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Flipping Texas

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 10 05, 2014

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Among the reasons the Democrat Party is full throttle behind the illegal alien issue is the State of Texas. Colorado was flipped from red to blue by four billionaires who poured their money into that State with the specific intent of flipping it blue. Texas is not so easy to flip. The conservative attitude of the huge population won't be defeated with ease. The Democrats believe that if they can flip Texas, the country belongs to them indefinitely. The remaining red States would not hold enough electoral votes to override the leftists in a presidential election, and the steady rise of representatives in the House would all but seal the fate of America.

When the City of Murrieta in California refused to accept busloads of illegal aliens into their city, the public became aware of the massive influx of border-crossers into the country. Murrieta, a conservative enclave in an otherwise very liberal State, may have been targeted because of its GOP flavoring. The illegals being shipped into the city, however, were not primarily from San Diego. Southern California's fence at the border has slowed the invasion to a trickle. The massive numbers of law breakers being shipped into Murrieta were from the Rio Grande Valley, in Texas.

People from south of the border are being encouraged by the Obama administration to not only flood into the United States, but to do so at the Texas border. The number of incoming illegals is so great that the facilities in Texas are unable to handle the processing requirements for such large numbers. The Border Patrol in Texas has been overrun, and the requirements by the federal government being pushed upon the Border Patrol, and ICE, are impossible to maintain. . . so, illegal aliens are being shipped to other cities for processing, and illegals are being released into the general public at record numbers.

The primary target, however, is Texas. The goal is to change the complexion of the Lone Star State. The liberal left Democrats are working on changing Texas from a Republican dominated State, into a haven for illegal immigrants that will eventually vote blue, and will push the red-blooded-American population into a minority position, sending 38 Electoral Votes in the direction of the next Democrat Party Presidential candidate, and put at risk the 24 Republican seats in the House of Representatives for the State of Texas.

The battle, however, has taken an interesting turn for the Democrats, for as other States are forced deeper into the clutches of liberalism, such as in the State of California, many of the remaining conservatives in those States that just can't handle the tyranny anymore, are fleeing to the Great State of Texas, adding to a rising conservative population intent on saving one of the last bastions of freedom in America where the United States Constitution is embraced, as is the liberty that the American System promotes and preserves.

I have no doubt that the next Democrat Party Presidential Candidate may very well be from the State of Texas.



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