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It’s the Voter Fraud Stupid

The Key to Defeating the Liar in 2008

by: jb williams | published: 10 15, 2008

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Obama is leading in every national poll. But in part, that is due to the “weighted average” system used by all pollsters to balance hard survey results with a “weighted” mathematical equation based upon respective DNC and RNC voter rolls.

Simply stated, there are more registered Democrats than there are registered Republicans at present. So the poll results are “weighted” by mathematical equation to reflect this reality. However, many of the DNC voter registrants are fraudulent.

Indeed, if every illegal, fraudulent, duplicate student and dead voter present in today’s DNC registration rolls is counted as a legitimate vote on Election Day, election results will track with the national polls.

It stands to reason, by the way... Leftists wanted unqualified home buyers to get bad mortgages they couldn’t afford and now they want unqualified voters to cast multiple votes for the most unqualified candidate in American history. It’s poetic really. At least they’re consistent.

But will millions of fraudulent votes be counted on Election Day? Obama and his fellow anti-American leftists are counting on it. How bout you? (Yes, “anti-American” is the correct term...)

Obama’s Massive Systematic Voter Fraud

Voter fraud has been a part of the DNC “get out the vote” strategy for years. ACORN has perfected the art, thanks in great part to Barack Obama’s personal training. But it has never existed on the massive scale that it exists today. How fitting that it is Obama himself who now stands to gain the most by the unethical tactics he trained ACORN “organizers” years ago.

The bad news is that this massive effort to steal the 2008 election has a real chance of succeeding, as it has been operating under the protective cloak of the pro-Obama lamestream press for years and the average American is largely unaware.

But the good news is this, - The blatant massive movement it has become is very difficult to fully conceal. A few thousand dead, illegal or duplicate votes can pass by undetected, and they are seldom the deciding factor in any national election.

However, when a few thousand fraudulent votes become several million, an elephant that size is hard for even the lamestream press to cover up.

The Two Prong DNC Strategy

  • Fraudulent Voter Registration of voters not legally able to vote either because they are not U.S. citizens, are felons, are fictitious names with fictitious addresses, or are dead.
  • Duplicate Voter Registration of college students studying out of state who are being double registered, once in their home district and a second time in the district where they attend college, so that they can vote for Obama twice without being detected in same-state voter rolls. - They have been successful with this strategy even across county lines in the past, because by the time those votes are confirmed fraudulent, the election is long over.

Both prongs of the strategy are now under state and/or federal investigation, though the lamestream press seems much more interested in telling American voters about how Governor Sarah Palin requested an investigation into her former brother-in-laws police tazering of his then ten year old step-son.

What is the biggest political story of the century goes largely unreported by the pro-Obama press corps. At least twelve states, many of them run by Democrats, have now launched investigations into massive Democrat voter registration fraud, allegedly committed by former Obama “community organizing” group, ACORN, among others.

Local TV crews have shown up on college campuses to tape pro-Obama Democrat voter registration efforts aimed at teaching college students how to vote for Obama twice.

The Detroit Free Press reports, "If the absentee ballots are any indication, we're going to have a historic number of people voting," Johnson said.

“Voter registration drives, particularly by Democrat Barack Obama's campaign, have been credited with signing up large numbers of young, first-time voters -- many of them students on college campuses.”

I personally have two nieces and one nephew currently attending college, only one of the three out of state. But all three have been approached dozens of times daily by on campus Obama supporters over the past few weeks, and in almost every case, they were told how they could vote twice for Obama in two separate districts without ever being caught.

Fortunately, all three are McCain-Palin supporters and pointed out each time that this was “voter fraud,” a fact which seemed of no interest at all to those campaigning for Obama.

The Detroit Free Press states, “In recent months, a large number of fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications were turned in to local clerks. Most came from the registration drive of ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The organization used paid, part-time workers to obtain registration applications.”

“Also, many college students who registered to vote in their hometowns but signed up through registration drives on or near their campuses might find it difficult to vote by absentee ballot. That's because first-time voters can't vote absentee unless they register in person with their hometown local or county clerk, with an eligible identification.”

Yet in Ohio, new Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has been over-ruled by a federal court in her effort to misuse “motor-voter” laws to count early Obama votes from same-day registrants whose registration form has not yet been checked through any standard verification procedures mandated by Ohio and Federal Election Laws.

They don’t want every legal legitimate vote to count. They want every vote to count, no matter how fraudulent or corrupt. This is the winning strategy of the left.

In addition, the FEC is investigating more than $200 million in illegal (foreign) campaign contributions to the Obama campaign.

It’s the Fraud Stupid

The most under-vetted but obviously unqualified candidate to ever seek the Oval Office can indeed win the 2008 election to become the next Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America at the most dangerous possible time in American history. But only with millions of illegal fraudulent votes...

So, it comes down to how to stop the massive Democrat effort to defraud the nation out of the most important national election of this generation?

In a truly free society, informed by a truly unbiased and non-partisan press, it would be easy. But we are about to choose our next president on the basis of four pro-Democrat debates moderated by four pro-Obama Democrats instead.

The dirty laundry list of Obama stories would be enough to run any other corrupt politician back to Kenya, if those stories were ever allowed to see daylight.

