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The Global Warming Crescendo Has Passed


published: January 08, 2009


As the cold of winter settles in on the northern hemisphere, all of the hysteria of “global warming,” or its less specific alternative “climate change,” rings increasingly h...

The Liberal Architects of Chaos


published: January 02, 2009


Does it seem that calamity and disorder are on the increase lately? Everything in our nation and world currently gives the impression that it is coming apart at the seams; from those dangerously hi...

Chambliss Victory Refutes Public Break With Conservatism


published: December 05, 2008


Georgia voters validated the Reaganite template for victory once again on December 2. In a runoff election for Senate, incumbent Saxby Chambliss won handily over Democrat challenger Jim Martin, wit...

America Will Suffer Under The Obama Administration


published: November 28, 2008


The rude awakening is already beginning among those Obama supporters who expected any real “change” from this candidate. Other than his ability to fool some with smooth talk, the politi...

The Narrow Path To Reviving Conservatism


published: November 21, 2008


In their typically duplicitous fashion, Republican “moderates” who orchestrated this latest electoral catastrophe are once again blaming the lingering vestige of conservatism in the McC...

The Grim Significance of the 2008 Elections


published: November 13, 2008


Perhaps the most disheartening reaction to the November 4 election of Barack Obama has been the attempt by conservatives to laud his victory as some sort of worthy racial milestone in American hist...

2008 Election Aftermath: Rethinking The “Big Tent”


published: November 07, 2008


As a result of this week’s elections, the Republican minority caucus in the United States Senate currently represents the sole remnant of a “firewall” against an uncontrolled impl...

Joe The Plumber’s Audacity To Hope


published: October 30, 2008


It is a safe bet that Barack Obama will never again engage “Joe the Plumber” or anyone like him in a discussion of policy without “preconditions.” Some things are just too d...

America At The Tipping Point In 2008


published: October 23, 2008


It is by no means severe to point out that if leftists were wise and rational, they would not be leftists. Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union’s first dictator and an icon of the left, aptly des...

Exploding The Myths of “Predatory Lending”


published: October 16, 2008


In a blatant example of political grandstanding rooted in sheer audacity, leaders of the Democrat Party are seeking to gain as much mileage as possible from the nation’s economic woes. Worst ...

The Sarah Palin Paradigm: Real Change


published: October 10, 2008


It is altogether appropriate that last April, when Barack Obama delivered his disparaging commentary in San Francisco about Americans who, in his opinion, “get bitter” and “cling ...

Obama’s “Community Organizer” Experience In Perspective


published: September 26, 2008


A notion frequently advanced by conservatives during this year’s presidential race is that if elected, Barack Obama would not bring any useful experience to the White House as a result of his...

Palin Phenomenon Accelerates Downfall of Old Media


published: September 18, 2008


The 2004 contest between President Bush and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry marked the beginning of the end for the old media monopoly. On the one hand, clumsy media attempts to fabricate a story,...

Palin Attackers Really Aiming At McCain


published: September 11, 2008


It is high time that the mask comes off the ugly face of liberalism. Whenever it collides with reality, all those lofty sounding ideals from the left are revealed to be nothing more than empty rhe...

Gustav’s “Cat Five” Political Spin


published: September 04, 2008


Despite dire warnings that Hurricane Gustav might exceed the 2005 Hurricane Katrina nightmare in terms of damage, lives lost, and overall intensity, this latest storm to strike the Gulf Coast was b...

A New “Cold War” Looms


published: August 28, 2008


Russian President Dimitri Medvedev has floated a not-so-subtle warning of Russia and the West descending into a new “Cold War,” the blame for which he places, in traditional Russian fas...

Defining Good and Evil In 2008 America


published: August 21, 2008


When asked by Rick Warren at the Saddleback forum about his beliefs on when human life begins, Democrat Presidential wannabe Barack Obama obfuscated, finally responding that the answer is “ab...

“New” Energy Reform: Same Old Politics


published: August 15, 2008


Once again, the “greater good” has been served inside the Beltway, “bipartisanship” has broken a stalemate, the rancor over energy policy has ended and, as is always the cas...

Obama Is Europe’s “Vision” For America


published: August 07, 2008


Fawning over Barack Obama as they did during his recent overseas campaign swing, those cheering multitudes of Europeans said much more about themselves than they did about either Illinois Senator a...

The “Fairness” Doctrine: America In The Balance


published: July 24, 2008


Lurking in the gloom of the Democrat agenda is a resuscitation of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” which would allow the federal government, at the behest of liberal special interests...

Apollo 11: American Excellence Remembered


published: July 17, 2008


Sunday July 20, 2008 will likely be a fairly typical summer day in America. People will get up, go to Church, and maybe hold a barbeque in the back yard. Perhaps the more industrious amongst us wil...

Holding Liberals Accountable For Energy Woes


published: July 10, 2008


How long can Congressional Democrats hope to continue their anti-capitalist, anti-American agenda without facing accountability from the voting public? Current indicators are that they intend to ho...

Manifold Dangers Of A Liberal Supreme Court


published: July 03, 2008


As far back as Sun Tzu, military strategists have well understood the concept that victory in war does not require the destruction of one’s enemy, but merely convincing that enemy that destru...

Radical Environmentalism: The “Imperfect Storm”


published: June 27, 2008


Liberals inadvertently delivered a telling message in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In essence, it is the same message they have sent on the heels of every major calamity, whether natural or man-m...

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Chris Adamo

274 articles
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