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Super Committee Not So Super. . . As Planned

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 11 24, 2011

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When the 12 member super committee was dreamed up by Obama and his freakish liberal zombies in Washington, there was no intention for the "bi-partisan" group to pull off the spending cuts that they were tasked with figuring out. The triggers were supposedly put into place to encourage them to do their job, but in reality failure is exactly what the liberal democrats wanted. The trigger gives them a chance to gut the military, and cut programs like medicare. . . for the soul purpose of blaming the republicans and touting their belief that we dearly need Obamacare.

As planned by the Left, the super committee failed to make cuts necessary to balance the budget. The democrats will proclaim that without their guidance after such a blunder by the super committee America will spiral out of control under increasing debt - despite the fact that the majority of that debt came under their watch.

The super committee was supposed to come up with a plan to cut $1.2 trillion out of the budget, which is not only a mere dent in what really needs to be cut, but isn't true cuts anyway. What they call cuts is simply reductions in spending that hasn't been spent yet.

Failure means either the triggers hammer what shouldn't be hammered, or Congress can do what it usually does and go back on its word. . . in other words, go back on the legislation that they wrote just a few months ago.

After two months of talks, all the members of the panel has managed to do is get on television talk shows, and blame each other for the failure.

What did you expect? They're politicians!

The liberal angle, of course, is to blame republicans for failing to be willing to raise taxes - or more specifically: for refusing to stick it to the wealthiest Americans, who tend to also be the producers, achievers, and job creators.

As if they expected any different. It is kind of a part of the republican platform to reduce taxes, not raise them.

The problem is, the liberal democrats are communitarians. They place the community above the individual, which is why they throw around phrases like "shared sacrifice" and "common good."

That is communal thinking, or as the Founding Fathers called it, utopianism.

Today's word for that is communism.

The problem is that this isn't just the fault of the democrats. The republican establishment is big government too. The liberal infiltration of the last hundred plus years has gotten the republican establishment to the point that in many ways, they are hardly unlike their brethren across the aisle. And yes, they like to spend money like it is going out of style too!

The committee, and government as a whole, can't find money to cut because they can't stop themselves from spending money unconstitutionally. It is like a habit, a dirty filthy spending habit. Maybe we should send them to SA - Spenders Anonymous.

Some of them were so sure that they would make a deal that they didn't care about the automatic cuts. . . but the leftists expected failure, and desire the triggers to go into play. Now that the super committee has failed, Washington politicians want to go back on the legislation that they passed and block the automatic cuts.

"Ooops," they seem to be saying, "we didn't really mean it. Just kidding."

My kids lied to me better than that when they were little, and trying to blame each other for whatever it was.

The triggers include nearly $500 billion in defense cuts (The Pentagon is the bulls eye), and an equal amount of domestic dollars.

And they know dang-well that these cuts could hurt their reelection chances. . . because for the politicians, that is what it is all about. They could care less about fixing the problem.

Kick the can down the road, and get reelected.

"I have no doubt that there will be efforts to turn it off," said Maya MacGuineas, president of the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. "Never underestimate the willingness of politicians to try to avoid making some of the hard choices."

Did you notice that no cuts on entitlement programs have been suggested? Isn't that where the hard choices should have begun?

The cowards of Washington can't break their spending habit. They say they spend too much, they admit they have a problem, but they won't stop doing it - and then they increase the spending some more.

These Washington cesspool addicts don't even understand the real crux of it all. They swore an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution, yet nearly all of their out-of-control spending is unconstitutional. . . and they either don't realize it, or they don't care.

I assume the latter.

They won't make the cuts necessary to get America back on track because that would mean they would have to abide by the limiting principles of the U.S. Constitution, and God knows they won't dare bring themselves to do something like that. Abiding by the Constitution, after all, would reduce their power - something political elitists can never bring themselves to do.

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    Merry H..

    It should be an honor to work as a Congressman or a Senator. This job should be a term limited position without retirement pay for life.

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