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HRC-ing Things: Making a mountain out of Hillary


published: April 15, 2011


Now that President Obama has formally announced his candidacy for reelection, speculation has begun swirling about a possible primary challenge from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, despite her ...

Inexact Science: Liberals' words reveal their ignorance


published: March 29, 2011


If there's ever a time that liberals are more dishonest than when they claim to defend the Constitution, it's when they pose as the embodiment of scientific integrity. Because they accuse their con...

Karljacked: Rove's attack against Palin is petty


published: March 10, 2011


If Karl Rove doesn't think Sarah Palin would make a good presidential candidate, he could have made a reasonable case for his point of view, as could be made against any other potential candidate b...

MoveOn Ron: Time to stop humoring Rep. Paul


published: February 21, 2011


During the 2008 Republican presidential primary campaign, Texas congressman Ron Paul repeatedly blamed the 9-11 attacks on America's foreign policy. So why do conservatives continue to tolerate him...

Kermit Gonsell's Guardians: Philly killer had plenty of help


published: February 11, 2011


News accounts of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell have portrayed him as an isolated lunatic, who committed acts so heinous that nobody else in his profession could have dreamt they were happ...

Rare, As In Bloody: Abortion booms in blue states


published: January 28, 2011


As every good liberal pretends to know, the cause of high abortion rates is religious conservatives' refusal to cooperate with "family planning" advocates, toward the supposedly common go...

Wussy, Heal Thyself: Rendell's rant misses the point


published: January 08, 2011


At last, outgoing Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell has started making sense. Too bad he's only talking about football. Upset by the postponement of the December 26th Philadelphia Eagles-Minnesota ...

Total WMD-nial: No amount of evidence is ever enough


published: December 31, 2010


The existence of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction has been verified by many sources that liberals would normally find unimpeachable, including Saddam himself, the United Nations Monitor...

Another Ameripology: Obama sends regrets to UNHRC


published: November 25, 2010


In keeping with his stated intention to improve America's standing in the world, Barack Obama decided that the U.S. would join the United Nations Human Rights Council. According to the rules, each ...

The Fatwa Earth Society: Keeping the greenies in line


published: November 01, 2010


A four-minute promotional film called "No Pressure" by a British environmentalist group called "The 10:10 Foundation" has generated outrage among conservatives and other non-der...

Obama In Orbit: Prez views USA from a distance


published: October 12, 2010


Whenever he's presented with an opportunity to remark upon the War on Terror, President Obama sounds less like the leader of the free world than like a dispassionate literary theoretician. In an i...

Hating Humanity: Is your child the next James Lee?


published: September 17, 2010


News accounts described James Lee, the man who stormed the offices of Discovery Communications, as an isolated extremist, and his online manifesto as rambling and incoherent. Neither of these is tr...

Stem Cell Snake Oil: Dems deceive the disabled


published: September 02, 2010


Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett wants to delay the finding of a cure for his wheelchair-bound brother-in-law. Does that sound like an outrageous thing to say? Then why is there no out...

O, Really?: Obama invents an Islamic-American past


published: August 21, 2010


In his August 13th remarks observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, President Obama told a dining room full of applauding Muslim guests that "Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always be...

Compact Trash: Nix the National Popular Vote


published: August 05, 2010


From first glance at its website, one could easily mistake the National Popular Vote organization for a collection of Tea Party activists. Between all the quotations from, and images of, the U.S. C...

Beyond Presumptuous: Assuming a BP-Lockerbie link


published: July 19, 2010


Congressional Democrats have scheduled hearings to start on July 29th, on a possible connection between British-based oil giant BP and the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al-Megra...

Nincompassion: Lockerbie snafu weakens the West


published: July 13, 2010


Critics of the War on Terror claim that our military is "creating more terrorists" by fighting back against them, but the thing that really sustains our enemies is their belief that Weste...

Busybodies, Lazy Minds: Obama declares war on sloth


published: July 01, 2010


Just when you were probably convinced that liberal Democrats didn't believe in property rights, President Obama demonstrates that they do. The catch is that from his perspective, the property is yo...

Weighing Anger: Obama's contrived combustibility


published: June 13, 2010


Like so much of what goes on in politics these days, President Obama's recent campaign of calculated anger calls to mind The Flintstones. In one particular episode, Fred has some Swedish musicians ...

Vacancy On The Court: Liberals need no credentials


published: May 31, 2010


The flimsy resume of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has led pundits on both sides of the political aisle to ask whether she will become the next Harriet Miers, referring to the Bush nominee who ...

Megyn A Weak Case: Fox's Kelly defends Ginsburg


published: May 20, 2010


When Bill O'Reilly said, "I don't think Ruth Bader Ginsburg cares a whit about the Constitution," he was only stating the obvious. Maybe that's what made Fox News legal analyst Megyn Kell...

Donkey Schoen: Dems' Nazi charge gives foes ammo


published: May 09, 2010


Lacking any rational explanation for their belief that illegal aliens should be treated as pseudo-citizens, Democrats have resorted to a shallow comparison between Arizona's new immigration law and...

Freeload Riders: EU calls vacations a human rights


published: April 30, 2010


"Give me a ski weekend in the Alps, or give me death!" If Patrick Henry has any descendants in modern-day Europe, they may be saying things like that. At least if they're as daffy and pre...

Insidious Incorporation: No need to "extend" gun rights


published: April 16, 2010


In the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago, the Supreme Court is expected to "incorporate" the Second Amendment, meaning it will take a provision from the U.S. Constitution, and apply it ...

A Choice Example: In defense of killing children


published: March 11, 2010


A Port Charlotte, Florida deputy and a pair of bystanders are now being treated as heroes, for having stopped a woman from drowning her two children in a pond. Well, where do they get off? Nobody ...

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Daniel Clark

139 articles
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Daniel Clark is a writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While earning an M.A. in English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the mid-90s, he had weekly opinion and sports columns published in the independent student newspaper. In 1999, he created a web publication called The Shinbone: The Frontier of the Free Press, for which he has written on a wide array of topics, but with a particular emphasis on the need to return to a literal interpretation of the Constitution. He is now a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.



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