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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off the Cliff we Go!

by: jb williams | published: 05 13, 2010

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Like blind pigs led to slaughter, the entitlement generation in America is staring right down the double barrel of doom and gloom, watching other nations leap off the same cliff they are headed for, and still, they remain unable to connect the dots in order to save themselves.

The tangled web of lies we have worked so hard for so many years to weave, now ensnares the very people who erected this house of cards and as we rocket towards the cliff, the average American citizen seems none the wiser despite increasing signs from around the globe that this cannot end well for anyone.

In my recent column - Greece Today – USA Tomorrow - Under Obama – I might have understated Americas position in the timeline of events that will most likely end with the utter collapse of pretty much every nation on earth, including the good ole USA.

At the time, I believed that the USA was months behind Greece in the impending economic collapse category. Now I see that the USA might be only days or weeks behind Greece in this regard as the same folks responsible for the collapse all over the globe begin to behave just like their brethren in Greece, right here in American cities.

Citizens have lost their collective minds. Before we can begin an education process, say, Economics 101 – You Can’t Spend More Than You Make, - we must first put the people through a deprogramming effort.

As I have told my children since youth, ignorance is the lack of information which is easily cured by a dramatic increase in needed information. But stupidity is something quite different, for which there is no cure.

Time to Connect the Dots

As Democrat New York Governor David Patterson sought to feather the nests of his closest aides and allies with lavish pay increases topping 29%, he was pushing for a furlough of 100,000 state employees in an emergency effort to keep New York state from bellying up under the weight of excessive government waste in one of the highest taxed states in the country.

Of course Government Employee Labor Unions were furious, taking to the streets of New York like Greek union thugs, threatening to make the streets of New York look like the streets of Athens if someone didn’t step in and stop Patterson from putting 100,000 state workers on the unemployment line.

In rides the knight in shining armor on silver steed, a federal court judge who immediately issues a stay blocking New York from laying off 100,000 workers on the basis of – “it wasn’t collectively bargained” – which means, the labor union objects… and on that basis alone, one man stopped the state of New York, its elected Governor and the state legislature from balancing their own budget before going belly up. End analysis? – Where did states rights go?

Where will that federal judge be when New York payroll checks bounce?

Meanwhile, one must ask, since government jobs are taxpayer funded, why do we even have public sector labor unions which can hold taxpayers hostage under thug collective bargaining rules, perpetually increasing the cost of government to the detriment of every taxpayer, until we hit the bottom of the resource well?

Many other US cities and states are in the same position as New York. Since we now think federal legal precedent is the new supreme law of our land, this judge single handedly established that no city or state has the right to self-govern, unless they clear it with labor union thugs first.

The Root of All Evil

Above all others, four groups are responsible for the complete destruction of our nation and nations around the globe.

  • Public Sector Labor Unions
  • Lawyers & Law Professors
  • Public Communications Industry
  • Money Changers & Currency Traders

Over the last ten years alone, Public Sector Labor Unions have invested over $187 million in American politicians (policy makers), over 91% of it to Democrats. The Public Communications Industry that forms public opinion by way of information flow has given over $800 million to American policy makers, more than 60% of it to Democrats.

Lawyers are the single largest financial supporters of today’s Democrats, having given more than $1.2 billion to policy makers over the last ten years, more than 71% of it to Democrats.

Money changers, currency traders in particular, those responsible for wrecking currencies all over the globe like George Soros, have invested more than $41.5 million in policy makers over the last ten years, more than 65% of it with Democrats.

As a result, Democrats are in charge of all branches of the federal government today and they are bankrupting the nation via the Poison Ivy League Cloward-Piven Strategy for forcing global socialism upon all civilized nations, especially the United States of America, the world’s most productive society.

Money changers are raking in billions in profits as currencies all over the world are destroyed, and pouring some of those profits into Democrat policy makers who make it all possible.

Lawyers are engaged in subverting the US Constitution instead of upholding and defending the rule of law, so that the American people have no clue what their real rights are anymore or where they can seek peaceful legal redress of issues of increasing concern.

The labor unions are bankrupting cities, states and the federal government from sea to shining sea and the Public Communication system makes certain that no American can connect all of these dots.

Moments of Sanity Largely Ignored

Occasionally, a glimmer of truth slips through the cracks… MUST READ moments of reality that society cannot afford to miss.

It’s a law of nature, what goes up must come down. You cannot spend what you don’t have for very long before nobody will pick up your tab anymore.

In Greece, the streets of New York, Chicago, LA and Michigan, labor union thugs increase the sometimes violent demand for more and more from a public trough run dry. To answer their demands, government must simply print more currency to cover payroll that can be covered no other way at present.

Then, the tax increases you were told won’t happen, MUST happen…

Once Tax & Spend – Now Spend and Tax

The taxes taken in over the years were spent decades ago. It took the USA seventy years to go from zero national debts to $10 trillion in debt. But it has taken the Obama administration only eighteen months in power to increase national debt by 40% to almost $14 trillion, not counting any of the unfunded social-justice promises made to secure a fraudulent election.

In the good old days, we taxed first and then spent. Today, we spend first then figure out how to tax.

Tax we must or Collapse we will!

If a federal court will not allow New York State to cut spending because it offends all important labor unions that fund the Democrat Party, New York will have only two options left. Shut down the state government, or borrow more printed debt from the Fed to kick the can a little further down the road.

