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Romney Chooses Ideology with Paul Ryan Pick

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 08 15, 2012

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Some members of the Republican Party are fearful of recognizing the truth. These "establishment" republicans believe all of the rhetoric that if they lean too far to the right the voters will run to Obama and the democrats. They believe that the independents want nothing to do with the right-left political spectrum, and are just looking for a bunch of moderates that have no position, no ideology, no plan other than to try to make everyone happy through non-confrontational politics.

The problem is, it is all about ideology, and the gap is widening not because of the Tea Party or conservatives, but because the left keeps moving farther and farther to the left.

When it comes to the right versus left thing, first we must remember that the political spectrum is not about religion, or the false assumptions of what is right or left based on European standards that began in the French Assembly approaching the French Revolution. America never had a monarchy, or a State religion, so the political spectrum is based on amount of government interference instead. The far left is 100% government, and the far right is 0% government. The United States Constitution, which created a central government (lean leftward), also applied limitations in order to keep the federal government restrained to only the authorities authorized to it (lean rightward). This means that based on the American concept of a political spectrum, the Constitution is dead center. However, politics have moved so far to the left that both the Democrat Party, and the Republican Party, are to the left of the Constitution, making the Founding Fathers look like a bunch of right wing extremists compared to the big government leftists that inhabit both parties. However, the Republican Party is closer to the Constitution than is the Democrats, so the battle for the country is currently focused on getting the party back. . . and the GOP can be returned to its rightful place through ideology.

Simply put, the democrats are leftists; ideological statists who share in the religion of big government with mercantilists, Marxists, socialists, utopianists, communists, fascists, jacobins, Islamists, and any other "ist," "ism," or "in" that adheres to government control over the people you can muster. Theirs is an ideology of removing choice. With Obamacare the goal is for you to lose your choice for health care and be required, in the end, to use only government services. With entitlements the goal is for you to lose your individualism, to lose your opportunity to make personal choices, and for the people to be taken care of by a government that only asks in return that they control what you eat, where you live, and how you live. The producers of society also have no choice in such a system because through their taxes, like it or not, their money is redistributed into the hands of non-producers. Charity is a good thing, when it is a voluntary choice, not when it is forced by government. With abortion they wish to take away a child's choice to live, and if you make the choice to reject abortion you are demonized and attacked for daring to stand against the statists. With the gay agenda the choice is taken away on what you believe to be normal behavior, even though it has been defined as such since the beginning of time. In California teachers have lost the choice on how to teach, and are now required, regardless of their opinion, to teach homosexuality in a positive manner. Any alternative opinion is rejected. The choice to disagree is met with violence and hateful rhetoric, as Chick-fil-A just recently learned. When the democrats, statists, and establishment republicans, get their way, choice is compromised, and liberty is weakened just a little bit more.

Obama's policies have failed not just because they are bad policies, but because they follow a blueprint proposed by a failed ideology. The leftist ideology fails whenever it is tried, and it is failing now.

Romney has begun to see it. He has proclaimed this is about ideology. And, then to prove it, he picked a conservative running mate that also recognizes that this is about more than just bad policy. This election is about stopping a tyrannical ideology that has one thing in mind. . . more government.

Barack Obama did not rub elbows with Reverend Wright, Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers for nothing. He is a member of the ideology that hates the Constitution, that hates this nation as it was founded, because it is a system that eliminates the ruling elite and hands the reins to the people. We are a republic, not a pure democracy, and not an oligarchy of power hungry elitists who think they are somehow above everyone else.

The ideology of the democrats runs even with the line of thinking put forward by Jean Jacques Rousseau of the Founding Father's era. Rousseau was one of the people behind the French Revolution, and that is what the democrats are pushing for. . . a society the jacobins dreamed of where the General Will reigns supreme, and the people are supposed to be nothing more than a homogeneous mass of mindless automatons subject to the General Will which is supposed to be the will of the people that the people can't recognize, and is presumed to be known only by the ruling elite. These people believe that every aspect of human life is subject to the control of the General Will, and refusing to obey it allows the body politic to force the people into compliance. But, remember, it is for your own good. And their intentions are so good.

That is how they want you to judge them - by their intentions.

For a big government system like that to function it must do away with the decentralization of the American system, and remove the representative institutions, so that the operation of government is taken out of the oversight of the States and the people.  In systems like the leftist ideology individual liberty and self-reliance are shunned. It is all about the community. The collective is more important than the individual to these people. The individual must be protected even from himself, so regulations are put into place controlling everyone's existence, keeping them from eating or drinking things that might not be healthy for them, banning activities that might hurt them, demonizing activities like smoking for their own good. After all, as far as the ruling elite is concerned, that is what is best for the common good. Your loss of choice, according to these people, is what is best for you because that is what they have decided. Never mind your own freedoms to choose, be they good choices, or bad choices.

That is the root of Obama's ideology, and liberalism could not be in sharper contrast to the American traditions of a good and moral system where through individual choice, and hard work, every American has the opportunity to pursue the happiness of property ownership, and economic success.

All statist systems like the ideology of the democrats evolves into a state where the net beneficiaries of government eventually outnumber the producers, and when that happens the oligarchy gains full control until death of the tyrants, or system collapse. This is what the democrats are pushing for through their statist policies like Obamacare. Full societal dependence upon government. They believe when the dependents outnumber the producers, the liberal democrats will be in power in perpetuity.

That is what this election is about. It is about stopping that ideology. It is about stopping the liberal left advance designed to destroy the principles of limited government. It is about not just stopping Obama's policies, but stopping the ideology that is designed to enslave us.

Romney choosing a running mate that is conservative, that believes our rights come from God, believes that the more we move back towards the Constitution the better off this nation is, reminds us that not only is this election about ideology, but it is about saving the future of this nation from a failed ideology that is designed around control of the people, not liberty. Flawed as the Republicans may be, they are a step way from the failed ideology of liberalism.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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    Bob S.

    "...but because the left keeps moving farther and farther to the left."

    BAWAHAHAHAHAH!! Try breaking out of your Fox News bubble once in awhile.

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