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GOP Post Election Introspection Is Needlessly Defensive


published: November 18, 2012


The latest scheme by establishment Republicans to undermine the conservative groundswell of the Tea Party and its stunning victory in the 2010 elections is to flaunt last week’s exit polls as...

Obama Still Desperate To Hide His Waterloo


published: November 04, 2012


Is everyone thoroughly appalled that, almost two months after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the American Consulate in Benghazi, official stories keep changing, blame is still being shifted,...

Thankfully Past The Spectacle of Presidential “Debates”


published: October 28, 2012


In an intellectually honest world, political debates would be entirely about learning the governing philosophy or agenda plans of unknown candidates, and contrasting them against their opponents or...

Liberalism’s Flailing Struggle To Just Survive


published: October 23, 2012


One day prior to the October 16 Obama/Romney debate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton very publicly took “responsibility” for the Benghazi disaster. Though much was made of her willin...

Why America Rejects The Latest “October Surprise”


published: October 14, 2012


A week after the much-heralded Romney/Obama “debate,” the disastrous (for Democrats) polling data keeps rolling in. Mitt Romney has taken the lead nationally, and is likewise pulling ah...

“Mainstream” Media Making A Desperate Last Stand?


published: October 07, 2012


In a particularly noxious September 30 article entitled “Tired Cries of Bias Don’t Help Romney,” New York Times columnist David Carr made a ludicrous effort to deflect conservativ...

Conservatives Should Cheer Romney’s 47 Percent “Gaffe”


published: September 30, 2012


Surprise surprise! Upon news of Mitt Romney’s dismissal of the forty seven percent of voters he expects to remain loyal to Obama “no matter what,” establishment Republicans are ei...

Disastrous Foreign Policy Reflects A Disastrous Presidency


published: September 26, 2012


The “unexpected” nature of the pandemic of chaos throughout the Middle East is really no different than any of the other unanticipated problems now confronting the Obama Administration....

A Dangerous Time For GOP “Pragmatism”


published: September 16, 2012


Once again, a thoroughly distorted version of Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” is being resurrected in a misbegotten effort to “broaden the base” of voters come Election Day...

Two Conventions, Two Irreconcilable World Views


published: September 09, 2012


The Democrat National Convention has opened in Charlotte North Carolina on the heels of a highly successful Republican Convention held the week prior in Tampa, Florida. And despite all attempts by ...

The Man From Wapakoneta


published: September 03, 2012


The middle decades of the last century were time when America desperately needed heroes. As the institutions and beliefs that formed the heritage of the nation were being systematically dismantled ...

Hold The Presses! Romney Disenfranchises Chicago Voters!


published: September 02, 2012


By now, everyone has heard Vice-President Joe Biden’s outrageous and despicable August 14 assertion to a Danville Virginia audience that Republican challengers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan inten...

Myths and Realities of Ryan and Medicare


published: August 20, 2012


Predictably, oh so predictably, the entire liberal/Democrat cabal is responding with phony hysterics to Mitt Romney’s selection of Representative Paul Ryan (R.-WI) as his choice for vice-pres...

“Hate Crimes” Debate Is Entirely Driven By Politics


published: August 12, 2012


The sheer ugliness of liberal political tactics was once again made plain for all to see in the wake of the Aurora Colorado movie theater massacre. True to Rahm Emmanuel’s axiom of never lett...

Rich Liberal Hypocrites!


published: July 29, 2012


I don’t know about you, but I am sick of all the Democratic mud-slinging at Mitt Romney because he is rich. The level of hypocrisy tells me that Obama and his trolls are so bereft of anything...

Obamacare Is Still An Unconstitutional Disgrace


published: July 29, 2012


In the aftermath of last week’s abhorrent Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, many conservatives are inadvertently contributing to the outrage by now referring to it as “constitutional.&...

Liberals Would Criminalize The American Ideal


published: July 29, 2012


Invoking modern parlance, it is reasonable to say that liberals are doing their utmost to make Bain Capital the “new Halliburton.” Though comparatively few people can actually explain ...

Obama’s American Vision: Roads, Bridges, and Shovels


published: July 29, 2012


It is not often that the mindset of the American left is completely unmasked by a single statement, yet that is clearly what Barack Obama accomplished in his July 13 speech in Roanoke Virginia, enc...

Democrat “Damage Control” Has Become An Embarrassment


published: July 01, 2012


Overall, it is probably a good thing that Nancy Pelosi not only stays in the U.S. Congress, but as Minority Leader retains the highest Democrat position in that body. As a result, she remains suffi...

Obama Unmasked Over Time By “Gaffes”


published: June 24, 2012


The liberal media is in full damage control mode, owing to Barack Obama’s latest blunder. Assessing the nation’s ongoing economic struggles during a June 8 press conference, he flatly s...

David Limbaugh Triumphs With “The Great Destroyer”


published: June 17, 2012


At certain pivotal moments in history, societies have needed the contributions of truly great minds to sort through a flood of information and reconstruct it in a manner that can be properly digest...

David Axelrod: Democrats Own Racial Tokenism


published: June 10, 2012


Every so often, prominent liberals unwittingly divulge their true ideology in its raw ugliness. And when that happens, America must sit up and take note. It is not the flowery assurances of “...

Why Obama’s Same-Sex “Marriage” Gamble Backfired


published: May 24, 2012


In what now appears as the worst blunder of Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign (and the entire effort has thus far been less than stellar), he announced on ABC News last week that he ha...

Can Liberals “Wish” Socialist Utopia Into Existence?


published: May 21, 2012


California is in the midst of a monstrous debt crisis, the inescapable result of its leading Democrats having gambled on an annual deficit less than $9.2 billion (an immense sum in itself), but now...

The Artificial Eight Percent Unemployment Rate Is Immaterial


published: May 13, 2012


Liberal media minions are atwitter over the manufactured unemployment statistic which has been steadily lowering in recent months and now approaches the eight percent milestone. Prominent conservat...

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Chris Adamo

274 articles
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