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YOU could be Funding the Obama Campaign?

Obama has bragged, that his campaign is funded largely by small private donations.

by: jb williams | published: 10 31, 2008

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Among the many unasked and, thus, unanswered questions swirling around the most secretive presidential campaign in history, is the question of where that mountain of Obamessiah money is coming from?

Barack Obama has raised more than $600 million thus far in his campaign! That explains why he reneged on his campaign pledge to use public funding like John McCain. He raised a reported $150 million just last month, mostly in small donations from undisclosed online donors.

Since Obama, allegedly, represents the poorest, most unfortunate members of America society, where in the world is all that money coming from?

“Where in the World?” - is right!

It takes a lot of money to buy 24/7 media coverage, 30 minute prime-time professionally produced infomercials, and around the clock TV ads. It appears that fraudulent ACORN voter registration is not the only fraud Obama is willing to commit in order to win the White House.

Questions about Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign opened up a can of campaign worms that the Obama campaign wishes Newsmax journalist Ken Timmerman had never opened. But with so much funny international money flowing into the campaign of an unknown done-nothing candidate, someone, sooner or later, had to ask where all that money was coming from. Obama was hoping the question would be asked after the election...

Thank God Timmerman had the backbone to ask what NO “lamestream” member of the Obama-Press would ask. And then he kept asking whenever an answer led to a new set of questions.

In an October 9th follow-up piece titled Obama Uses Loophole for Small Donors, Timmerman explains how the Obama campaign uses a campaign finance law loophole to avoid reporting the sources of his international contributions under $200.00 (a huge chunk of his money)

Obama has bragged for months, that his campaign is funded largely by small private donations.

But he forgot to mention that he was accepting multiple repeat donations from small anonymous donors which often add up to a total more than the law allows, or that many of those donations were coming from untraceable overseas donors via pre-paid credit cards and even stolen credit card numbers.

The Obama-friendly New York Times confirmed Timmerman’s story on the 10th, NY Times Confirms Suspicious Obama Donations.

Then Timmerman provided more damning evidence of massive Obama campaign fraud in Obama’s Secret Campaign Cash: Has $63 Million Flowed ... , on October 19th; putting a final nail on the Obama campaign coffin with Obama’s Credit Card Scheme Gets Noticed on October 27th.

The lamestream press was no longer able to turn its collective head from what was clearly becoming a story of hi-tech campaign finance fraud on a gargantuan international scale.

By the time the Washington Post decided to run with the story Timmerman had uncovered, it was clear that the Obama campaign had knowingly and intentionally opted to keep shaking the international campaign money tree by turning off the Obama web-site AVS (address verification system), designed to catch fraudulent credit and debit card transactions, or at least make them traceable if they happen to get through.

By turning off the online security service monitoring credit and debit card donations to the Obama campaign, the flood gates were opened wide, and the means to trace the source of those funds were all but eliminated.

The Obama campaign chose to keep the clandestine money flowing into the most expensive political campaign in world history. They chose to accept fraudulent campaign contributions under the assumption that the election would be over before the massive chargebacks soon-to- follow would draw negative attention.

Only days before the election, a historic level of Obama campaign finance fraud is under investigation. Newsrooms are forced to cover this one and Obama campaign transaction processor Chase-Paymentech, could be sitting on hundreds of millions in chargebacks after the Obama campaign closes its doors.

Winning is the only thing that matters

Clearly, the end justifies all means, and you certainly can’t afford to care where all of that money is coming from when you are running the most excessive campaign in political history. For months, reports have circulated of Arab-Muslim Americans standing in checkout lanes across the country purchasing boxes full of $10 - $25 prepaid credit cards to be shipped to family and friends back in the Middle East.

U.S. Homeland Security has been concerned about a pattern of bulk purchases of prepaid credit cards, as a means of laundering money to terror organizations for years. But they never expected to find the same people using the same tactics to funnel millions into a U.S. presidential campaign.

However, prepaid credit cards are only a fraction of the problem...

Stolen U.S. Credit Card Accounts

Have you checked your credit card account lately, to see if you have donated to the Barack Obama campaign? You had better!

A HUGE volume of international contributions have poured into the Obama campaign over recent weeks and months, almost all of it “untraceable” due to the campaigns decision to shut off its AVS online security service.

Many of the nations openly campaigning for Obama, like Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines and Thailand are on an international watch list for known online credit card fraud.

Other Obama-friendly folks like Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya and Sudan are on the U.S. Department of Treasury sanction (do not ship) list for high systemic traffic in stolen U.S. and European credit and debit card numbers.

In short, black market catalogues, the size of small-town phone directories, full of stolen credit and debit card numbers, are common in most of these countries.

Most online retail merchants know better than to ship products to any of these countries, once their AVS identifies the questionable order.

But the Obama campaign chose to turn off its AVS system and open up the flood gates to millions in untraceable international donations.

They are funding the most expensive political campaign in history and by the time the overseas credit card fraud hits critical mass in chargebacks, Obama will be sitting in the White House, thanks to the use of those funds.

McCain supporters should start finding out via their card statements whether they have helped to fund the Obama campaign by way of stolen card numbers used by foreign donors in all too typical online credit and debit card fraud.

The FEC, responsible for monitoring, investigating and prosecuting campaign finance fraud, appears just as disinterested in this story as all the other claims of Obama campaign fraud. That’s because it’s just another political appointment agency full of career bureaucrats who couldn’t care less.

But as an American voter, how do you feel about it?

With all that we are not allowed to know about Obama, it’s so easy to get caught up in the quest to uncover all that Obama and his sycophant press have worked very hard to conceal for twenty months, that we overlook what is right under our nose...

To be certain, there are a hundred unasked and unanswered questions about this “messiah” called Obama. But at least this one question has to be asked and answered NOW! 



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