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Labeling The Aurora Killer

‎"There is a rush to politicize these kinds of shootings, unless say you're a major in the US military and you have 'Soldier of Allah' on your business card." -Mark Steyn

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 07 22, 2012

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An unstable individual opened fire at the premiere of a Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado. He killed twelve people, and injured at least thirty-eight others (one site says 71 were shot and injured). ABC News quickly decided the shooter was a TEA Party type, as the liberal media tries to do with every violent act that rises up in the news. They want so bad to find their smoking gun, so to speak, that the TEA Party is full of racists and violent folks.

How dare they. There is evidence the dude was a democrat, some thought he might be Muslim, others claim it was racially motivated.

The killer is a killer. He belongs to a group of people in the world we call murderers. Sure, I would expect him to be a follower of the leftist ideology, for they do tend to be an angry, unstable group of people. But first, before we try to jump to conclusions that may not be true, how about we pray for the victims, and their families, and not make any rash decisions. Let's wait until the evidence reveals the truth before trying to create a truth that politically fits an agenda.

The shooting, at this point, was not the fault of guns, conservatives, liberals, republicans or democrats. The shooting was the fault of an unstable individual that, for whatever reason, decided to open fire and extinguish the lives of a number of people.

The suspect's name is James Holmes. He is being reported as being a loner, and a medical school drop-out. He was a fan of the Batman character "The Joker" and paid homage to the Dark Knight villain by dying his dark hair red. Holmes may have seen his life as being much like a movie, and perhaps he was acting out a deep-seeded role he has always wanted to play. Maybe, just maybe, he saw himself as being The Joker played by Heath Ledger. He even booby-trapped his apartment, revealing that he knew he'd be caught and investigated. Does this mean that movies are at fault. Does this mean we should start banning movies because unstable idiots may try to act out the madness of the villains?

Of course not - no more than we should ban going to the movies, ban guns, or anything else. Nothing caused this murderous rampage other than the fact that some jerk decided to carry it out.

We are a nation that is supposed to follow the rule of law, and that includes due process. We are not a mob, nor should we be. Let's not jump to conclusions as we did with Zimmerman, or Paterno. Let's let the folks tasked with investigating this do their job, and hope justice is served.

Let's not decide that the killer is a TEA Party guy, or a democrat, an occupy Wall Street type, or a Muslim. Let's simply agree he was a piece of crap that acted out upon his unstable thoughts. And then, let's pray for the victims and their families.

That is the American Way.

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