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Title: Political Correctness: Tool of Marxism

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 01 23, 2012

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The List of 45 reveals the communist goals Marxists have pursued to facilitate the internal collapse of Western civilization. In the process, though the Soviet Union fell, they have not let up on their work to take over the U.S., and the rest of the West, from within. The internal madness has been supported in the United States by the democrat party. Through liberalism they are using political correctness to deepen the Marxist hold on America.

It is not difficult to realize that Political Correctness goes hand in hand with Marxism. Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. A politically correct society handcuffs free speech and free press, fuels thought control, and compromises a traditional social order for a more controlled system ruled over by an elite political oligarchy.

The origins of political correctness goes back to the early rumblings of Marxism, with the aim to destroy the Western Culture. It is the goal of the Marxists to penetrate every aspect of Western Culture.

To infiltrate the West the Marxists needed to translate Marxism into economic and cultural terms. The way to do this was to first destroy the moral foundations of the West, for as noted before in history, nations like the United States were great because they were good. Therefore, morality is the enemy of Marxism.

The Marxists assumed that the first world war, because of the anger of the people against the ruling governments, would lead to the workers rising up in revolution in Europe. Instead, the people united within their sovereign nations to fight the enemy. The people were not ready for the wave of communism the Marxists thought was ready to sweep through the West. In 1917 they received their revolution, but it remained contained in Russia.

A Marxist revolution throughout the rest of Europe and the United States would have to be forced through a series of incremental changes to society, including the destruction of a belief system that believed in an authority higher than government. . .Christianity.

Political Correctness emerged as the ideological offspring of The Frankfurt School, as well as from two Marxist theorists, Antonio Gramsci in Italy and Georg Lukacs in Hungary.

Wilhelm Reich, one of the early members of the Frankfurt school, wrote a book entitled The Authoritarian Personality. The book promoted the idea “that the presence in a society of Christianity, capitalism, and the patriarchal-authoritarian family created a character prone to racial prejudice and German fascism.” In other words, everything Western is necessarily prejudiced.

This kind of propaganda is part of the reason that American liberals and Europeans think that fascism, such as Nazism, is right-wing, when in reality the political structure and ideological make-up of fascism is much more like left-wing socialism.

To eliminate the non-Marxist political systems, Reich taught that “the patriarchal social structure would be replaced with matriarchy; the belief that men and women are different and properly have different roles would be replaced with androgyny; and the belief that heterosexuality is normal would be replaced with the belief that homosexuality is ‘normal’.”

But how could such a belief system be initiated? How could the Marxists change the moral makeup of an entire society?

Through the power of the State, which would increase incrementally through regulatory moves designed with the best of intentions to protect the good of the community, an idea of true equality would be initiated. Destroy “all barriers to the introduction of more women and minorities throughout the power structure’.” Then demonize any and all that dare to stand in the way of such "progress." Do so through the threat of lawsuits, intimidation, and a propaganda war against white males, labeling them all as racists and sexists.

One way to achieve this aim was by gaining a foothold in the West's popular media and academia. In other words, teach the youth the party line, and then use the younger generation to silence the older generation through a technique we now call Political Correctness.

What would eventually emerge, hoped the Marxists, is a society where an individual could be arrested for proclaiming sodomy to be a sin, or could be fired from a teaching position for daring to discuss God in or out of the classroom.

As for those two Marxist theorists I mentioned earlier, they also set to work on changing the non-Marxist cultures through strategies that included the destruction of Christianity, and the implementation into society of Political Correctness.

Marxist theorist Georg Lukacs in Hungary believed that society was unable to embrace Marxism because the people were blinded by Western culture, and particularly from Christianity. He said in 1919, "Who will save us from Western Civilization?", theorizing that the greatest obstacle of Marxism was the culture of Western civilization itself.

