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The Silent Sorority

by: lisa fabrizio | published: 03 26, 2012

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For years, there has existed in America what came to be known in the 1960s as ‘the silent majority’. This referred to the great number of folks who did not take to the streets in protest or demand special rights, but simply went about their business every day, which was driving the engine of the American Way. Some of them eventually morphed into the more vocal Reagan Democrats, while now, many of them are silent no more through participation in the Tea Party movement. But there is still a group of people who are not often heard from and I’m one of them. In a word, I’m a woman who’s sick of women; liberal women, that is.

Night after night, week after week and year after year we must be subjected to the strident voices of these women complaining. Their hypocritical yelps include, but are by no means limited to; complaints about the ‘glass ceiling’ while fully availing themselves of corporate Affirmative Action; complaints about discrimination while bullying men with legislation like Title IX; complaints about the lack of paid daycare while simultaneously advocating for abortion; and complaints about their treatment as ‘sex objects’ while at the same time, lobbying for license to irresponsible sex via free contraception. All of this makes me very, very angry.

I’m angry first and foremostly with feminists and their male enablers who decided that, in seeking freedom from domestic servitude, they would instead make women slaves to sex and the burdens of earning a living. For determining that women could and should be free to assume the position as sole head of the household, to raise children alone as if men were a disposable commodity; as if the appellation, “the weaker sex,” was not both true and the watchword for a more tender form of treatment from our male counterparts.

I’m angry at Woodrow Wilson, the progressive ‘genius’ who gave us the idea of a “living Constitution,” along with the Federal Reserve, the income tax and worst of all, women’s voting rights. Let me state for the record, that I am in absolute favor of repealing the Nineteenth Amendment—yes, you heard me right—along with all others that presumed to speak where the Constitution was deliberately silent in order to preserve the sovereignty of the individual states. More than anything else, the advent of women’s suffrage planted the idea that wives would and should have different dreams and goals than their husbands, thus creating a rift that only widens as the years roll by.

I’m angry at the way Hollywood portrays women, with a condescending and hypocritical attitude that at once praises us—particularly our black sisters—as innately all knowing and all powerful, while at the same time insisting that we must be drop-dead gorgeous; equally able to avenge ourselves against our male oppressors while balancing on spiked heels. Yes, we must be depicted as the fantasies of both man-hating feminists and 13 year-old boys.

Most of all, I’m angry at the majority of my fellow women who refuse to break out of their politically correct chains and stand up for themselves by refusing to be put into the molds their liberal sisters have so malevolently have formed for them; allowing groups like NOW and NARAL to speak for them as representative of all women. It’s time for this silent sorority to loudly proclaim that we actually want to be wives and mothers and are proud of it; that we are enjoy being career women who have no problem coexisting with, and even liking our male co-workers, rather than seeing them as ‘the enemy’.

They can start by repeating after me: No, I don’t want free contraception, or any other benefits of so-called reproductive rights foisted on me by government mandate, thank you. I don’t want to hear intimate relations between man and wife referred to as “performance,” nor do I want to buy any aids or drugs that will prolong sexual activity when nature says it’s time to stop and concentrate on the things that are really important in life. I refuse to dress like a high school tease when I reach my 60’s, further demeaning the traditional dignity of virtuous womanhood.

I love my Church, my family and my country and have no problem being ‘merely’ the mother, sister or wife of those who lead and defend them, as have generations of American women before me. I don’t want to be told, against all proofs of nature and scientific advancement, that a fetus is nothing but tissue that will, if not killed, become anything other than my fellow human being. I don’t desire any power over my husband save that of love. I don’t want him to view me as a professional rival or political enemy; I want him to love, honor and protect me in order that I may love, honor and support him in all that he does.

I demand nothing else from men in general except to be treated as a lady; provided of course that I act like one. And if any or all of this makes my liberal sisters angry, that makes me very, very happy.

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