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VP Myths And Misguided “Conventional Wisdom”


published: May 06, 2012


The nation has now reached that milestone of the presidential campaign in which major speculation is taking place regarding the choice of running mate for presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney. A...

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney


published: April 22, 2012


With the suspension of Senator Rick Santorum’s campaign, it now appears that you have the 2012 Republican presidential nomination sewn up. And in the current climate, that should assure you o...

Eric Holder’s End Game: Stealing The November ElectionBy: Christopher G. Adamo


published: April 15, 2012


James O’Keefe has struck again. And once more, he deserves a medal for his heroic operation. In 2009, he and an accomplice, Hannah Giles, laid bare the rampant criminal activities being perpe...

Obama’s Quest To Consolidate Federal Power


published: April 08, 2012


Theories abound as to the motives and significance of Barack Obama’s April 2, 2012 tirade against the United States Supreme Court. Perhaps the most plausible, given the timing of the events, ...

America Gravely Threatened By Activist Government


published: March 29, 2012


As America watches in suspense, the United States Supreme Court is taking up the case of whether or not Obamacare is, in whole or in part, unconstitutional. In an abominable degeneration of the for...

Why The Left Abhors The Ryan Budget


published: March 22, 2012


The transparently choreographed liberal/Democrat hysterics over the proposed federal budget of Representative Paul Ryan (R.-WI) might seem a bit excessive and drenched in paranoia, given that the m...

The Keystone Pipeline As An American Bellwether


published: March 14, 2012


Back in 1780, when General Benedict Arnold plotted the surrender of the fort at West Point to the British by depleting its supplies, dispersing its troops, and generally undermining its ability to ...

How America Failed Sandra Fluke And Her Kind


published: March 11, 2012


Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil. Isaiah 5:20 Twenty seven centuries ago, the Prophet sternly forewarned of the perils of what we now call “political correctness.” And cl...

“Social Issues” From A Truly Conservative Perspective


published: February 24, 2012


With Republican candidate Rick Santorum’s meteoric rise of recent weeks, the media has predictably gone into full attack mode against him. The new controversy of the day, repeated incessantly...

Obama’s Birth Control Controversy: The Big Picture


published: February 19, 2012


In the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election debacle, in which George W. Bush was declared winner after a month of liberal efforts to overturn his razor-thin victory in Florida, the Democrat ...

Why Rick Santorum Connects With The Heartland


published: February 09, 2012


Even before the final results had been determined in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado, the liberal media cabal was in high gear incessantly reminding America that the decisive wins by Rick Santoru...

2012: Outing Establishment GOP As The Real Enemy


published: February 03, 2012


Few political events have caught fire in the American Heartland with the swiftness of Congressman Allen West’s January 28, 2102 Lincoln Day Dinner address in West Palm Beach Florida. Lambasti...

The Deteriorating “State of the Union” Parody


published: January 29, 2012


The annual charade known as the “State of the Union Address” has clearly become the most telling example of everything that ever went awry within the federal government over the past fe...

Debunking The Myth of Santorum’s “Big Government Conservatism”


published: January 13, 2012


The most often quoted passage from the Declaration of Independence is its proclamation of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as self-evident and unalienable rights. Sadly, in...

The Real Iowa Caucus Winner: “Not Romney!”


published: January 08, 2012


In a fitting epilogue to Mitt Romney’s eight-vote “victory” over Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucus, the former Massachusetts Governor has received an endorsement from Senator John ...

Correctly Framing the 2012 Elections


published: December 30, 2011


As the nation lurches into the 2012 election season, the propagandists of the liberal media have gone into high gear. Their singular job is to prevent the American people from correctly assessing t...

The Obama/ Energy Strangle-Hold On America


published: December 19, 2011


While the Obama Administration has worked tirelessly at minimizing the negative political fallout of its “green jobs” debacle (Solyndra being among the few that gained attention), the n...

Halligan Nomination Debacle Exemplifies America’s Precarious Crossroads


published: December 11, 2011


Finally, Senate Republicans have achieved a political and moral victory. Caitlin Halligan, a far-left judicial activist and Obama nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ...

Would Europe Benefit From A Super Committee?


published: December 01, 2011


Somehow, the sun came up on Thanksgiving Day 2011, despite the shocking failure of the “Deficit Reduction Super Committee” to concoct a bipartisan program for long-term debt reduction i...

“Occupy” Movement: Welcome To Liberal Utopia


published: November 17, 2011


For all but the most blindly dogmatic, any former “bloom” has long since left the rosy facade of the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon. Though the liberal media have been work...

How The Establishment Intends To Maintain Control


published: November 10, 2011


Perhaps the most striking aspect of the entire Herman Cain “sexual harassment” controversy was its complete predictability. The moment Cain stunned the nation by winning the Florida str...

Liberals Suddenly Care About Sexual Harassment...Again


published: November 03, 2011


It is hard to know where to begin listing the reasons why “liberalism” and “hypocrisy” have become synonymous. But the latest flap over some warmed over charges of “se...

What European Chaos Portends For America


published: October 27, 2011


Those who ascribe to such quaint and sentimental notions as national sovereignty and cultural cohesiveness would certainly not shed any tears over the demise of the European Union. Once praised as ...

What America Needs From The 2012 Elections


published: October 20, 2011


Assessing the sum total of the latest news, one is left wondering whether to laugh or be seriously alarmed. Those pathetic bands of shiftless loiterers on Wall Street and in prominent locations acr...

Can Liberals Devise A New “Grassroots” Phenomenon?


published: October 13, 2011


On August 1, 1988, several dozen radio stations across America began broadcasting a revolutionary radio program in which a single individual, with no guests, delivered a veritable monologue of obse...

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Chris Adamo

274 articles
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