As the deputy commissar for culture in Hungary in 1919 he introduced sex education into the Hungarian schools as a move to begin the dismantling of the moral and Christian culture that stood in the way of Marxism.

Felix Weil funded a think-tank in 1923 Germany that worked on a plan to translate Marxism from economic to cultural terms, creating Political Correctness as we know it today. Realizing it was not to their advantage to be openly identified as Marxist, the concepts used other titles, and the organization was named The Institute for Social Research. As he wrote in 1971, it was his goal for the institute to contribute to Marxism, and someday be known for it.

One of the methods used to introduce political correctness was through psychology. Director Max Horkheimer was very interested in Sigmund Freud, and combined the Marxist effort with Freudism. This way the Marxists could infiltrate academia and medicine, creating studies departments that were branches of their "Critical Theory." The theory was to criticize, and ultimately to bring down, the West, Christianity, Capitalism, and anything else that stood in the way of Marxism.

Through these techniques they also worked on changing the definitions of society. Marxism became progressive, and progressivism became the drive for a free society. The existing society was redefined as a repressive capitalistic economic order, and religion was redefined as being an authoritarian system ruled over by an oppressive, and imaginary, god.

Everything became a personal right, and to achieve your rights you had to become superior to that which you were critical of. Feminism was encouraged to dominate the oppressive male society, and so forth.

Introduced in the 1930s was the sexual element of political correctness, where gender neutrality was taught. Sexual liberation, where masculinity and femininity was seen as sexual stereotyping, emerged. Sexual differences were taught as being a construct of the evil Western society. We see such madness today, such as in the recent story about a child whose gender was kept secret until recently, at the age of five, because the lesbian parents feared gender stereotyping.

Man's domination of nature was also addressed, placing an emphasis on environmentalism as being a dimension of the battle against materialism, and a way to control society through various environmental regulations, as well as placing "the love of nature" above God himself. The Marxists elevate themselves to God's level as planet changers, and planet savers. To dare speak out against "saving the planet" becomes yet another technique of "political correctness" that can be used to shape the culture, and teach the people to become communitarians under a Marxist system, rather than individuals under a capitalistic system.  Through this process of political correctness, the existing capitalistic system is continuously demonized as being one of greed, profit, and materialism. Success is looked down upon, and wealth is viewed as being near criminal.

The boost political correctness received to launch it into today's society occurred in the 1960s, during the student rebellions against the Vietnam War.  Searching for concepts they could use to oppose the U.S. Government with, Marxism wormed its way in. Based on concepts in the book "Eros and Civilization," philosophies that taught of the dangers of the capitalistic order emerged. Using Freudian principles, it was argued that the oppressive order was repressing liberation, and freedom could only be reached through a sexual revolution where eros and libido were liberated. The "if it feels good, do it" mantra rose from the protests, and "doing your own thing" became the call for a world of "polymorphous perversity."

Make Love, Not War.

Daring to criticize those freedoms was deemed by the rebellious youth as being immoral, and against the "rights" of the protesters.

Political Correctness then drew the ideological lines. Either you buy in to the insanity, or you recognize the attempt, through political correctness, to insert the "power of the state" into our society. Hate Crimes reach so far into our freedoms as to criminalize unacceptable political thoughts. Affirmative Action is a part of it. The Gay Rights Agenda is using it. Anyone that dares dissent from Political Correctness is ridiculed into silence, or threatened with legal action. In the name of Political Correctness, the very freedoms we fight to keep will be taken from us, and because it is through Political Correctness, we shrug it off as "the right thing to do."

After all, we don't want to offend anybody, right?

Welcome to Marxism in America.

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"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas; (1884-1968) six-time U.S. Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. Source: 1948 - from an interview during the presidential campaign. Norman Thomas and Gus Hall, the U.S. Communist Party Candidate, both quit American politics, agreeing that the Republican and Democratic parties had adopted every plank of the Communist/Socialist agenda and they no longer had an alternate party platform on which to run.



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