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Stop The Internet Sales Tax

by: freedom works | published: 05 13, 2011

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Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Mike Enzi (R-WY) are expected to introduce a bipartisan bill aimed at increasing your taxes by taxing purchases you make on the internet. The bill’s name is deceitfully titled the Main Street Fairness Act of 2011 – it is neither main street nor fair. It seeks to hurt online retailers and consumers alike, and will suppress internet entrepreneurship and your wallet.

Currently, purchases made over the internet from out-of-state companies are tax-free, because the companies are not physically located within the state, which is a requirement for a state to levy taxes. The bill expands the government’s role into the internet and would create burdensome regulations on businesses. Collectively, the states are estimated to collect some $23 billion dollars from taxpayers. The internet has operated efficiently without taxation and government regulation since its inception; and that’s what makes the internet an unrivaled marketplace for ideas and goods.

Call your Senators today, and tell them to OPPOSE the Main Street Fairness Act of 2011.

-The bill expands the role of government
-The bill increases your taxes
-The bill threatens to suppress internet entrepreneurship
-Freedom has made the internet a center for efficiency and an unrivaled marketplace for goods, not government regulation.

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    Jim B.

    Its a good idea to tax rich liberal idiots that scream racism every time someone doesn't have the same opinion as they do ! Then they uphold Obama and this most fraudulent federal government in American history while he seeks to turn America into a greasy spot on the world map.

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    How do small organizations who must cost sales tax contest with internet organizations who do not?

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    It's a wise decision to tax wealthy Conservatives who obtain adult online and pay attention to b. s. evangelical christian believers and fascist stereo.

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    cynthia curran

    Well, Amazon didn't have to charge sales taxes while bookstores had too. Tax more sales tax and reduce income tax. These means that poor folks like illegal immigrants have to pay taxes too. People only opposed internet taxes mainly because they don't have to be charged shipping. I favor going from an income tax to a sales tax and include the internet.

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    Bob S.

    It's a good idea to tax rich Conservatives who download porn on the internet and listen to bullshit evangelical christians and fascist radio.

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    Chris F.

    How do local businesses who must charge sales tax compete with internet companies who do not?

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    Margaret C.

    Get rid of these people who are putting more taxes on everything. And do something about the organized bullying called mobbing and gangstalking. Some of those politicians have hundreds of millions of dollars, why don't they give up some of those millions? Where are our Social Security increases? We can't get a loust 20 dollar a month increase when they are spending all these trillions of dollars?

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    Sandra S

    WOW! Extremely well written and right on the mark! If our GOP candidates receive this and do not ACT.. we are doomed to repeat history. They need to heed this warning. This upcoming election is DO or DIE for my beloved country. ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS.. GOD can just do so much... It is more than time for WE THE PEOPLE ... We the voters to stop the evil. Thank you and God Bless America!

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