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The Dangers Of Political Equivocation


published: June 23, 2013


Among the most insidious of ruses perpetrated on the American people is the notion that while ideas on the political left and right are starkly different, all are equally valid from one perspective...

Democrat Scandal Strategy: The Cincinnati/Benghazi Connection


published: June 09, 2013


Ongoing revelations of fraud and deceit on the part of the Obama Administration in response to the Benghazi attacks, combined with expanding news of politically motivated abuses of power by the Int...

Wyoming Corruption Disturbingly Reflective of Washington


published: June 02, 2013


The moment the flimsy veneer of Wyoming’s “Republican” political machine is stripped away, its inner workings increasingly reflect the abhorrent abuses that characterize the admin...

Grassroots America Faces A “Lexington” Moment


published: May 27, 2013


For several weeks it has been nearly impossible to remain up to date on the flurry of news stories detailing the outrages committed by members of the Obama Administration against America. Reports o...

Pitfalls of Obama’s Current Political “Perfect Storm”


published: May 19, 2013


In a sane world, Barack Obama would already be facing the prospect of impeachment over his mishandling and subsequent cover-up of the Benghazi fiasco. But in a sane world, an inconsequential Illino...

Ominous Reality Behind Obama’s “Dream” Of Amnesty


published: May 12, 2013


Last Friday, Barack Obama spoke to an approving crowd of young Mexicans at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. As is his way, seeing an opportunity to demean this nation in front of...

Gosnell Trial Reveals Much About America’s Downfall


published: May 05, 2013


In retrospect, it is safe to surmise that had the liberal media been more aware of the facts surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings and the loyalties of Tsarnaev brothers who set the bombs, the s...

Reality Perpetually At Odds With Liberal Agenda


published: April 28, 2013


If any American still doubts that liberal ideology is built entirely upon a foundation of lies and fraud, the news of the past week should put the notion completely to rest. Major events, and in mo...

Shameless Liberal Exploitation of Boston Marathon Bombing


published: April 22, 2013


In the greatness that was once America, when truth prevailed over “political correctness” and justice was an honorable pursuit, the nation’s leaders would have begun by giving the...

Post Election Overreach By Obama And Democrats


published: April 14, 2013


Clearly America’s leftists think that the 2012 elections were a blanket endorsement of liberal ideology. Or at least that is the conclusion they want America to reach. But while the electoral...

Can The Supreme Court Alter Reality?


published: April 07, 2013


Last week the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in the cases of California Proposition 187, which upholds marriage in the Golden State as being between one man and one woman, and DOMA, th...

America Is Not Immune To EU Calamity


published: March 31, 2013


Though relatively few people on Main Street are consumed with anxiety over the unfolding events on Cyprus, a tiny Mediterranean island with a population of barely one million, the chaos there is a ...

Does GOP Establishment Stupidity Have Any Limits?


published: March 24, 2013


Once again, those “moderates” of the Republican Party inner circle are exhibiting a determination to obliterate any lingering shred of credibility left in the GOP. Appearing in the shad...

A Looming Political Firestorm In Wyoming


published: March 10, 2013


While most of the U.S. continues to languish in the four straight years of Obama’s economic quagmire, and small businesses across America brace for the next debilitating phase of Obamacare to...

Sequester Undercuts The Liberal End Game


published: March 03, 2013


It has been a surreal week, beginning with Michelle Obama’s looming appearance on a giant television screen at the Academy Awards to present the Oscar for best picture. As the Friday deadline...

Reaffirming Obama’s Culpability In America’s Downfall


published: February 24, 2013


For the past week Rush Limbaugh has been explaining Barack Obama’s successful strategy of advancing his far-left political agenda while ostensibly keeping his fingerprints off of any specific...

Governor Perry Undercuts Barack Obama’s SOTU Ruse


published: February 17, 2013


Despite all of the leftist hype and contrived anticipation preceding Barack Obama’s 2013 “State of the Union” spectacle, the entire event was monotonously predictable and absolute...

Conservatism And Establishment GOP Becoming Irreconcilable


published: February 10, 2013


In an odd sense, grassroots conservatives owe former Bush political “strategist” Karl Rove a debt of thanks. No friend to conservatives, Rove has announced his intentions of undermining...

Strong GOP Message Requires A Strong GOP


published: February 03, 2013


Immediately on the heels of last November’s elections, the “me too” wing of the Republican Party saw an opportunity to reassert its watered down liberalism as the wave of the futu...

America Faces Tsunami Of Unconstitutional Liberal Governing


published: January 28, 2013


It is somewhat ironic that Barack Obama’s inaugural speech is receiving scrutiny from some conservatives over its general lack of honesty and forthrightness. Of course, those characterization...

The GOP Political Establishment Fiscal Cliff Sellout


published: January 06, 2013


Apparently Republican career politicians inside the Beltway have a collective death wish. Faced with what they believed to be political impasse, they opted to completely abandon their conservative ...

Transparent Political Ruses Sanctioned By Liberal Republicans


published: December 23, 2012


If Conservative America has any real intention of ever making an effective stand against the onslaught of liberalism, now is the time to take note of the Republicans who remain firmly committed to ...

Republicans Cannot Successfully Navigate The Liberal Gauntlet


published: December 16, 2012


Barely a week after the disastrous November 2012 election, Bobby Jindal, the Republican Governor of Louisiana, came down hard on his party, chastising it for poor public relations, and exhorting it...

Democrats Playing Unconscionable Games With “Fiscal Cliff"


published: December 09, 2012


Americans are currently being inundated with panicked talk of the looming “fiscal cliff,” though the specific threats posed by this apocalyptic event are not always clear. And while an ...

Liberal Onslaught Empowered By Republican Timidity


published: December 02, 2012


While conservatives are painfully aware that Barack Obama did in fact win on November 6, the grimness of the current situation is only enhanced by the manner in which the Republican Party has respo...

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Chris Adamo

274 articles
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