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Are Democrats Listening?

by: lisa fabrizio | published: 06 17, 2012

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When our Founding Fathers drafted our system of governance, they decided that a constitutional republic would most benefit the people; that it would suffice to protect them from governmental tyranny via the checks and balances they implemented, and by ensuring that their voices would be heard through their elected representatives. And this has served us well throughout most of our history. But are current politicians, specifically Democrats, still listening? You be the judge.

It actually started in 2008, the year America put Barack Obama in the White House. That year, voters in California approved Proposition 8, sending a message that, when given a chance, even states dominated by liberals don’t believe that the homosexual lifestyle and marriage have anything in common. In response to this, Obama rescinded the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy and refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

Next up were the voters in Massachusetts who, knowing full well that their decision could put Obamacare in jeopardy, elected Republican Scott Brown to fill the seat of Teddy Kennedy, thus ending the super-majority of Democrats in the Senate. Did they pay any heed to this historic development? No, they proceeded to enact the healthcare bill by the most dubious and dishonest methods.

Later that year came the crushing 2010 midterm elections, where Republicans, riding the Tea Party tide of mistrust of big government and disgust with income redistribution, regained control of the House, wresting control of the Speaker’s gavel from Nancy Pelosi. Did Obama get the message? Well, just last week the AP headlineblared, “Obama: Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Will Not Be Extended, Period.”

Then only last month, nearly two thirds of North Carolinians joined voters in thirty other states to amend their constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. This led to Obama ‘courageously’ coming out in favor of gay marriage after he was effectively outted by Joe Biden. How did Democrat leaders react? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are reportedly trying to add the legalization of gay marriage to the official party platform, which will be presented at their National Convention this summer which will be held in…you guessed it: Charlotte, NC.

And this past week gave us the most shocking development of all. Voters in Wisconsin—the birthplace of public sector unionization—soundly defeated a union-backed recall of crusading governor, Scott Walker. That same night, the people of San Diego and San Jose also passed public worker pension reforms, reflecting the desires of more and more citizens to reign in the obesity of state and municipal public sector unions. What is the Obama reaction to the voices of those in this most important of now-purple states? His latest plan to save the economy predictably includes more hiring of state and local government employees.

No, Obama and the rest of the Democrats are so wedded to their game plan of greasing the palms of their co-dependent groups that they have little or no inclination to effect a quick change of strategy. And so, while they concentrate the lion’s share of their time and treasure pandering to gays and unions, they have begun to lose ground with the rest of their base.

For decades, the Democrat Party has maintained a stranglehold over certain demographic groups; groups that now seem ready to break the chains that bind them. Recent polls have shown dwindling support for Obama and friends among Catholics and women; having decided to wage war on the former while proclaiming a false war on the latter. Should even a quarter of these voters change their stripes and seek refuge in the Republican camp, the political landscape of this country will be altered for decades.

So, with all these instances of displeasure over their agenda a matter of the public record, will President Obama and his party start listening? Maybe they will, but it won’t be the voice of average, non-hyphenated Americans they’ll be hearing. Their ears seem permanently closed to the pleas of those who love and cherish this country. Let’s hope for their sake that Democrats remain tone-dear for at least five more months.

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