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School Bans Best Friends To Protect Children's Feelings

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 03 26, 2012

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In Merry Ol' England the drive to not offend, or allow anybody to suffer the horrible consequence of hurt feelings, has reached an even more ridiculous height of insanity. With the socialist idea of collectivism urging on the mind-numbed followers of repackaged Marxism, in British schools children in elementary schools are being encouraged to only play in large groups.

The teachers tell the children they shouldn't have a best friend and that everyone should play together.

The reason for this policy in the schools?

They are doing it because they want to save the child the pain of splitting up from their best friend.

Talk about stunting the emotional growth of children.

Without that growth, however, and with the dependency upon collective groups being urged by the teachers, the children will make great mindless automatons that do as they're told in society by the ruling elite when they are all grown up.

Though this practice in some British schools is not widespread, it is clearly happening.

This is nothing new, though. Elites that support big government system have always encouraged collectivism, and have worked to stifle individualism that results in relationships, independent thinking, and self-reliance.

Here in the United States, under the watchful eye of radical visions of psychology, we have been doing very similar things. We are so worried about hurting the poor children's self-esteem that we bend over backwards to make sure bullies don't pick on them, the grading system gives them kudos for participation, competition in the school yard gives score-keeping a back seat, and that we talk softly and sweet to these poor children. We have moved away from spanking, setting boundaries, and any expectations that might make the poor fragile darlings frustrated. In return, we have a societal imbalance being worsened by a generation of kids raised too softly by their parents, and treated with delicate gloves by all of the public institutions the children encounter.

Self-reliance and personal responsibility has gone out the window. Instead, we have a generation coveting their neighbor's things. The country is full of spoiled brats who wants success to fall into their laps, and they envy everything everybody else has, but rather than go after it, they just wait for government, or some fairy god mother, to give them everything they desire. We don't give the champ a trophy because it might make all the other kids upset that they weren't the champs. Instead, we have been handing out participation trophies, that way everybody's the same, and those that didn't lift a little finger to do more than the bare minimum doesn't get their precious little feelings hurt. Now, say the promoters of the "let's not hurt their self-esteem" philosophy, they can all feel good about themselves. No losers. No hurt feelings.

No lessons derived from the sharp thorn of losing.

The people that push their liberal philosophies of sparing the children's feelings, like those idiots in Britain banning best friends, or the morons administering youth athletics, are awarding mediocrity, encouraging communitarian facelessness, and turning our society into a giant blob of whining losers who call on the government for entitlement programs, blame the successful for their misery, and expect everything to be dropped into their undeserving laps.

We’ve created a society of self-entitled idiots who couldn't figure out what the founders meant by "pursuit of happiness" anymore than they can figure out that perhaps once in their life it might be wise to step forth and work their butts off. As Aerosmith in a song said, "There's somethin' wrong with the world today, I don't know what it is, something's wrong with our eyes. We're seeing things in a different way, and God knows it ain't His, it sure ain't no surprise. . . There's something wrong with the world today, and everybody knows it's wrong, but we can tell them no or we could let it go, but I would rather be a hanging on. . ." (Living on the Edge)

It has become "Us versus Them," and the "Them" are the ones that have worked hard, and become successful. Now, those kids taught not to have best friends, not to have their feelings hurt, and not to strive for victory are upset because that successful so-and-so is not them, and that makes "The Rich" the enemy. Everybody wants their trophy, and the guy who busted his butt to win better not get a better trophy because we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. It doesn't matter if you are slow, fat, lazy, or didn't care. You are going to get your trophy just as long as you do what you are told by the ruling elite. . . and right now they are telling you to hate success, punish success, and become dependent upon them.

That's easy for people who were never encouraged to learn to succeed, and who never learned the lessons learned when our feelings are crushed by losing, or rejection.

The fact is there are gender roles, and there are some people that do well, and some folks that don't. We live in a world of winners and losers, and if you lost, quit crying, and work to win. Life isn't fair unless you make it fair with your hard work. When the attitude to win, and that your feelings will get hurt a number of times in life, is lost, the proper functioning of society goes down the toilet.

Screw multi-culturalism and self-esteem. Fire up the ol' inner fire and kick butt in whatever it is you do. . . and make some best friends along the way.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Schools ban children making best friends - The Sun News  



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    I completely agree with the author. How are kids to gain social skills and experience life if we protect them so much. Are mom's and dad's ready to take care of their kids for the rest of their life? If they do not let them grown into adults by expereinces that is what will happen. This is just WRONG!

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