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Obama Expanding Ban on Free Speech

Press and other Democrats ignores suppressive actions

by: sher zieve | published: 09 30, 2008

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As I reported, last week, the Obama campaign is employing increasingly Stalinistic techniques and practices in its march toward seizure of the United States of America. In both Missouri and Pennsylvania, Obama’s goon squads (AKA “truth squads”) have taken hold and are in the process of using Obama-friendly prosecutors, political officials and police forces to intimidate those citizens who deign to speak out against Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s campaign is threatening the FCC licenses of TV stations that run NRA campaign Ads against Kandidate Obama. Obama’s nationwide organization ACORN has stepped up the pace of its voter-fraud activities. All of this is occurring, while the overtly Obama-supporting mainstream media and their Obama-adherent “reporters” refuse to write or say anything against their increasingly malevolent messiah.

Now, Obama has set down new “no more free speech” rules for his followers. No more signs are to be allowed at his political rallies. The first of no doubt many of these new bans has occurred at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. Anyone attending the September Obama/Biden rally was told they would not be allowed in unless they had no signs—whatsoever. Apparently embarrassed by recent protests by members of the black community, Obama has decided to suppress any and all dissent. Sound familiar? It should but, only if there are still people out there who were taught about the true dictators and genocidal maniacs on the planet—names like Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung and, of course, Joseph Stalin come immediately to mind. However, there are many more. Today’s list of tyrants are almost too numerous to list—a few of these include Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-Il and, most recently to join this less than august body with his invasion of Georgia, Vladimir Putin.

The press and other Democrats have largely ignored any of these suppressive actions by their personal hero Obama. When one is dealing with a secular messiah—who can do no wrong in the eyes of the already blinded—one cannot say anything negative about him. The warnings about this man are mounting and there are still a few of us willing to tell the truth. But, should this man be elected president of the United States, our voices will be silenced. This is not some unfounded prediction. Mr. Obama has already provided us with a very firm foundation for his administration’s direction. Free speech will be gone and anyone saying anything deemed negative about Obama will be subject to jail or worse. This is more than an “ignore at your own peril” moment. If this man is elected, he has already told us what he will do. Note: Do not forget that it starts with his Civilian National Police Force, which is already underway in Missouri and Pennsylvania. Is this really what is wanted by We the People? If so, only the Lord God can help us.

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    The USA big shit hole there driving of to the state of depression and much more its all about money and power with these guys our goverment is the cost and the problem thats a fact nothing they do is to help us as ppl if u are less fortunate in the USA they have no need for you the only ppl that will agree with them are jist as fucked up as them... The cost of living is going up while the value of the dollar is dropping you do the math here it is we are our own country we have weapons of mass destruction but gone tell another country what tjey can and cant do we invade there lands claiming such when really it was jist about the oil they said they will no longer accept the american dollar to purchase oil if that would have happened we would have been hurt so the US goes over there because of that... While we over there we manage to send there holy books to be burned and we claimed it was accidental yeah right

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    Kassidy Casida

    Obama is like the Antichrist , he cant do that.

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    This country is going down the shitter, see you all in Mexico.

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    Ivan J

    it is sad that so much media is so biased

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    Amy P.

    You are not a conservative crusader, rather a convoluded crusader. Your confusion only reflects your lack of knowledge and twisted perception. In the interest of free speech, you have the right to say what you have, but your decision to lie is on your shoulders, unfortunately it is now in others' heads.

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