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Obama Disses Veterans On Memorial Day

by: bruce nix | published: 05 29, 2010

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I can promise you one thing, If George W. Bush decided to skip the traditional laying on of the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, the aftershock from the mainstream news media would have been heard around the world several times over.

Obama's title is; Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces. The soldiers interred at Arlington have paid the ultimate price for their beloved country and unlike their leader, who apparently has little or no respect for the members of the Armed Forces, living or fallen; have no choice but to lie in wait for whoever decides to show up from the White House. Apparently it will be Joe Biden. Meanwhile the Commander-in-Chief needs to do something a little bit more important, like take a vacation in Chicago with his family.

This man is utterly contemptible. Our fallen heroes who died in service of their country being dissed by PBO. What will this man do next to raise the ire of the American people? Where is his leadership, accountability and responsibility? After this slap in the face to the fallen and his total disregard for tradition, it would not be appropriate for him to ever step foot in that hallowed place again in my opinion and I am sure in the opinion of a few Veterans.

Because of our Veterans dedication to maintaining freedom and liberty in the face of tyranny, this President had the opportunity to become the freely elected leader of this great country. The first African-American to ever have the honor to attain the office of President, by a free democratic election in the United States Of America. One would think that he would aspire to leave a legacy of honor and dignity for the history books. Instead, his legacy will be one of dirty back-room deals, bribery and payoffs in exchange for burdensome, bank busting and unwanted legislature, takeovers of public business and an unprecedented expansion of government that digs deeper into the private lives of American citizens more than any administration on record.

Now on a National Day of Remembering our fallen soldiers, he cannot find the time to even bother to show up. We remember a Presidential candidate who would not hold his hand to his heart, when the national anthem was played at a political rally. Even Hillary Clinton showed her respect at the very same event, but not Obama. It makes one wonder where his loyalty is really at.

The recent scandal of a bribery attempt of Congressman Sestak, to not run against Arlen Specter in return for the offer of a high-ranking government office, rumored to have been the Secretary of the Navy, shows what sort of politics that this player resorts to. Thuggery and contempt for all things American are the rule of the day in this White House.

I am not capable of seeing into the future, but I would be willing to bet the whole enchilada, that in November, the American people will rise up against everything that this administration stands for and vote the members of congress who worked with this president, to change the basic structure of democracy in our great country; out of their precious seats of power. Currently there are many members of congress, who are resigning their seats rather than face the embarrassment of being tossed out on their backsides by an angry public. I wonder now, how many voters have “buyers remorse” over their selection of a radical socialist and anti-American candidate, who now holds one of the most powerful offices in the world.

What is even more infuriating, than all of that is the total lack of news coverage by the mainstream media. As I said previously, George W. Bush would have been tarred and feathered by them, for even less than that. It is funny how quiet they are about all that is going on lately, the floods in Tennessee and this administrations lack of action there, the oils spill in the gulf, the tensions in the two Korea's, the Sestak bungle and now dis-honoring our fallen heroes at Arlington.

What will it take for the mainstream news media to grow backbones and loose the yellow stripes down their backs and finally face up to what they themselves helped accomplish in the last election? They helped put this man into office by their slanted views of the candidates and their constant trashing of the Bush administration's policies. Where is their dignity? The American public is fed up with business as usual in DC and no one is listening.



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    Manny B,

    Big Lie! Bill Clinton was the only U.S. President in the last 30+ years to have attended Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington every year throughout his term of office.
    On Memorial Day 2010, President Obama was scheduled to honor America's fallen heroes with a speech at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery near Chicago, while Vice-President Joe Biden took his place at Arlington; however, a thunderstorm in Illinois interrupted the former ceremony, and President Obama returned to Washington to deliver his speech at Andrews Air Force Base. With the exception of that one year, President Obama has participated in wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery every Memorial Day (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015) during his administration.

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