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Higher Education Reform for Texas NOW!

by: freedom works | published: 04 18, 2011

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Regents at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University have been presented with bold reform ideas that could propel higher education in the Lone Star State well into the 21st century — indeed making them amongst the best in the world by putting students first and seeking to make a college education affordable for all Texans. These common-sense reforms incorporate transparency in university spending in addition to results-based evaluations of both teachers and students to ensure success.

But not everyone involved in the Texas higher education system is on board…namely, so-called “Edu-crats” at these schools.

While many University of Texas and Texas A&M professors are doing great work and striving to make sure students achieve and get the college education they and their parents have worked and paid for, others are content to rest on their laurels. This ruling elite of academics is focused on doing less, but making more, all the while ignoring the needs of students and caring nothing for the cost born by the taxpayers.

We therefore sign FreedomWorks ‘Higher Education Reform for Texas NOW’ Petition and call on you, the Regents at the University of Texas and Texas A&M to embrace reforms that put sunlight on how the university system spends taxpayer dollars and promotes competition amongst teachers and students. Doing so will elevate the quality of higher education in Texas and ensure that universities prioritize the needs of students, parents, and taxpayers over entrenched, overpaid academics.

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