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The historic Democrat slap down

by: marsha west | published: 11 04, 2010

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We won. By the end of the night on Nov. 2 we experienced one of the largest Republican tidal waves to hit Capitol Hill in over 6 decades. Now conservatives are unapologetically celebrating our victories in the House, Senate and governor’s races. Conservative values won big!

Still, a little humility is in order.

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? -- Micah 6:8

Minority Leader John Boehner, who will more than likely become the next Speaker of the House, understands this. He told an exuberant crowd, "This is not a time for celebration. We can celebrate when we have a government that has earned back the trust of the people it serves...when we have a government that honors our Constitution and stands up for the values that have made America, America."

Earning the trust of the people it serves will be no easy task. We have become jaded. We are disgusted with politics as usual and politicians who are supposed to represent us. Few in Congress are watching our backs. Instead we watch them spend our hard earned tax dollars on government programs we neither want nor need, and on what many of us find abhorrent -- the federal funding of abortion, for example. Those who ask us to trust them have proven themselves untrustworthy. They are out of touch with those who elected them. Will they regain our trust, our respect, our support? Only time will tell.

Boehner seems to get the mood of the people. He vowed, "The people's priorities will be our priorities, and the people's agenda will be our agenda. This is our pledge to America, and this is our pledge to you."

The GOP victory aside, the progressives/liberals/Marxists that have been running the show have heard the Tea Party’s message loud and clear: We the People are taking America back!

Make no mistake. What happened on Nov 2 was a mandate against the Left’s attempt to fundamentally transform our great nation.

Tea Party and social conservatives helped to re-establish Republicans as the party of fiscal responsibility and family values. The anti-establishment grass roots movement flexed its muscles and took their message to the people: limited government…stop out-of –control spending…cease raising our taxes—we want to keep more of what we earn…restore the Constitution…restore America to a place of honor.

Social conservatives added their own message: Return God to the public square… restore family values…cherish all life—even life in the womb…protect marriage: one man, one woman. The movement was joined by conservative talk-radio hosts (too numerous to name), Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe, Sal Russo, Sen. Jim DeMint, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Joseph Farah, the religious right, and conservative bloggers. In the end We the People voted for the party that the Democrat leadership branded the ‘Party of No.’ And they’re right! Conservative Republicans are the party of: No more taxes! No more out-of-control spending! No more unemployment lines! No more deficits! No more entitlements! No more Obamacare! No more illegal immigration! No more nationalizing corporations! No cap and trade! No European-style socialism! On Nov. 2, 2010 the Party of No sashayed to the polls and voted No! on Barack Obama’s radical left-wing agenda. It would behoove the president to listen to the voters.

On his radio broadcast on Wednesday, Mark Levin pointed out that (paraphrased): There’s a silent revolution going on in America. It is a response to the five decade counter revolution of the Left. And now the People are standing up for the principles of the American Revolution. We are standing up to our enemies.

“The message to both parties was clear,” wrote Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, “this is what happens when you waste our time on priorities America doesn't share. If Republicans are smart, they'll see these victories--not as an endorsement of their leadership, but a repudiation of Obama's. At its core, this is a center-right country where things like "hope" and "change" are still measured against our greatest ideals. It's still a place where freedom matters more than "progress." Where faith is fought for, not against. And where standing for life means not standing alone. Voters are looking to the GOP to take us--not down the path of least resistance--but the road less traveled.”

The economy and jobs dominated the headlines the day after the defeat of Democrats, but according to some exit polls around 60% of voters said America is on the wrong track because of the decline of moral values. According to a poll conducted by Campaign for Working Families:

“53% of voters want to end abortion-on-demand, and by a whopping 18-point margin voters were more likely to vote against a candidate who supported same-sex “marriage.” Sixty-one percent were more likely to oppose a candidate who endorsed the Ground Zero mosque.”

There is no reason for the GOP to feel compelled to compromise with the Democrats on any of this. They must be reminded that the people are in no mood for compromise. We must hold their feet to the fire. They must be reminded:

“In a fell swoop, the once-powerful Blue Dog caucus of conservative House Democrats was reduced from 54 members to 26 in Tuesday’s midterm election.” (It is worthy of note that the Republican caucus in the next Congress will be more conservative, and the Democrat caucus will more liberal.)

Yes, the mid-term election was a great victory for Republicans. But not everywhere. In Massachusetts, for example, Republicans lost all statewide and Congressional races. Their only significant victory came in the House, where they doubled their representation but remain in the minority. Many conservatives are saying that the Republican establishment’s RINO strategy is a big part of 2010 election failures in some of the top state races.

But in spite of its losses the Tea Party is energized by the outcome. “We succeeded far beyond what anybody would have predicted. We’ve completely changed the complexion of American politics,” said Sal Russo, founder of the Tea Party Express.

We the People came through like gangbusters. We fought the Left’s powerful political machine and won. At the end of the day the Washington fat cats are the big losers.



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    brian m

    for 30 years us dems have been getting our butts kicked all over the ring. not because we have not done great things, but because we have not been able to explain it to the american voters. when you ask a republican what they stand for they say "less taxes, smaller government, and cutting spending" if you ask the same question to a democrat you get a rambling all over the place answer that makes no sense to anyone.

    I have given this MUCH thought and i have developed a republicanesque answer to the question what democrats stand for. I hope you will give it a listen and let me know what you think of it.

    ps. Democrats ARE for a government of whatever size is required to protect its citizens and make their lives better, and we ARE for spending to rebuild our crumbling nation....we need to STOP being so damn afraid to say so. we are so terrified that if we say we want a government to do things for us or we want to spend to build that some super force will show up and kill us all.....the truth is MOST people are for what we are for, we just have not been able to explain it in a way that will be video does that.

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