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Continued Catering of Illegals

by: jason hammond | published: 08 11, 2010

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In the last several months, the current administration's track record on managing and confronting the illegal immigration has been soft to say the least.  We have seen the Department of Justice meddling in Arizona's business on enforcing current immigration laws by challenging them in court and inciting "the Conquistadors" who want open borders.  On top of that, we have seen Federal officials publicly state that illegals caught under Arizona law MAY not be processed by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

When we talk about people who come across our borders illegally, that means as a sovereign nation the law has been broken and that person must be punished.   Due to the economy (or so they say), the current ICE administration does not have enough resources to enforce the immigration laws.  Big surprise indeed.  However, ICE has enough resources to help the thousands of law breakers to be more "comfortable" when detained in a facility.  Some of the "improvements" are:

  • Expand programming for detainees to include movie nights, bingo, arts and crafts, dance, walk and exercise classes, health and welfare classes, basic cooking classes, tutoring, and self-paced computer training on portable computer stations.
  • Provide celebrations of special occasions and allow … a detainee to receive outside packaged food for celebrations.
  • Provide fresh carrot sticks and celery or other vegetables in a bar format.
  • Provide self-serve beverage bars

Why does this administration continues to cater and coddle to the bandits crossing our border and pillaging the local towns and citizens?  I do not have a clear answer on that, but my observation points me to a couple of things:  1.) If somehow the millions of illegal immigrants in this country easily become citizens, then you have an instant voting bloc that would server a politician very well in the future, and 2.) the current leaders in our country REALLY do want open borders.   If you don't believe me, do the research and see for yourself.  Why else would a President allow the Marxist Mexican president to demoralize Arizona in our nation's capitol?  Why else would the DOJ be spending OUR tax dollars to combat Arizona on a law that is already resulting in some illegals leaving the state?

With a potential "lame duck" Congress coming up this fall, we must be vigilant in stating to our senators and representatives that illegals have NO RIGHTS. The majority of Americans believe that the current laws are to be enforced and not nullified by some amnesty scheme that would drastically endanger American citizens.

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