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Big Government Over All

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 10 30, 2011

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The United States Constitution was written in a manner specifically designed to limit the size and scope of the federal government. All government power, prior to the writing of the Constitution, was held by the States. The new country needed a central government to protect the union of sovereign states, yet the new federal government needed to be limited so that it would not become a tyranny that sought to destroy the autonomy of the individual states. From the very beginning there were those that disagreed with the concept of a limited central government, and worked to usurp the Constitution so that the federal government may have full authority over everything.

That battle not only still rages today, but the liberal democrats, and establishment republicans, have positioned themselves to give the federal government all authority, not only over the States, but over the private sector, and even the individual decisions of the citizens.

The Obama administration has become one of continuous executive orders, and a growing hostility against the other branches of government whenever those branches don't "play ball."

During his State of the Union Speech in 2010, Obama went after the Supreme Court, publicly criticizing them for their Citizens United ruling, which recognized the free speech of corporate entities during the campaign season, and opens the opportunity for candidates to increase campaign contributions from the business sector.

Justice Alito caught Obama in a lie during that speech, and mouthed the words "not true," which then set up a larger media firestorm.

Obama's decision to rebuke the Supreme Court Justices in such a way drags the high court into politics, when they have sworn to be apolitical (as if they truly follow that. . .), and also sent the message that Obama does not want The Court to rule in a manner consistent with the law, but in a manner consistent with how he wants them to rule - in other words, "rule in accordance to my statist opinions, or be rebuked for daring to differ."

Barack Obama has decided that the Congress does not need to be involved in any processes either, commenting after his "Jobs Bill" was rejected by the Senate that he would pass the pieces administratively through the regulatory agencies, instead. He has decided to first test the waters with each piece of the bill by submitting the pieces to Congress, but they are rejecting each piece individually, which is setting up the opportunity for him to implement those provisions through the regulatory agencies.

Obama's response for the Congress to dare reject his political will? Obama has determined that Congress is stupid, and unable to comprehend the complexities of his legislation. His Vice President, good ol' Joe Biden, went on to say that rejection of the Jobs Bill will result in more rapes and murders across the country - an absurd statement that even the media found themselves appalled by.

When one looks through the proposals themselves, you realize how sinister they truly are, slowly giving the federal government more and more authorities that they have no constitutional right to, while also setting up the election by giving the president a list of legislative rejections he can blame on his opposition, and in turn giving him the opportunity to twist language for his benefit. The republicans have rejected, according to The Left, clean water, clean air, public safety, access to education, access to health care, and so on and so forth.

In the first piece of his Jobs Bill that was pushed on Congress, the provision demanded a years worth of federal funding to police, fire and teachers. Clearly, a local function, this funding would be a greater step in the direction of the federal government dictating to local governments what they can and can't do with their own local law enforcement and fire services. The proposal was only for a year, which means the money would stop flowing to the localities soon after the election, and then when the cities and states were unable to maintain the level of funding the federal government provided, they would be faced with either laying off those personnel hired as a result of that funding, or asking the federal government for more money.

More money from the federal government equals more control by the federal government.

When it came to his great student loan giveaway, Obama again announced that Congress could not be trusted, so he had to just implement the plan himself. And he did - with an executive order (an unconstitutional use of that power, might I add - only Congress is given the authority to legislate in any manner - Article I, Section 1).

As a big government statist, Obama truly believes that the federal government creates jobs, creates innovation, and creates great minds. Therefore, the education system needs more money so that it can program more kids to follow the liberal madness.

Obama says he's helping to ease the burden of student loan debt, when in reality it does nothing of the sort. It is just a move to make him "look like" he is doing so.

Nobody ever challenges the public universities on why they have increased the cost of education (you know, like they challenge corporations?) - they won't challenge an ally in that way.

This is nothing new. In May of 1973, Dr. Medford Evans wrote: ". . . government schools make it a matter of policy to spend as much money as possible, and impart as little knowledge as possible since spending demonstrates power while keeping the scholars ignorant monopolizes power in the hands of the government insiders."

Now Obama is taking aim on meddling in the mortgage industry. . . to get it to do the same kind of stuff that got us in this mess in the first place. And he is doing it without Congress.

Michelle Obama wants government to tell you what you can and can't eat (Hey, Michelle, I have an idea: How about you mind your own damn business what I eat), the federal government wants to tell you how to raise your kids, give you free diapers if you allow the government access to your child before Kindergarten, Harry Reid says government jobs should take a priority over private sector jobs (in a bid to eventually federalize all jobs, I am sure), and Jesse Jackson is suggesting that the federal government should hire all of the unemployed at $40,000.

It won't be long before the federal government controls everything, the dollar collapses and everyone is dependent upon the government. And then they will come for our guns - If we fail to stop this.

They don't care how much money it takes, just as long as the federal government controls everything. And if the federal government controls everything, they can dictate to you all of your choices. That is a loss of liberty.

And as for them dictating everything? Don't forget, dictate is the root word of dictator.


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