But not Obama, the “chosen messiah” of the New Democratic Socialists of America. His Democratic Socialist press is working around the clock to bury all negative press on their “chosen one,” no matter the mountain of evidence stacking up all around them.

At the same time, they attempt to keep the voting population focused upon more important things, like how John McCain is George W. Bush’s wicked clone and why Sarah Palin has a problem with her former brother-in-law tazering his ten year old step son.

The Obama press will write about Palin’s husband once belonging to the Independent Party in Alaska, while not writing about Obama once belonging to the Socialist Party (aka New Party) in Chicago, which also endorsed his campaign for the Illinois Senate.

Both the Socialist Party and Communist Party support the Obama campaign for president today, not that you will ever read that in the lamestream press.


Re-Writing Recent History

“It’s the economy stupid” has been the socialist mantra of every major election in the U.S. for decades now, beginning with Jimmy Carter. Class and Race warfare is their game.

Because the Bush economy had until recently outperformed the Clinton economy of the 90’s, something had to be done about that.

American’s won’t vote for blatant socialism unless you make them fear the soup line first. Something had to change in order to get American useful idiots to demand “change.”

This explains Democrat efforts to bury the sub-prime lending crisis that Republicans had tried to head off since 2003. It also explains the massive media effort to lay that pile of left-wing dung at Bush’s doorstep a month before the election, even though the entire crisis is a product of left-wing initiatives to force good lenders to make bad loans to unqualified borrowers, as if that bomb wasn’t going to eventually explode at an opportune time.

Obama, ACORN & Their Starring Role in the Mortgage Crisis chronicles the details of just how corrupt left-wing politics of greed and class warfare set the stage for the greatest financial crisis in modern American history.

Also interesting is the current investigations into the recent investment moves by international socialist billionaire and Obama supporter George Soros, whom appears to be making moves similar to those he made a few years back, which almost bankrupted the British currency.

In a CNN interview, Soros, a staunch backer of the Democratic Party, said, "Globalization, America as the center of the globalized financial markets, was sucking up the savings of the world, - This is now over. The game is out. It does mean a very serious adjustment for America."

In other words, the socialist change he has spent millions attempting to force upon America over the years, is about to pay off. Through the “chosen messiah” Obama, change is indeed coming!

That is, IF the 30% of Americans who now officially qualify for the title of “useful idiots” are successful in their mission to exploit our most defenseless voters and can steal the U.S. election via massive voter fraud...

Americas Only Chance to Survive the 2008 Election

Stopping the gargantuan left-wing voter fraud is the key to defeating Obama and his leftist anti-American friends.

Mainstream news outlets are now forced to begin reporting what should have been the biggest stories of our generation. The Boston Herald reports - Ohio County seeks fraud investigation of ACORN.

The Wall Street Journal reports - ACORN Vote Fraud Witness in Ohio

Newsblaze reports - Another ACORN from the Obama-Biden Tree of Deceit and Fraud?

In 2004, George Soros and countless other left-wing elitist millionaires tried to buy the Oval Office for John Kerry and at this moment in that election, Kerry was running ahead of Bush, but within the margin of error. When Election Day arrived, Bush won by a three million vote margin...

Most of those DNC fraudulent voters propping up the pre-election polling data were never counted on Election Day.

This time, the effort is more than twenty times that size however. If they succeed only 10% of the time, it could be enough to steal the election.

As a result, real Americans must immediately adopt a “zero tolerance” position against systematic Democrat campaign fraud, especially registration fraud targeting the most easily misled voters.

The following list of real Obama stories must take top of the fold front page headlines across this country.

Obama takes legal action to suppress pending suit over NO Birth Certificate

Obama Held Membership in Socialist New Party

Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign

Obama Campaign Runs Afoul of Finance Rules

Proof Obama backed ruthless, foreign thug

Obama’s Harvard Years: Questions Swirl

Obama’s useful idiots will support him no matter what. They have NO interest in facts whatsoever. Don’t even waste your time.

But the rest of America does care about the facts that they are NOT getting from the lamestream press currently in the tank for Obama.

They are very troubled by the reality that every Obama friend is a racist, a terrorist, a communist or a criminal and that none of them like America much.

They care very much about Obama stealing the DNC nomination from Hillary Clinton, who had more supporters.

They care a great deal about the massive DNC voter fraud efforts present in this election.

They are very concerned about more than $200 million flooding into the Obama campaign from foreign sources, some of them likely enemies of our state.

They are deeply concerned that Obama has refused to deliver a certified birth certificate to prove proper citizenship and that his college files remain under lock and key less than three weeks before the election.

And well they should be... In the end, they are also very concerned about the obvious left-wing bent of the American press who has worked so hard for so long to conceal it all.

Change must come. Not left-wing socialist promises of dancing sugar plums from a man who has accomplished nothing of any value in his life, but real change... real reform of an overtly corrupt system with a decidedly leftist bent.

That’s the change real Americans are interested in. If they are to get it... they will have to demand nothing less!

Demand it now, or kiss your beloved country goodbye!


By the way... who is Donald Warden (aka Dr. Khalid Al Mansour), other than the international front man for Saudi Royalty, and why has he been grooming Obama for more than twenty years? 

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