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Barack Obama: War is Peace

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 10 05, 2014

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War is hellaciously beneficial to a struggling Presidency. And the hard left progressive political establishment in the United States knows how to wage a good war. Just take a look at their successes regarding domestic warfare. They have waged a war on drugs, and a war on poverty, and the poor are on the verge of surrender!

As for using the military in wartime operations overseas, the Democrats not only don't have a clue (Remember, in 2009 Obama made comments about how using airstrikes were unnecessary and outdated in this age of negotiations), but Obama can't even muster enough respect for the armed services to deliver an appropriate salute.

The anti-war progressive liberal left Democrats hate war. We all hate war. However, the difference between their hate for war, and the hate for war by people who have at least two brain-cells to rub together, is that the progressive liberal left socialist pacifist Democrats believe the way to eliminate war is to outlaw it, to refuse to participate in it, and then wage it when left with no alternative. But, to make it okay that they waged war all they have to do is consider that it was necessary to wage war because their war is the war to end all wars. If they are waging war to end war, that makes the war fine and dandy. It's worked so well with waging war on drugs, right?

Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors lives, so that means Obama defeated Islamic terrorism. Remember, these are the same people that believes if you outlaw guns, the criminal element will stop using guns, too! So where did all of these terrorists come from? With bin Laden dead, and Obama's presidency making Islamic countries love us for the simple fact that the son of a Muslim sits on the throne in the White House, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria must not be Islamic. The President said so.

Faced with ISIS, and the brutal campaign the Muslim terrorist organization is waging in Syria and Iraq, all of the pacifism in the world has not been working, so Obama is forced to start sounding a little like George W. Bush, though he will tell you he is not.

"The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force," Obama told the United Nations General Assembly in his annual address.

It has been a hard lesson for the President, but he has finally realized that bad guys must be dealt with. Unfortunately, the anti-war President who still thinks Islam wants to have a peaceful coexistence with a world full of infidels is not willing to act militarily in the manner necessary to take out this threat. . . or he simply doesn't know how to (at which point we reference back to his disrespectful salute with a coffee cup still in his hand).

Or. . . he thinks he's above all of this. How dare those junior varsity terrorists that dare to use "Islamic" in their unIslamic jihad name, force the Nobel Peace Prize winner to wage war. It's not like he's been waging war in Libya, or using drones in Arab countries, or anything.

Barack Obama does not see ISIS as a threat, but more of an inconvenient distraction from his more important endeavors, like saving us from the rapidly rising ocean as a result of the man-made global warming hoax, sending in 3,000 troops to Ebola infested countries in West Africa so that he can wage war against the pesky little virus, and using his agencies to spy on his opposition and punish them with the IRS. How dare the JV terrorists make a mess out of the Middle East after he fixed it by rushing us out of Iraq. Now, he has to get involved in that silly region when he has a much bigger enemy to snuff out going on in his own backyard. . . you know, that domestic terrorist organization called the TEA Party.

Oh, yeah, and there's some little confrontation over a piece of land in Ukraine, but I am guessing Obama will take a page from Neville Chamberlain's decision to give Czechoslovakia to Hitler, and convince Europe to join him in handing Eastern Ukraine over to Putin, with a great big bow on top, frilled up with a hammer and a sickle.

Oh, and there is that Iran thing, where Barry still has to figure out a way to keep the Iranians from using their new nuclear toy for bombing other countries. I wonder if Obama actually believes the Shia-driven government when the counterfeit Persians say that they are only willing to use their nuclear technology to make electricity?

So many distractions from Mr. Soetoro's more important work of fundamentally transforming the United States into something the Founding Fathers never intended. How can a dictator work his magic with so many distractions? There's even a movement to give that great big traitor, Edward Snowden, who exposed how the federal government spies on everyone, a peace prize. Oh the horror. How could anybody look up to that kind of traitorous activity? Especially when this administration has to worry about those poor, misguided Americans going overseas to fight with ISIS, aiding an enemy of the United States, who according to Obama's minions aren't traitors. I am sure the White House is going mad trying to figure out how to welcome these people back to the States without having to punish them for aiding and abetting the Islamic State of Irate Stupidity and genocidal terror.

While speaking to the United Nations, Obama's "War to End all Wars" moment came when he said we "must declare war on war."

Obama said that "'we must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.'" Then, dragging Russia into the conversation, he added, "Bigger nations should not be able to bully smaller ones."

How can the U.S. with Obama at the helm, work with the United Nations to force other countries kicking and screaming into a Climate Change mandate in order to coerce them to curb their carbon emissions, if there are other countries running around trying to force their neighbors to bend to the will of the aggressors?

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. The Ministry of Truth has spoken, now go home and prepare for the next election. Don't worry, your votes will still be bought with more federal gifts from the treasury.


With all of this war, and chaos, and Obama's destruction of America as it was founded, at his United Nations speech, Obama was quick to add, "I often tell young people in the United States that this is the best time in human history to be born."

Because when you grow up, not only will Obama have magically solved all of these problems with his authoritarian system of government dictates and mandates, but you'll be stuck with the bill. . . however, don't worry, its only in the trillions of dollars.

And don't forget, Obama and Biden and the bright minds of the Democrat Party has constantly reminded you, it could be worse, because if Romney was President he would have bombed Syria a long time ago like the warmonger that he is.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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