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Lisa Fabrizio's Past Articles

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Truth and Heresy


published: July 23, 2009


What faithful, practicing Catholic does not cringe when he hears the Kennedys referred to as “one of the United States' most prominent Roman Catholic families?” Why not single out say, ...

Polling the Constitution


published: July 16, 2009


Once again all those who pay attention to national politics turn their eyes to Washington to witness the Senate confirmation hearings of a U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee. Now, it is to be assum...

Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly


published: July 09, 2009


Lots of folks were astounded and confounded by Sarah Palin’s sudden announcement that she was resigning her post as the Governor of Alaska a year and a half early. While the reaction from the...

The Gilded Age


published: July 02, 2009


Having concluded my nuptial celebration last week, my new hubby and I embarked on a short but welcome retreat up the Hudson River in New York. We chose a small hotel in the hamlet of Rhinecliff wit...

Runs, Hits and Errors


published: June 18, 2009


This past week saw the second round of Interleague baseball and, as usual here in the New York metro area, the sparks as well as the horsehide were flying as the Yankees and Mets faced off. Now, I&...

An American Quiz


published: June 11, 2009


Is it all over in America? This is a question which has been asked, I suppose, since its founding. It is reported that when Ben Franklin was asked after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, if Am...

The Hits Just Keep on Coming


published: June 03, 2009


Having returned to these fair shores after an overseas trip, the end of which culminated in a total of 13 hours of flight time, it was with a general sense of relief and peace that I betook myself ...

Horsehide Hangover


published: May 27, 2009


When you’re out of the country as I was for the past two weeks, no matter how wonderful your destination or how glorious the sites you visit there, some homesickness tends to creep in. In my ...

Shine the Light


published: May 08, 2009


With the coming defection of Arlen Specter to his rightful place in the Democratic Party, all of the talk has centered on how far ‘to the right’ the Republican Party has moved, how the ...

Speaking Truth to Power


published: May 01, 2009


Some years ago, a priest friend of mine suggested that the legalization of same-sex marriage might be even more morally harmful to our nation than the scourge of abortion. How, I wondered at the ti...

A Fateful Trip


published: April 23, 2009


Only mere months into the Obama presidency and already my head is spinning. Massive chasms of debt, class warfare in the streets, government takeovers of private industry and servile shows of &lsqu...;

Barack Obama: A Blessing For Catholics?


published: April 16, 2009


In the 1960s, the American Catholic Church, like the rest of the nation, underwent a period of tremendous upheaval. Proceeding from, though not limited to, the willful misinterpretation of the Seco...

If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Strasbourg


published: April 09, 2009


Barack Obama is now in the second week of his second overseas tour in less than a year. Not content with being the President of the United States it seems, the chosen one has seen fit to share his ...

Spring Ahead


published: April 02, 2009


(Please refrain from following links until reading the note at the end of this piece.) They say it’s always darkest just before the dawn and that every cloud has a silver lining. It’s ...

The MTV President


published: March 26, 2009


In America, those who exude a certain type of attraction or charisma are often christened with the sobriquet of ‘rock star’. For those of us who’ve outgrown the allures of the bra...

Clerical Errors


published: March 19, 2009


Last week I wrote about the bold incursion against the Catholic Church launched by Connecticut lawmakers who sought to wrest parish financial control from the hands of its bishops and pastors. Than...

Power, Politics and Freedom of Religion


published: March 13, 2009


The history of the Catholic Church in the state of Connecticut has never been pretty. Until 1818, the Congregational Church was the official religion, and the few Catholics who lived in the state w...

Crossing the Delaware


published: March 05, 2009


Despite the temporary elation delivered by a Rush Limbaugh pep talk at CPAC, conservative morale is at an all-time low. Painfully aware of the hold that Obamania has over the media and therefore th...

Apology Psychology


published: February 19, 2009


In the past few weeks we have been treated to a flurry of national apologies. Foul and foolish deeds of various degrees of severity have been owned-up to across the fruited plain. It is a paradox t...

Knitting the Defeat of Capitalism


published: February 12, 2009


In these recessional times, it is often uncomfortable to watch TV or read the newspapers; especially when we recognize that our fellow citizens are too often influenced by the propaganda that daily...

Sacred Secularism


published: February 05, 2009


Many folks have pointed out that Barack Obama has been treated by his supporters in and out of the media like a new messiah, the savior, the chosen one. Many other folks, including me, thought that...

March Toward Life


published: January 29, 2009


Last week, hundreds of thousands of Americans made their way to Washington, DC, thronging its stately streets and avenues with messages of love and hope. They came from diverse backgrounds and repr...

Hooray for Hollywood


published: January 23, 2009


My friend Ken, the innkeeper at my favorite bar is a big movie fan as am I, but while 99% of my favorites were made before 1950, he still forks over big bucks to sit in tiny theaters and have his e...

George W. Bush, Winner


published: January 16, 2009


Friends, Americans, conservatives; lend me your ears. I come to praise George W. Bush, not to bury him; I’ll leave that to our famously unbiased media. Now that the eight years of his preside...

Non Compos Mentis


published: January 08, 2009


Now that the new year is officially upon us, the time for reflection is over and it behooves us to look ahead. Normally, human nature bids us to do this with hope in our hearts, but to no one&rsquo...;

Lisa  Fabrizio Articles

Lisa Fabrizio

147 articles
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