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The Gales of November


published: March 13, 2010


As each day goes by, the ink of the headlines themselves seem to grow darker in bold desperation; “The Time to Debate Healthcare is Over,” declares President Obama. But what, you may as...

The Perils of Progress


published: February 24, 2010


For months we’ve been bombarded from both sides of the political aisle with the idea that when it comes to healthcare, and nearly anything else in Washington, that our most pressing need is t...

The Summer Game


published: February 19, 2010


Now that the NFL season is thankfully behind us with all of its macho violence and general inanity, we can finally look forward to the end of winter. While I was surprised at the number of folks wh...

Super Bowl Beefs


published: February 11, 2010


I’m as big a sports fan as the next person when it comes to my favorite teams. And I’ve had some good luck rooting for the Yankees and my homestate Huskies of UCONN. On the other hand, ...

Who Are These People?


published: January 28, 2010


Short months ago, on that historic night in November 2008, liberals dared to dream that their intention to reshape the country in the image of the modern Democratic Party would soon come to fruitio...

Are Some Americans More Equal Than Others?


published: January 21, 2010


All men are created equal. This was the noble sentiment expressed by our founders at the birth of our nation; a statement of a religious truth yes, but also a profound hope that it might someday be...

The Catholic Case for Immigration Reform


published: January 14, 2010


Servant of God, Bishop Fulton Sheen, once said,  ":There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive t...

Tinseltown Nostalgia


published: January 07, 2010


Now that the holidays are over, many of us must return to the wintery world of work without the warmth of those lucky enough to holiday in Hawaii. Despite its being either the beginning of a new de...

Nuptial Disagreements


published: December 17, 2009


The latest allegations by numerous women involved in the Tiger Woods flap took many folks by surprise, including me. I bought into his external show of gentlemanliness and thought that he might be ...

Yes, Virginia


published: December 10, 2009


When we talk, as we are forced to do every year, about the ‘war on Christmas’, we generally focus on the efforts of the ACLU and their ilk to continue their assaults on the symbols of t...

The Lady and the Tiger


published: December 03, 2009


So a man and his wife have some kind of falling out late in the evening after a long and claustrophobic Thanksgiving Day and he, in a pique of frustration, grabs the car keys and makes a beeline fo...

Plain Talk


published: November 25, 2009


Today’s world can be quite a confusing place. It was only short decades ago that everyone woke up in the morning and knew exactly who and what they were. If you were lucky enough to wake up i...

We Win, They Lose


published: November 12, 2009


Another week in the life of our nation sweeps by, and with it comes more evidence that the gloom and doom which has enveloped conservatives for the past year may finally be lifting. It’s not ...

Scouting Report


published: November 05, 2009


When the first nip of chill is in the air and the trees become enflamed with the beauty of God’s love, one’s mind naturally turns to baseball; specifically the World Series. Yes, baseba...

The Friend of My Enemy is Whom?


published: October 15, 2009


They say you are known by the company you keep and boy, what a rollercoaster ride the past few months have been for President Obama and friends. It started during the campaign with revelations of t...



published: October 08, 2009


One of the few good upshots of the thrashing conservatives took on Election Day 2008 is that we now get to be on offense nearly all the time; to challenge the Democrats by holding their feet to the...



published: October 01, 2009


Short months ago, the first real taste of warm weather blew gently across the Northeast and the sight of blossoming trees with their explosions of brilliant color provided a great remedy for the wi...



published: September 24, 2009


Last week, former president Jimmy Carter, sounding much like a man desperate to reclaim his relevance in a world that’s passed him by, told NBC News: “I think an overwhelming portion of...

The Limits of Self-Hate


published: September 10, 2009


It started decades ago in this country; the hammering away at the notion that ours is a noble and commendable history. From the demonization of Christopher Columbus and our founding fathers to the ...

Teddy Kennedy: History Lessons


published: September 04, 2009


In the wake of the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, many verbal monuments have been erected to his memory. During the days-long outburst of love from a truly grieved national media, we were treated...

A Tribute to Martha


published: August 27, 2009


It was often said of George W. Bush that he was one of the most polarizing figures in this country. Of course, this was said mostly by his enemies and referred either to the circumstances surroundi...

Man Bites Dog


published: August 20, 2009


The strange and sad case of Michael Vick got a bit stranger this week when the newly-signed Eagles quarterback appeared on 60 Minutes--complete with a spokesman from the Humane Society of the Unite...

Beltway buzzwords


published: August 16, 2009


It has been difficult to decipher some of the Beltway buzzwords in use now that Democrats are in firm control of our national government. Of course it’s understandable that in attempting to s...



published: August 05, 2009


News was made last week in the sleepy village of Cooperstown, NY at the annual induction ceremonies at the Baseball Hall of Fame. As the former stars of the game made the interview rounds afterward...

Calling All New Americans


published: July 30, 2009


The news from Washington, DC has not been good for the president and his party this week. With his personal approval numbers dipping below 50 per cent for the first time since his election, public ...

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Lisa Fabrizio

147 articles
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