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Republican Leaders in Pennsylvania Hold the Key to School Choice Reform

by: freedom works | published: 05 29, 2011

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The Pennsylvania state Senate is about to vote on Senate Bill 1: The Opportunity Scholarship and Educational Tax Credit Act, which would improve the state's school system without raising taxes and allow children to escape failing schools. This important legislation will then move to the state House of Representatives.

While SB 1 enjoys support from Governor Corbett and other prominent conservative leaders throughout the state, the support of the Republican Leadership in the state House will be key to pushing this bill over the finish-line and enacting meaningful school choice reform in Pennsylvania.

House Speaker Sam Smith and House Majority Leader Mike Turzai need to feel a groundswell of grassroots support for SB 1 to help spur them to action.

TAKE ACTION and send them both an urgent message in support of SB 1 -- ask them to publicly support SB 1 and commit to passing this important legislation by the end of June! 



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    VirginIa F.

    That is the dumbest argument I have ever heard.
    If your argument was true, then the 75% of our student population in public schools, should be kicking China's butt.
    Instead, its more likely that the "Gifted Religious Retard" do the the kicking.
    You stop the bxxxing and get off your jackaxx and hold your legislators accountable for allowing China to do transverse drilling near our oil supplies.

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    Tom C

    The best action for School Reform is to eliminate all faith and private schooling and have everyone go to public school. When everyone is educated in the same set of instutitions we have great cohesion, when everyone goes to Saint George's School for the Gifted Religious Retard we end up with a nation in severe decline. China is going to kick our but if we do not come up with a national strategy to kick theirs and so far all we're doing is bitching about abortion and welfare. Well guess what, China is buying up energy industries, resource extraction, food processing. We may have no abortion in 10 years but China will have all the oil. Lets get serious.

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