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Doublespeak: The Language of Deception, Part 3

by: marsha west | published: 02 25, 2010

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Illegal Immigration

The far left brands Americans who are against illegal immigration as “racists” and “xenophobes.” defines racist thus: “Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.” What is a xenophobe?  “A person who fears or hates foreigners, strange customs, etc.”  C’mon!  Most Americans understand that this country was built on immigrants from all over the world.  Hence they support legal immigration.  The majority of Americans who oppose illegal immigration do so based on the rule of law.  Isn’t it a tad ridiculous to call people racists and xenophobes because they insist people who come to the U.S. enter through the front door, not the back? 

Those who are adamant about all immigrants abiding by U. S. laws are law abiding…cautious…prudent citizens. But racist?  Xenophobic?  Hardly.  Illegal immigration advocates are proficient at using doublespeak. 

Roy Beck of Numbers USA got in trouble with the “pro-amnesty, pro-foreign-worker-importation, pro-forced-population-growth America's Voice” for saying to tea party people that, “immigration policies drive growth in welfare use.”  He also said, “half of all immigrant households with kids make use of welfare systems.” (

It’s true!

According to Beck:

“The latest government data (for the 2008 year) show that 53 percent of all households headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) with one or more children under age 18 used at least one welfare program that year.”

Beck’s source?  The public use file of the March 2009 Current Population Survey collected by the U.S. Census Bureau.(

And for giving the folks the facts? Beck was accused of “immigrant-bashing.” 

What’s behind this madness?  At a June 2009 Washington conference for the liberal America's Future Now!, Eliseo Medina, international executive vice-president of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), chirped, "We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters." 

In other words, amnesty will insure progressive rule for the long term. Sweet.

Americans Losing Their Freedoms

The government is taking away our freedoms at an alarming rate.  Our elected politicians know exactly what’s going on – they just don’t want the American people to know. The lame-stream press knows it too.  But the fact is most of the media are progressives.  So much of what’s going on is unreported -- or underreported.  In other words, the free-press deliberately tries to keep the folks in the dark because, for many of them doing this serves a perceived “higher purpose.”

But folks are starting to wake up.  Many have joined the tea party movement.  The awakening is due largely to the Internet, conservative talk radio, bloggers, cable TV (like it or not Fox News has played a big role), plus former public officials that feel they have nothing to lose by being honest with We the People concerning the deception, diversions and doublespeak that oozes from Capitol Hill.

In his article, “Politicians Taking Away Your Freedom,” Thomas Sowell writes about the dangerous distractions:

“If eternal vigilance is the price of freedom,” he says, “incessant distractions are the way that politicians take away our freedoms, in order to enhance their own power and longevity in office. Dire alarms and heady crusades are among the many distractions of our attention from the ever increasing ways that government finds to take away more of our money and more of our freedom.”

Distractions are ploys politicians use to change the subject and to point We the People away from the truth.  For example, those who oppose ObamaCare(lessness) are accused of “astroturfing.” Anyone that disagrees with same-sex “marriage” is a “bigot.” Which is utter nonsense.  People who desire that marriages remain between one man and one woman are not “bigots” nor are they “hatemongers.” How is it hateful to want what’s best for children and for society?  What is hateful is calling someone a right-wing wacko, a bigot, a homophobe, a xenophobe, or hate-filled simply because they oppose higher taxes, infanticide, same-sex “marriage” and illegal immigration.

Dr. Sowell continues:

“Another dangerous power toward which we are moving, bit by bit, on the installment plan, is the power of politicians to tell people what their incomes can and cannot be. Here the resentment is being directed against "the rich."

“The distracting phrases here include "obscene" wealth and "unconscionable" profits. But, if we stop and think about it-- which politicians don't expect us to-- what is obscene about wealth? Wouldn't we consider it great if every human being on earth had a billion dollars and lived in a place that could rival the Taj Mahal?

“Poverty is obscene. It is poverty that needs to be reduced--and increasing a country's productivity has done that far more widely than redistributing income by targeting ‘the rich.’

Amen! Redistribution of wealth smacks of European-style socialism.

I love the point Dr. Sowell makes next:

“You can see the agenda behind the rhetoric when profits are called "unconscionable" but taxes never are, even when taxes take more than half of what someone has earned, or add much more to the prices we have to pay than profits do.”

Let me be clear.  Obama will raise taxes for the middle-class.  Read my lips: Politicians promise not to raise taxes -- and then they raise taxes!   Obama is a politician.  Politicians lie.  For example, during the election when asked about his involvement with ACORN then Sen. Obama said this:

“My relationship to ACORN is pretty straightforward. When... it's probably 13 years ago, when I was still practicing law, I represented ACORN. And my partner in that representation was the U.S. Justice Department, in having Illinois implement what was called the Motor Voter Law.”

And this:

“It had nothing to do with us. We were not involved. The only involvement I've had with ACORN was I represented them alongside the U.S. Justice Department in making Illinois implement a Motor Voter Law.” 

Uh-oh…Obama also said this:

“When I ran Project Vote, voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it.  Once I was elected, there wasn't a campaign that ACORN worked on down in Springfield that I wasn't right there with you.  Since I've been in the United States Senate, I've been always a partner with ACORN as well.  I've been fighting with ACORN, along side ACORN, on issues you care about, my entire career.”

And this:

“And I definitely welcome ACORN's input. You don't have to ask me about that, I'm going to call you, even if you, if you didn't ask me.” (Online source

President Obama claimed he had no involvement with that woman…oops! With ACORN.  But, low and behold, a video recently came to light that shows him bragging about his involvement with the corrupt organization ACORN.  As I said, politicians lie. Even the “Anointed One” Barack Hussein Obama lies. (

More from Dr. Sowell…

“The assumption that what A pays B is any business of C is an assumption that means a dangerous power being transferred to politicians to tell us all what incomes we can and cannot receive. It will not apply to everyone all at once. Like the income tax, which at first applied only to the truly rich, and then slowly but steadily moved down the income scale to hit the rest of us, the power to say what incomes people can be allowed to make will inevitably move down the income scale to make us all dependents and supplicants of politicians.

“The phrase "public servants" is increasingly misleading. They are well on their way to becoming public masters-- like aptly named White House "czars." The more they can get us all to resent those they designate, the more they can distract us from their increasing control of our own lives-- but only if we sell our freedom cheap. We can sell our birthright and not even get the mess of pottage.”  (

Dr. Sowell’s analysis is brilliant. He nails it.

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Part 4 to come.

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