Many other cities and states are in the exact same condition, forced into that economic corner by pro-union and pro-social justice federal policies that make it an act of racism not to keep the gravy train rolling.

Greece has already hit this wall, as has Iceland. Portugal, Spain and Italy are only days behind them, which is why the EU and IMF put up a trillion in fake currency to rescue Greece from its $100 billion disaster. There are more disasters coming…

This is why the Euro is in real danger of collapse. Yet the dollar and all other currencies are still following behind, with the exception of the United Kingdom which has just now seen the light, putting conservatives in control of their government for the first time since Margaret Thatcher, before London looks like Athens.

Maybe British citizens remembered what Thatcher was famous for saying… “Socialism is a good idea until you run out of other people’s money…” (I paraphrase)

What are Americans Thinking?

Well, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 53% of American citizens think public sector labor unions are a good idea. Maybe this represents the 53% of citizens who really don’t pay any federal income taxes and therefore, cannot feel the pinch of the Cloward-Piven Strategy personally yet?

They see what’s happening in Greece on their TV screens, but they don’t understand why it’s happening and how it relates to where America is headed in the coming days and weeks, as city after city, state after state reach the bottom of the barrel with no way to clear government payroll checks.

Most Americans instinctively hate lawyers, but few know why they should.

Most Americans know that they are being lied to by their press, but they are so accustomed to it that they know not what to do about it.

The Simple Solution

  1. End our nation of lawyers and return to a nation of laws – nobody can even understand what lawyers write today, and that’s by intent. They plan to make it up as they go in court anyway.
  2. End ALL public sector labor unions and do away with union bid only contracts – government jobs should be lower paying “government service” positions, for people interested in “serving the people,” not getting rich.
  3. End currency speculation and profiteering by the manipulation and destruction of entire economies by hedge fund thugs.
  4. Force news agencies to become the eyes and ears of the people again, and hold them directly accountable for failing to report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The 100,000 furloughed government employees should be private sector employees operating under government bid contracts in the first place. No union needed. The contractor who delivers the best product for the best price wins the contract.

Thanks to unions, lawyers, international currency thugs, a corrupt news media and Democrats, our nation is on the edge of the cliff and only reversing course in these areas will pull us back from the abyss.

We can do this the easy way or the hard way… We can do it while we still have options on the table, or do it when there are no other options on the table. I prefer an organized controlled disaster over an uncontrollable free-fall from greatness.

But make no mistake - we will do it sooner or later. Like Greece, we will soon have no other choice.




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  • Reply to this comment

    Michael P

    This collapse, and I agree that it is coming but not inevitable, has been brought on by a cooperation between democrats and republicans pushing free trade down the throats of Americans while regulators let corporations and banks self regulate

    It's not the intrusion of government that has caused this collapse, but the dismantling of regulators into allowing the markets to self regulate... this has happened in the food industry, biotech, banking, stock market, oil indutries, mortgage industries... all the big guns have been allowed to do what "free markets" do best, rip off the public and each other

    Our finincial meltdown was caused, in large part, by 2 acts
    1st, releasing banks from the obligation to hold the note on mortgage lending. Banks took this opportunity to loan trillions to anyone using "liar's loans" which the bank bundled and got rid of after collecting enormous amounts in fees up front. this manipulation of regulations is how blame is shifted to people borrowing beyond their means to pay back, when the banking/mortgage industries are actually the guilty parties, loaning to people without checking their qualifications. I know people getting liar's loans as late as 2009 for amounts sometimes exceeding $300,000
    The 2nd act happened on December 23rd 2000 when a republican created/sponsored statute went into effect, The Commodities and Futures Modernization Act (CFMA), signed off by Clinton, one of his last acts as president, and directly responsible for allowing American "regulated" financial institutions to join in on the worldwide derivatives market where BETS in excess of $600 TRILLION are still outstanding. One of the critical sections of the CFMA exempted financial institutions from state and federal gaming laws, including "bucket shop" laws.
    AIG was doing almost 80% of it's business in these legal forms of gambling which caused its collapse. Read about part of it here - ( )

    Williams, in writing this HI HO off the cliff we go" attempts to blame labor unions and the democrats for this crisis... but the dems and repubs are both to blame. If you want some real insight into this economic crisis and when someone, Brooksley born (Chair of The Commodity Futures Trading Commission) tried to stand up to the then- Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, then-Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and then-Deputy Treasury Secretary Larry Summers to do something about it ( )

    Once you have read the 2 links I have in this response you will understand a little about what happened and how it was the "free market" and the associated greed that have led us to the brink of didaster we now are faced with.

  • Reply to this comment

    Joe M

    This whole system is a house of cards! Paper money backed by nothing but the good faith and credit of the US is doomed to failure. The political class from both sides of the isle knew these entitlement programs that progressives put into place were doomed to collapse! America, once known for it's rugged individualism and manufacturing base is no more! The constitutional republic our founding fathers left us has been gone for years. It was replaced with Marxist and progressive cancers that have infected every institution in America. Just look at our ruling class, or the leftist media, or the major universities,or the whole education system,or the way illegal immigrants break into our country and demand we give the free stuff! or the way this administration handles Islamic fanatics.We don't even teach the constitution in school,but global warming is top priority.Only repentence and a spiritual revival can save this country from the abyss!

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