leadership Never Took Deficit Reduction Seriously


published: August 04, 2011


Now that the debt ceiling deal passed in Congress and was quickly signed by Barack Obama, key players from both major parties will no doubt want immediately to change the subject. In an inconvenien...

America’s Current Fiscal Crisis In Perspective


published: July 29, 2011


Behavioral counselors overwhelmingly agree that people cannot break destructive habits without first being made to recognize the harmful nature of their actions, thereby accepting the responsibilit...

Atlanta School System Scandal: Liberalism On Parade


published: July 16, 2011


In the wake of the horrendous cheating scandal that has been exposed in the Atlanta public school system, in which nearly two hundred teachers and high-level school officials doctored and falsified...

Debt Ceiling Crisis: America At A Crossroads


published: July 07, 2011


While it is important not to offer excuses that might enable Congressional Republicans to retreat on the debt ceiling battle, the American people need to realize just how much pressure the liberal ...

Michele Bachmann Shows How To Engage Media


published: July 02, 2011


Let the pretenders continue with their platitudes about the general sincerity of Fox News reporter Chris Wallace and the “unintentional” nature of his recent insult to Michele Bachmann....

Jon Huntsman: Everything “Reagan” Except The Substance


published: June 23, 2011


How is it that in 2011 every aspiring Republican presidential contender seeks to cast himself as the new incarnation of Ronald Reagan, a president who in his time was maligned like no other? The re...

Why 2012 May Be Starkly Different From 1996


published: June 09, 2011


Ever since the elections of 2010, the propagandists of the left have been proclaiming America’s shift back to the “middle,” meaning away from the fervent conservatism that undergi...

America At Its Pinnacle


published: June 02, 2011


Last Wednesday marked the fiftieth anniversary of a monumental crossroads in America’s history; a moment in which the nation, in the face of a seemingly invincible enemy, collected its resolv...

Why America Needs Governor Perry To Run


published: May 26, 2011


So far in this presidential election cycle, the Republicans are off to a less than rousing start. Primarily, their weakness results from an inability to coalesce around a single believable conserva...

Revenge Of The “Ruling Class”


published: May 19, 2011


On May 10, 2011 a Wyoming grassroots organization created a political firestorm within the state’s Republican Party by sending an e-mail to its office holders that asked two highly inflammato...

Democrat Desperation And The Mitch Daniels Ruse


published: May 12, 2011


It is difficult to arrive at a single, concise definition of the Tea Party, the issues that drive its participants, and what it represents for America. Some sub-groups within it are primarily focus...

The Unshakable Appeal Of A Trump Candidacy


published: April 29, 2011


If establishment Republicans have their way, the history of 1995 and 1996 will repeat itself, which portends that despite their enormous mid-term gains, Barack Obama will be reelected in 2012. Whil...

Reality Clashes With Obama’s Promised Utopia


published: April 21, 2011


In virtually every situation where the U.S. government should be working on behalf of the country, as well as many that it should leave alone, it is consistently inflicting grave damage. It is virt...

Democrats’ Obsessive Efforts To Fracture Tea Party


published: April 14, 2011


Sadly for America, as of last Friday it has now been irrefutably established that, barring a government shutdown, the ravages of Congressional spending will never be brought into line. And since th...

Fiscal Armageddon Looms While Democrats Play Games


published: April 08, 2011


By their own words, Washington Democrats are daily proving that they are not serious about dealing with the nation’s budgetary crisis. Therefore it must be concluded that they never have been...

Divided And Twisted Democrat Loyalties Endanger America


published: April 01, 2011


This past month, Republican Congressman Peter King of New York held hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in the United States. In light of the Islam/Sharia phenomenon that has burgeoned throug...

Truth And Lies of a Government “Shutdown”


published: March 24, 2011


In broad daylight, after having won a landslide victory last November, congressional Republicans are engineering the most embarrassing surrender since Napoleon at Waterloo. And the greatest outrage...

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Chris Adamo

274 articles
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