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Effectively Confronting The Speech And Religion Nazis


published: January 05, 2014


Real America is understandably abuzz over the Phil Robertson Controversy. Robertson, the patriarch of the Arts and Entertainment Network series “Duck Dynasty,” has been accused of every...

Beware Of Obama’s Liberal Economic Paradigm


published: December 15, 2013


Attempting a retreat from the public relations disaster of Obamacare, Barack Obama has reverted to formerly safer ground. Last week, in a speech at the “Center for American Progress,” a...

Governor Christie’s Vanishing Mystique Is Good News


published: December 15, 2013


Though it is not yet 2014, the Republican “Establishment” is already attempting to determine the party’s candidate for the 2016 presidential election. And their top picks range al...

Liberalism Not Going Away Any Time Soon


published: November 26, 2013


Obamacare continues to manifest itself as a complete fiasco, with the number of people losing their medical coverage vastly outpacing those who have acquired Obamacare insurance. And for those few ...

Ruling Class Tramples “Consent of the Governed”


published: November 18, 2013


A recent outrage committed against the people of Annapolis Maryland embodies a looming threat to the entire American way of self-governance, and should serve as a clarion call to the people of that...

Republicans Should Seize Obamacare’s “Teachable Moment”


published: November 10, 2013


Cindy Vinson of San Jose California should be the new poster child for Republican outreach to young voters. Though at age 60 she is hardly a “youngster,” her plight is characteristic of...

Senator Enzi Strategically Blockades Retreating Democrats


published: November 10, 2013


It may seem excessive to characterize any public figure as “the most prophetic man in America.” However, that is exactly how Megyn Kelly’s interview of Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi w...

Republicans Should Seize Obamacare’s “Teachable Moment”


published: November 03, 2013


Cindy Vinson of San Jose California should be the new poster child for Republican outreach to young voters. Though at age 60 she is hardly a “youngster,” her plight is characteristic of...

GOP Capitulation Turns Into Philosophical Retreat


published: October 29, 2013


In the wake of last week’s spectacular GOP cave on defunding Obamacare, party “moderates” are feeling their oats and attempting a wholesale expulsion of conservatism from the part...

Recognizing The Real Conservative/Liberal Battle Line


published: October 20, 2013


In the wake of George W. Bush’s razor thin 2000 presidential victory, which was secured by barely five hundred votes in the state of Florida, Democrats were livid. Seeing their efforts to ste...

Democrat Hysterics Over The Sequester And Shutdown


published: October 13, 2013


In basic terms, the irreconcilable differences between Republicans and Democrats amount to a groundswell of real conservatism within the Republican Party, which is inherently adverse to the relentl...

Mr. Cruz Goes To Washington


published: October 01, 2013


Note to the Republican Establishment: Surrender is not a strategy, unless your only goal is to lose. The same message should be delivered to those high-paid Republican Party “consultants&rdqu...;

Obamacare: The Ruling Class Versus Real America


published: September 22, 2013


Once again this week, the Beltway Insider class has exhibited its consuming arrogance and total contempt for the people of the American Heartland. As if rational citizens still needed to be convin...

Ugly And Dangerous Realities Of The Counterculture


published: September 15, 2013


Anyone who still naively clings to the notion that the homosexual lobby believes in a “live and let live” society should take a look at recent events in Gresham Oregon. The picture is n...

Why Syria Is Already A Quagmire


published: September 09, 2013


Back in simpler (Shall we say “more honest”?) times, war was a constitutionally defined issue, and America’s involvement in full scale military action was only likely after the Co...

High Time To Stop Dignifying Liberal Fraud


published: September 02, 2013


Among the most infuriating aspects of the leftist/Alinsky strategy is that it has been so effective, given it can only succeed with the tacit participation of its intended victim. On those occasion...

Government Shutdown Myths Needing To Be Debunked


published: August 26, 2013


Senator Ted Cruz (R.-TX) is doing grassroots America an enormous favor on several fronts. By standing resolute in his assertion that Obamacare can and should be defunded, he is showing the way to d...

The Spiritual Element Of America’s Downward Spiral


published: August 18, 2013


The liberal media is in high gear, attempting to convince Americans that their prospects are suddenly rosy. The economy is ostensibly in full rebound mode (again), and the annual federal deficit is...

Corruption In Wyoming Government: Sealing The Deal


published: August 18, 2013


From the moment Wyoming House Speaker Tom Lubnau (R.-Gillette) began orating at the State Republican Central Committee meeting in Casper Wyoming on July 27, he validated every suspicion of his cons...

Obama’s Cavalcade Of Shameless Political Calculations


published: August 04, 2013


Ever since Barack Obama won reelection last November, he and his minions have become increasingly emboldened in their efforts to dismantle this once great nation, and replace it with a broken-down ...

Liz Cheney’s Senate Bid In Perspective


published: August 04, 2013


Someone needs to explain to Liz Cheney that if she is running for the United States Senate in Wyoming, her opponent will be Mike Enzi, the current Republican Senator, and not Barack Obama. Since la...

Lessons To Learn From the “Arab Spring”


published: July 21, 2013


In 1776, the thirteen American colonies declared themselves “free and independent states” and during the decade following emerged victorious against Great Britain in the Revolutionary W...

Machine Politics In Wyoming: America Be Warned!


published: July 07, 2013


Almost daily, America reels from a new affront to the Constitution and the noble principles of the nation’s founding, evoking horrified responses from “We the People” who are cont...

America’s “Changes” Far Outpaced By GOP Establishment


published: June 30, 2013


Even before Barack Obama won reelection last fall, Republican insiders were beginning to chant the mantra that “This is no longer the America of Ronald Reagan.” What they did not expres...

America At The Midnight Hour On Immigration


published: June 23, 2013


With the Supreme Court’s June 17 decision prohibiting the state of Arizona from verifying the citizenship of voters, the reality behind the government charade of preserving the integrity of t...

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Chris Adamo

274 articles
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